Gabriel Miguel Rivera, Geraldo Rivera’s Oldest Son Once Said He Was Ashamed Of His Father, Why?

September 29, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Gabriel Miguel Rivera is the oldest child of the famous Fox News journalist Geraldo Rivera. However, his low-key stature has led to fewer of his mentions or appearances in the media, except when his famous father makes one on his social media.

    Back in 2012, the Geraldo at Large host shared that his son, Gabriel, was ashamed of him following the former’s controversial comment on Trayvon Martin’s death. So, what’s up with his life? Today, we bring you an article about Rivera’s eldest son.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Gabriel Miguel Rivera is one of 5 children of Geraldo Rivera, but the only one with his third wife, Sherryl Raymond.
    • His parents divorced in 1984 after 7 years of marriage due to his dad’s extra-marital affair.
    • His father has been married 5 times & divorced 4 times; currently, he lives with his 5th wife, Erica Rivera.
    • Rivera has 4 younger half-siblings: Cruz, Isballea, Simone & Solita.
    • Gabriel shares a son, Desmond, with his doctor wife, Deborah Rish.
    • He and his wife, Deb, make trips from their residence in Amsterdam to Los Angeles to meet the Rivera family on occasion.

    Gabriel Miguel Rivera Is Geraldo Rivera’s Son From Third Wife

    Born on July 2, 1979, in Manhattan, New York, Gabriel is the oldest child of Geraldo, and his third wife, Sherri Rivera (birthname: Sherryl Raymond). Before marrying his mother, the younger Rivera’s father was a two-time divorcee, though he didn’t share any children with his first two wives.

    As of 2024, Gabriel Miguel is 44 years old. The American-born currently resides in the Netherlands and makes visits to his parents on occasion.

    Nothing much about his mother, Sherryl, is on the media. She reportedly lives in a rented house in Los Angeles.

    Rivera’s Parents Divorced After 7 Years Of Marriage

    Having married & divorced two times (with Linda Coblentz & Edie Vonnegut), Geralod met his third wife, Sherryl, in the mid-1970s. The detail about how they met is vague, but as reported, they were working in the same news outlet, ABC News, where Sherryl was a producer.

    They married on December 31, 1976, and remained together for 7 years before their divorce on October 10, 1984.

    Gabriel Miguel Rivera's parents are Sheryl Raymond and Geraldo Rivera
    Gabriel’s Parents, Sherryl and Geraldo had kept their marriage life fairly private

    At the time of their divorce, their son, Gabriel, was only 3 years old. There are no details if the former duo shared custody of their son or if only one got the sole authority.

    Infidelity Initiated The Divorce Of Geraldo And Sherryl

    Those who are familiar with Geraldo, an American journalist & political commentator, already know of his notoriety for having affairs out of wedlock. Among such was the one, that led to his divorce from his third spouse.

    As reported, while still being married to Gabriel’s mom, Sherryl Raymond, he was having an extra-marital affair with C.C. Dyers (Cynthia Cruickshank).

    But it’s not only with Dyers, that he had an affair. In his memoir, “Exposing Myself”, he admitted to having affairs with more than 1,000 women, including Marian Javits who was the wife of famous politician Jacob Javits.

    Gabriel Miguel Rivera Is The Oldest Of 5 Children

    Rivera is the first-born of the former The Five co-host, Geraldo Michael Rivera, among his 5 children from 5 different marriages. As a result, Gabriel has 4 younger half-siblings.

    His younger half-brother, Cruz Grant Rivera, born in 1987, was a result of his father’s relationship outside the wedlock.

    Gabriel Miguel Rivera's wife Deb in the far left corner with brother-in-law Cruz
    Gabriel with his wife, Deb, and siblings, Cruz and Isabella

    From his father’s 4th wife, Cynthia Cruickshank Dyer (from 1987 to 2000), he became to older half-brother to Isabella Holmes Rivera (b. November 7, 1992) and Simone Cruickshank (b. September 1994). And now, from his dad’s current wife, Erica Levy, he has a sister,  Solita Liliana (b. August 2, 2005).

    Rivera Is A Married Man & A Father

    The oldest of the 2nd generation of the Rivera family is married to Dr. Deborah Rish, aka Deb. As per IMDB, they married in May 2009. Reportedly, Deborah comes from a family of doctors- one of whom, investigated Michael Jackson in Jackson’s 1993 criminal case.

    Gabriel and his wife are now parents to a son, Desmond Samuel Rivera, born on September 12, 2014. He goes by the nickname, Desi.

    Gabriel has a son named Desmond Samuel Rivera.
    Gabriel’s first son is nicknamed Desi

    Currently, Gabriel’s family live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but often makes visit to Geraldo in Los Angeles. On his Twitter, the former Fox News journalist shares pictures of his family, featuring his sons, daughter-in-laws & grandchildren.

    Gabriel’s Wife, Deb, Loves Photography

    Deborah is into abstract photographs which can be seen on her Instagram which goes by the name of @maddscience9. She also is into a minimal lifestyle and engages in spiritual activities with her friends.

    Criticized His Father’s Comment Made About Trayvon Martin

    In March 2012, during a segment with Politico, Geraldo Rivera stated that his oldest son, Gabriel, said he was ‘ashamed of what he wrote’, citing Rivera’s comment on Trayvor Martins’ cause of death being his hoodie.

    Gerald had told people who watched Fox and Friends, “I am urging the parents of black and Latino youngsters particularly to not let their children go out wearing hoodies.” He continued, “I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was.” This sentence alone had infuriated so many people.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Gabriel Miguel Rivera
    Popular Name Gabriel Rivera
    Birth Place Manhattan, New York
    Birthday July 2, 1979
    Age 44 years
    Zodiac Cancer
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Father Geraldo Rivera
    Mother Sherryl Raymond
    Siblings Simone Cruickshank, Isabella Holmes, Cruz Grant, Solita Lilliana
    Net Worth $200k
    Height 6 feet 1-inch
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Dark Brown
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Deborah Rish
    Children Desmond Samuel Rivera