Interesting Facts about Don Cornelius Children: Does He Have A Daughter?

April 20, 2023   | December 14, 2023  | 

    Don Cornelius was one of the biggest TV personalities who famously hosted Soul Train, a syndicated music show. Don, however, rarely ever talked about his children or wife in the media. This is why there’s a lot of curiosity regarding his life behind the doors.

    Regardless, we do know that he is a father of two children, both of them sons. That being said, there are also rumors that he has a daughter.

    Here in this article, we are going to find many interesting facts about Don Cornelius’ children and find out if he really has a baby girl or not.

    Meet Don Cornelius’ Children

    He has two sons, Anthony aka Tony Cornelius, and Raymond Cornelius. Both of his sons are from his marriage to his first wife, Delores Harrison.

    Don never really mentioned anything about his sons, because of which we haven’t found anything in regard to their age. That being said, we do know Tony is currently in his early 60s and Raymond is in his late 50s.

    Tony and Raymond spent the major portion of their childhood in Chicago. Both of them are high school graduates.

    Don's sons Tony and Raymond
    Don’s son Tony and Raymond during their childhood.

    Speaking of their professions, Tony is continuing on his father’s legacy and spreading soul music all throughout the world. In March 2023, Don’s oldest son was in Puerto Rico, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Soul Train. He likes doing social work and has attended several civil rights movements including Black Lives Matter.

    Talking about Raymond, he is a Hair and Face artist based in Chicago. Going through his social media profile, Don Cornelius’ youngest son often shares a lot about his professional life. He adds pictures of his satisfied customers as they look radiant after a touch from the make-up extraordinaire.

    Does He Have A Daughter?

    Yes, he has a daughter, albeit she is his stepdaughter. When the late Don Cornelius exchanged vows with his second wife, Victoria Avila-Cornelius, he also adopted her daughter from a previous marriage, Viktoria.

    Unlike her step-brothers Tony and Raymond, Viktoria has been out of the spotlight. She largely remains behind closed doors. She might be living with her mom Victoria or maybe married, we cannot say for certainty.

    Are Don Cornelius Children married?

    His oldest son Tony has definitely been married once, but if he currently has a wife is a matter of mystery. From his previous relationship, he also became the father of one daughter, Christina Cornelius. She is a graduate of Harvard University.

    Don Cornelius’ granddaughter Christina is a model and has walked for many big brands on several occasions. Back in May 2020, she walked the ramp at New York Fashion Week for Tia Adeola.

    As for Anthony, he has not shared anything related to his girlfriend, wife, or kids.

    Don Cornelius called his son Tony before committing suicide

    On February 1st, 2012, the legendary TV host passed away at the age of 75. He died due to a self-inflicting gunshot wound. Later it was found that for the past couple of years leading up to his death, Don was struggling a lot mentally.

    Don died at the age of 75
    Before his death, Don had called his eldest son.

    After his dad’s demise, Tony said in an interview that the Soul Train founder was really unhappy with his life due to everything that has gone on in his life and his health.

    In an interview with CBS Gayle King, Tony mentioned that his dad called him the same day he committed suicide. From the phone alone it was evident that Don was about to do something horrific, which he ultimately did.

    He said, “It was a call of urgency, and I came to his home immediately.” 

    Sadly, he was a bit too late as Los Angeles police authorities found him unconscious in his residence in LA and he was pronounced dead some times after he was taken to Cedars Sinai Hospital.

    Don shares his sons from his first marriage

    It is from his first wife Delores that Don became a parent for the first time. He exchanged vows with Delores sometime in the late 50s or early 60s. The former flames were apparently high school sweethearts.

    Don's first wife
    Don shares his sons from his marriage to his second spouse, Delores.

    By the year 1966, he divorced his first wife and went on to start his broadcasting career. It seems like Don and Delores separated because he quit his day job in order to pursue a career in TV, despite having two infant children and a wife at home.