Goalie Shows Displeasure With Teammate By Pulling His Hair: Video

January 31, 2024   | January 31, 2024  | 

    Franco Constanzo, who plays as a Goalie for the Swiss professional soccer club, Basel, is making headlines for all the wrong reasons after he pulled his teammate’s hair during a verbal joust, while they were playing a match against FC Zurich. Due to some despicable reason, the Goalie was kinda displeased with his teammate, Beg Ferati, who plays as a striker for the team.

    Ferati, however, didn’t stand there and just took the admonishment from his GK. He shoved Constanzo, who should have fallen, however, he didn’t and instead, the man pulled Beg’s hair, making him more angry. As soon as the dramatic incident unfolded, both Basel and Zurich’s players came to stop the tussle between the two grown-ups.

    Later the same day, the Argentine showed his regret and said,

    “I’m sorry, I apologise. Everyone knows me and it’s the first time in my career I’ve done a stupid thing like this. It’s a situation we have to sort out in the dressing room.”

    Well, from the statement alone it is evident that Franco is going to refrain from pulling hair in the stadium, but you can never be so sure about his antics in the dressing room.

    Take a look at the video below!