Evin Harrah Cosby

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    Evin Harrah Cosby is the daughter of comedian and actor Bill Cosby. Bill is famously known as the TV dad for his successful sitcom The Cosby Show. Evin is the youngest child born between Cosby and his longtime wife Camille Cosby.

    Being the youngest daughter, Evin shares a good bond with her parents, especially with her father Bill. Moreover, Evin was pretty supportive of her father after he was accused of sexual misconduct.

    But, what’s her identity besides being a celebrity kid? What does she do? Is she a married woman? Let’s find out all the details about Evin Harrah Cosby in the sections to follow.

    Evin Harrah Cosby Early Life – Her Parents and Age

    Evin was born as the youngest child to William “Bill” Cosby and Camille Olivia Cosby on August 27, 1976, in LA, California. The youngest of the Cosby brood, Evin is 46 years old as of early 2023.

    Evin Harrah Cosby's parents Bill Cosby and Camille Cosby
    Evin Harrah Cosby’s parents Bill Cosby and Camille Cosby

    Regarding her siblings, Evin Harrah has four siblings, sisters Erika Cosby, Erinn Cosby, and Ensa Cosby; and brother Ennis Cosby.

    Two of Her Older Siblings Have Died

    Evin Harrah Cosby has lost two of her four siblings. Her brother, Ennis was sadly murdered on January 16, 1997, while he was changing a flat tire on the side of Interstate 405 in LA.

    As police reported, Ennis was shot to death in what the police said might have been a robbery attempt. Ennis, 27, was shot in the head and was sprawled on the ground on the passenger side of the car.

    Evin Cosby's older brother, Ennis Cosby was killed in LA
    Evin Cosby’s older brother, Ennis Cosby was killed in LA

    Cosby who was a Columbia University student was in LA to visit his friends.

    More than two decades after Evin’s brother Ennis died, she lost her older sister, Ensa Cosby, too. Ensa died in Massachusetts on 23rd February 2018, at 44. According to the reports, Ensa had a history of medical problems and she died of renal (kidney-related) disease.

    Evin Cosby’s Education

    Cosby started her formal education at Banks Street Elementary, a private school in New York. Afterward, she was transferred to Columbia Grammar and Preparatory.

    Following high school, Cosby attended Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. However, she later wanted to study fashion and transferred to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

    Evin’s Father Bill Cosby Was Accused of Sexual Misconduct By Several Women

    Bill Cosby, who is widely known for his TV show The Bill Cosby Show has been accused of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and rape by several women. Women who had worked under him and with him as far back as the 1960s came forward with their part of stories in the media.

    Evin Cosby's father Bill Cosby was sentenced for sexual assault
    Evin Cosby’s father Bill Cosby was accused of sexual assaults by several women

    Cosby repeatedly denied all the sexual allegations against him. Besides, he had been remaining silent about all the allegations, but in 2015, he said,

    “I have been in this business 52 years and I’ve never seen anything like this. Reality is a situation and I can’t speak.”

    In September 2018, Cosby was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting a former Temple University employee Andrea Constand in 2004. He was sentenced to three to ten years in state prison. However, in 2021, Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned the decision.

    What Did Evin Harrah Cosby Said of Her Father After a Series of Allegations against Him?

    After Evin’s father, Bill Cosby was alleged of sexual misconduct and assaults by dozens of women, she stood in support of her father. She said her father was wrongly judged by the people who believed he was guilty of sexual misconduct.

    In defense of her father, Evin said,

    “I am his fourth daughter. He raised me to go to college, start my own business, and be my own woman. He is helping me raise my children and reach them family values.”

    She added,

    “I know that my father loves me, loves my sisters, and my mother. He loves and respects women.”

    He is not abusive, violent, or a rapist,” Evin Harrah Cosby concluded.

    Evin Harrah Cosby’s Married Life – Who is Her Husband?

    Evin, the youngest member of the Cosby brood is in her mid-40s as of 2023. Being a star kid, Evin experienced her father’s popularity pretty closely, however, it didn’t entice her to pursue a career in the entertainment field.

    She doesn’t even indulge in being in the spotlight. Besides, Evin doesn’t make herself available on the social media platform, so many of her well-wishers are always curious about her private life.

    Evin Cosby and her two children
    Evin Cosby and her two children

    As a matter of fact, it is unknown to date if she is a married woman or not. Although her marital status is still a mystery, Evin Cosby is a mother of two children. She has a daughter, 20, and a son, 18. 

    What Does Evin Cosby Do?

    Evin studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology and following her graduation, she set up a boutique in New York. She got her parents’ support in making her own business. As of now, Evin Harrah Cosby co-owns a luxury boutique, PB & Caviar in Tribeca, New York.

    Evin is running her boutique in collaboration with Wai Chan and they have focused on young and grownup outfits.

    Her Net Worth

    Evin Harrah Cosby has been running a boutique for years now, and we can tell you that she earns well from her business. But her exact net worth is still under review. If the online sources are to be believed, Evin has a net worth of $500k in 2023. But, the figure is yet to be verified.

    On the other hand, her father, Bill Cosby is a pretty successful actor, comedian, and television personality. He has not only gained millions of fans across the world but also earned a hefty amount of money from his career as well. As of 2023, Bill Cosby has a staggering net worth of $400 million.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Evin Harrah Cosby
    Popular Name Evin Cosby
    Birth Place California
    Birthday August 27, 1976
    Age 47 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity African American
    Father Bill Cosby
    Mother Camille Cosby
    Siblings 4 (Erika, Erinn, Ennis, and Ensa Cosby)
    Profession Businesswoman
    Net Worth $500k
    Children 2