Houston Texans Ryan Moats Misses Being At His Dying Mother-In-Law’s Side Due To Overzealous Cop

January 31, 2024   | January 31, 2024  | 

    Last week, Houston Texans running back Ryan Moats was rushed to Baylor Hospital in Plano, Texas after hearing that his mother-in-law was dying.

    However, Moats & his wife were stopped before they could get into the building. Dallas police officer Ryan Powell stopped him in the ER parking lot. What ensued was recorded on video from his dashcam.

    “Get in there,” Officer Powell yelled out to Tamishia Moats, Ryan’s wife, as she exited the car. “Let me see your hands. Get in there. Put your hands on the car.”

    “Excuse me, my mom is dying,” Moats said.

    Moats and the other woman ignored Officer Powell’s commands and rushed inside the hospital to see her mother.

    “I’ve got seconds before she’s gone, man,” Moats said to the officer.

    Motes couldn’t find his insurance paperwork and was desperate to leave.

    “Listen, if I can’t verify you have insurance…,” Officer Powell said.

    “My mother-in-law is dying,” Moats interrupted.

    “Listen to me,” Officer Powell said.

    “Right now,” Moats said. “You’re wasting my time.”

    “If you can’t verify you have insurance, I’m going to tow your car,” the officer said. “So, you either find it or I am going to tow the car.”

    At that point, a lot of people would have probably said, “F— you, tow my damn car,” so give Ryan Moats a lot of credit for not doing so.

    While the Moats tried his best to get inside, nurses from the hospital twice came out to get him.

    Not only did nurses try to help, other police officers even tried to get Powell to let Moats go.

    “Hey, that’s the nurse,” a Plano officer said. “She says the mom is dying right now and she wants to know if I can get him up there.”

    Now it’s not easy being a cop. But when you have fellow officers telling you to lighten up and let the man go be with a dying relative, maybe you should listen.

    After 20 minutes, Moats was finally allowed to enter the hospital, but not until after he had been given a ticket for running a red light.

    Moats said, “I went up after she passed and held her hand, but she was already gone.”

    The Dallas Police Department is investigating the incident, but they have already dropped the ticket & apologized to Moats.

    As for Officer Powell, he has been reassigned for now, hopefully to some department where he doesn’t have to interact with other human beings.