France cheat their way to the World Cup thanks to Thierry Henry handball to William Gallas: Video

January 31, 2024   | January 31, 2024  | 

    France beat Ireland in extra time to qualify for the 2010 South Soccer World Cup, however, the Irish players were livid by the way France won the match. Apparently, the Les Bleus’ star player Thierry Henry, touched the ball with his hand, not once but on two different occasions. So in the 104th minute, Henry touched the ball with his hand, twice, directing it toward Ireland’s goalkeeper, which his teammate Gallas then scored with a header.

    While there should be a punishment for such a blunder, the French national team instead got a gift, and that too the biggest of them all, qualify for the World Cup.

    At first, it was the Irish team who had broken the deadlock with a 33rd-minute goal from Robbie Keane, however, he couldn’t lead his team to victory. It looks like FIFA doesn’t want small teams like Ireland to qualify for the World Cup, and maybe that’s why they asked the referees to overlook such incidents in favor of France, which they did.

    Besides, this is terrible sportsmanship from Henry’s side as well. As someone in his level, he knows better than to just cheat.