Facts about Hana Magimel, French Actress: Boyfriend and More

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    Hana Magimel is the daughter of well-known French artists, Juliette Binoche and Benoit Magimel. Both of Hana’s parents have been in the film industry for a very long time whereas their daughter is a newbie to the field. The details about her personal life are not as much publicized as her parents.

    In this article, we will get into the life of Hana Magimel followed by her personal as well as professional involvement at present.

    Hana Magimel; The Daughter of Juliette Binoche and Benoit Magimel

    Hana was born on December 19, 1999, to her mom, Juliette Binoche, and dad, Benoit Magimel in France. She is the only child of the couple.

    Juliette Binoche with daughter Hana Magimel.
    Hana is the daughter of actress Juliette Binoche and her ex-partner Benoit Magimel.

    Her parents first met around 1996. They dated for a few years and also appeared together in the 1999 movie, Children of the Century.

    Hana’s Parents Separated When She Was Only 3 years old

    The relationship between Juliette and Benoit only lasted for three years after the birth of their daughter. They broke up in around 2003 but have kept the real reason behind it a secret until today.

    Maybe the two had grown out of love which led to their separation. Despite the separation, the duo did well with co-parenting their only child. Juliette grew up with her mother but her dad too was present for her most of the time.

    Did Her Mother and Father Remarry?

    Both the artists were quick to move on after their break up. Her mom, Juliette got into a romantic relationship in 2003 itself with yet another French actor, Patrick Muldoon.

    Following this, she also had a short-term fling with director, Santiago Amigorena. Despite all these relationships, she has yet not married anyone.

    Hana Magimel's parents, Juliette and Benoit never married.
    Hana’s parents separated after four years of relationship.

    Likewise, Hana’s mother, her father Benoit also got into an affair with Nikita Lespinasse in 2004 which lasted for ten years. Following this, Hana’s father finally settled down in life and married Margot Pelletie in 2018.

    Magimel Has Two Half-Siblings

    Hana has two half-siblings, an elder brother and a younger sister. Her brother Raphel Halle was born through her mom with her ex-boyfriend, Andre Halle. Similarly, her sister, Dijnina Magimel was born through her dad with her ex-girlfriend, Nikita Lespinasse.

    Hana grew up with her brother Raphael and her brother moved from country to country. She seems to share a very good bond with Raphael who is a 3D animator at present. On the other hand, the details about her sister are scarce.

    Hana Followed in the Footsteps of Her Parents In Acting

    As of present, Hana has established herself as an actress in the film industry. She made her debut in 2022 in the movie, With Love and Determination. Soon after that, she played the role of Anna in the movie Both Sides of the Blade along with her mother.

    Magimel’s performance in both of the movies was appreciated and loved by the audience.

    Hana Magimel is a young actress.
    Magimel is making her way to the field of acting and filmmaking. Source: Getty Images

    Following this, [calculate_birthdate=”1999-12-19″]-year-old has put a little pause on her acting career at the time. Besides acting, Hana has also a keen interest in filmmaking for which she attended an editing school following her education at EABJM from 2013 to 2017.

    According to her LinkedIn account. She is also into writing and has written two short movies. Following this, her mom also opened up that she has been training under a film editor at present.

    What is Hana Magimel’s Net Worth?

    The rising star, Hana Magimel has a net worth of  $927,000 as of 2024. Hana who has just given a kickstart to her career, seems to working very hard to make her financial life stable through her efforts.

    On the other hand, her parents have the assets of millions through their acting careers. Her mom, Juliette, and father Magimel have a net worth of $20 million and $275 million respectively. They are among the highest-paid artists in the French movie industry.

    Magimel Lives A Single Life At Present

    Hana who is in her mid-20s today, seems to be living a happily single life. Until present, she has not shared any hints about her romantic involvements and boyfriends. Magimel has just started her career and seems to be much more focused on it than anything else at the time.

    Juliette Binoche's daughter Hana lives a private and single life.
    Actress Hana has kept her life private until now.

    The young actress is also surprisingly not present on any social media platform which shows her not being interested in flaunting her life to the outer world.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Hana Magimel
    Birth Place France
    Birthday December 19, 1999
    Age 24 years
    Zodiac Sagittarius
    Nationality French
    Ethnicity Western European
    Father Benoit Magimel
    Mother Juliette Binoche
    Siblings Raphael Halle (half-brother), Dijnina Magimel (half-sister)
    College EABJM
    Profession Actress, Film maker
    Net Worth $927k
    Height 5 feet 7 inches
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Brown
    Sexuality Straight
    Relationship Status Single