How Did Jordan Janway Die? His Parents, Wife, Obituary

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    Jordan Janway, younger brother of Chandra Janway, passed away at the age of 27. He was a certified skydiving instructor by profession. Moreover, he has completed more than 1,000 skydives. In addition, he was an aerial photographer. So, How did Jordan die? How was his life?

    Let’s learn more about his personal and professional life.

    Key Takeaways

    • Janway lost his life after colliding with one of the students in mid-air.
    • He served in the U.S. Naval Special Warfare before becoming an instructor.
    • Both of his parents lost their lives on the same day.
    • Janway grew up with his three siblings.

    Jordan Janway Lost His Life in a Skydiving Accident

    On March 30, 2014, Janway, the “Master Parachutist” lost his life doing what he enjoys the most – skydiving. Reportedly, he collided with one of his students while attempting to open the parachute which made him unconscious resulting in his death. The police found his dead body near Otay Lakes in California.

    Jordan was only 27 years old when he passed away.

    Jordan was the skydiving instructor.
    The skydiving instructor Jordan Janway aka Master Parachutist

    Jordan’s Journey to Becoming a Skydiving Instructor

    He graduated from Northeastern State College and moved to Chicago for basic training. Afterward, he relocated to San Diego and served in the U.S. Naval Special Warfare from 2007 to 2008. His passion for skydiving grew at this time.

    Jordan was an FFA-certified senior parachute rigger and free-fall instructor for Tactical Air Operations. In addition, Jordan secured positions as a tandem instructor, coach, and camera operator at Skydive San Diego.

    What Happened to Jordan’s Parents?

    Janway’s parents were Dr. Jack Janway and Terry Lynn Janway who unfortunately passed away in 2023. Both of them were found dead by the police on June 26, 2023, at their residence in Oklahoma. His nephew, Dalton also lost his life alongside Jack and Terry.

    Terry Janway is suspected to kill her husband Jack, grandson Dalton, and herself.
    Jordan’s mother Terry Lynn Janway

    It was suspected that Terry killed her husband and grandson and took her own life after complaining to the police about the gunshot. This was the case of murder-suicide.

    Jordan’s father Jack Janway was a renowned Chiropractor

    Jack was the owner of Janway Chiropractic and Acupuncture, established in 1983 and based in Muskogee. Moreover, he was a member of the American Chiropractic Association and the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture

    Janway Siblings

    Born on December 2, 1986, in Muskogee, Oklahoma, Jordan grew up with three siblings, Chandra, Caleb, and Marianne in a loving household. He was the youngest of them all.

    Jordan’s Elder Sister is Married to a NASCAR Driver

    Chandra is the wife of the NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson. In addition, she is a former model and entrepreneur. Currently, she runs an art gallery called SOCO Gallery and an art shop called SOCO Shop. Moreover, she also co-owns a venture called Peg Norris with her business partner Barrie Benson.

    From her marriage with Jimmie, she has two wonderful daughters, Genevieve “Geni” (July 7, 2010) and Lydia Norriss (Sept. 6, 2013).

    Chandra Johnson married the NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson on December 11, 2004.
    Chandra Janway and her husband Jimmie Johnson.

    Chandra, born on July 16, 1978, in Muskogee, Oklahoma, is the eldest among the Janway siblings. She moved to New York to pursue a career in modeling after graduating from the University of Oklahoma.

    Jordan’s elder brother is a very private person

    Caleb Janway was born on June 20, 1985. Unlike Chandra, he lives a very private life. That’s why, there is not much information about his whereabouts.

    His second sister, Marianne Janway was Reportedly a Drug Addict

    Born on January 27, 1983, Marianne was the second elder sister of Jordan. She went to Muskogee High School and the University in Carrollton, Texas. The Oklahoma native currently resides in Fountain Valley, California.

    It is speculated that Dalton was Marianne’s son, who died alongside her parents in 2023. In the same essence, Seth Robison is her other teenage son, making Dalton and Seth brothers. Once, the elder son of Marianne, Seth revealed to news sources that his mother was into drug abuse.

    Marianne's son Dalton and Seth are half brothers.
    Marianne’s son Dalton and Seth with their grandfather Jack Janway.

    Was Jordan Married?

    No, Jordan was not married. There is no mention of his love life anywhere. Since Jordan was busy pursuing his career as a skydiving instructor, he might have had plans of getting married in the coming days. However, things did not turn out as Jordan planned.

    Jordan Janway’s Obituary

    He is survived by his grandmothers, JoAnn Janway, Tookie Hart, and Imaree Donoho; his siblings Chandra Janway and husband Jimmie Johnson, Marianne Janway Robinson, and Caleb Janway; his nephew Seth Robinson, nieces Genevieve and Lydia Johnson.

    The memorial service for Jordan was held at the Butterfly House and Gardens in Honor Heights Park in Muskogee, Oklahoma, on April 10, Thursday. It was officiated by Reverend Cindy Culver.

    His well-wishers and colleagues remember him as a great human being with a big heart and a humble nature.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Jordan Janway
    Birth Place Muskogee, Oklahoma
    Birthday June 20, 1986
    Death March 30, 2014
    Death Cause Skydiving Accident
    Age 27 years
    Zodiac Gemini
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Father Jack Janway
    Mother Terry Lynn Janway
    Siblings Chandra, Marianne, and Caleb
    Profession Skydiving Instructor
    Eye Color Blue
    Hair Color Blonde