Erika Tureaud-All About Mr. T’s Daughter and Her Stand-Up Comedy

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    Erika Tureaud is the daughter of one of the greatest actors Mr. T who has already acted in some biggest hit movies including the 1982 film Rocky III, starring Sylvester Stallone as the main actor. Like her father, Erika has also pursued a career in show business. She is a stand-up comedian and a renowned storyteller with an unapologetic approach.

    Besides, did you know before pursuing her burgeoning stand-up comedy career, Mr. T’s daughter spent about a decade teaching children with Autism and Down syndrome? So, what inspired her to stop teaching and segue into comedy?

    Let’s find out a few more facts interesting facts about her professional and personal life in the following article!

    Who is Erika Tureaud? Her Age and School

    Erika Tureaud (aka Erica Nicole Clark) is a popular star kid and a stand-up comedian. As for her age, Tureaud is 45 years old in 2023. She was born and raised in Lake Forest, an affluent Chicago suburb.

    Surprisingly, Clark was the only student who belonged to the Afro-American race in her high school until her senior year. Despite the fact, Erika never got bullied at school. She told NBC News,

    “It wasn’t terrible, I never got bullied or anything like that I just think that it’s very strange to be the only person of a certain race in a school of 1500 kids.”

    Besides, Tureaud is an American by her nationality and has an Afro-American ethnicity.

    Who are Erika Tureaud’s Parents? Relationship With Her Mother

    Erika is the daughter of Mr. T and his former late wife Phyllis Clark. Sadly, her mother died years before. Unlike her father, Erika’s mother Clark wasn’t in the media. As per some online tabloids, Clark was born in Russia and later moved to the United States with her parents.

    Needless to say, Erika shared a strong bond with both her mom and dad. She has also posted several photos of her parents on her Instagram.

    Back in August 2019, Tureaud uploaded a throwback photo of her parents on her Insta and wrote,

    “Mom and Dad in NYC, with the matching Louie Duffles.”

    Erika Tureaud mom and dad
    Erika Tureaud’s father and mother. 

    Further, in July 2021, Tureaud came up with her childhood photo with her mother on her 70th birthday. Her birthday wish for her late mother was,

    “Happy Birthday to what should have been Phyllis’s 70th Birthday. I miss my best friend.”

    She Grew Up With Her Two Siblings

    Erika is one of three children of her parents. She has an older sister Lesa Tureaud and a younger brother Laurence Tureaud Jr. Her sister Lesa is a therapist.

    She also has a half-brother named Alexander Taylor who made headlines after filing a multi-millionaire lawsuit against his dad Mr. T in 2013. He claimed on his petition that Mr. T was a neglected and abusive father who walked out on him early.

    Erika Tureaud Is a Budding Stand-Up Comedian

    Growing up in Lake Forest, Tureaud was always interested in show business since her early days. She initially began comedy at Improv Olympic, a popular comedy club in Chicago. She gradually began performing as a stand-up.

    Most of her comedy punchlines are about her unique childhood and day job. As a stand-up comedian, Erika has also toured with Deon Cole and Hannibal Buress. Further, Tureaud had been on several college and local club tours all over the country.

    Erika Tureaud comedy
    Mr. T’s daughter Erika Tureaud is a comedian. 

    Mr. T’s daughter has also appeared in a handful of popular comedy shows with some big names. She was once selected by Kevin Hart to star in his own Comedy Central show, Hart of the City.

    Furthermore, in August 2020, Tureaud landed a stand-up gig on Comedy Central Stand-Up, describing what it’s like having a famed father figure. The video has over 750k views so far.

    More On Her Comedy and Other Accomplishments

    As said above, Erika has already toured all over the United States as a stand-up comedian and appeared in some biggest comedy shows so far. She often performs on Chicago’s competitive stand-up comedy circuit.

    Besides, Tureaud became one of ten writers to win an annual competition the Moth GrandSLAM organized by The Moth. It is a charity organization founded by writer George Dawes Green in 1997 to dedicate to the art of storytelling.

    She also hosts a morning radio show in Chicago.

    Erika Was a Teacher Before Comedy

    As said above, before dabbling into comedy, Mr. T’s daughter Erika was a teacher who taught children diagnosed with Autism and Down syndrome.

    In 2014, Tureaud quit her job and made her way into the entertainment industry.

    Is Erika Tureaud Married? Details On Her Husband

    Erika isn’t married to anyone officially at present. Lately, Tureaud has been in the light for her own talent as a stand-up comedian and is quite open about her professional life on her social media handles too.

    But, regarding her love life, Erika has yet to reveal a single detail. Thus, it is still quite difficult to locate if Erika Tureaud is married to her husband or living a single life.

    At present, Erika resides in Chicago.

    What is Her Net Worth?

    Erika’s net worth is about $1 million in 2023. Her major source of income is her comedic career. Also, a few other jobs Tureaud has had like hosting and teaching played a major role to add up to her six-figure fortune.

    Besides, her actor dad Mr. T has an estimated fortune of $2 million.

    Tureaud is On Social Media Handles

    Erika is quite active on social media handles like Instagram and Twitter. She has over 14k followers on her Insta and mostly shares about herself and her family on her Insta.

    Further, the star kid is active on Twitter with over 2k followers.

    Takeaways About Mr. T’s Daughter Erika Tureaud

    • Tureaud is 45 years old now.
    • Her mother Phyllis Clark is dead.
    • She was the only Afro-American student at her high school.
    • She has three siblings; two brothers and a sister.
    • Erika isn’t officially married to anyone.
    • Her net worth is $1 million.
    • She currently resides in Chicago.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Erica Nicole Clark
    Popular Name Erika Tureaud
    Birth Place Lake Forest, Chicago
    Birthday 1977
    Age 47 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Afro-African
    Father Mr. T
    Mother Phyllis Clark
    Profession Stand-Up Comedian
    Net Worth $1 million
    Eye Color Dark
    Hair Color Black
    Marital Status single