Emilia Clarke Husband In Real Life: Did She Secretly Get Married? Timeline Of Her Boyfriends

July 4, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Emilia Clarke and her love life have always been a topic of concern to her fans around the globe. To be more specific, fans have wondered if the diva is married and has a husband. If not, does she have a boyfriend?

    In this article, we bring you all known facts about the Me Before You actress’s romantic life. Who has she dated so far? What about the rumors of her relationship with her co-stars from Game of Thrones?

    Key Takeaways:

    • Emilia Clarke doesn’t have a husband.
    • The actress is single in 2023.
    • In the past, she has dated Seth Macfarlane, Cory Micheal Smith, Jai Courtney, Charlie McDowell, and many esteemed men in showbiz.
    • She and her co-star, Kit Harington were speculated to be dating each other in the past. However, they are very good friends and have never had an affair with each other.

    Who is Emilia Clarke’s Husband? Is She Secretly Married?

    No, Clarke is not married to anyone at the moment. Regardless, we would be lying if we said she is not looking for a companion to spend the rest of her life with.

    In 2021, it was reported that the British actress signed up for a dating service for celebrities that goes by the name, Raya. Now, despite having an exclusive dating app at the grasp of her hands, it would be a shame if she was not looking for someone to date and settle down with.

    What Is Clarke’s Current Relationship Status?

    Currently, the Star Wars actor is possibly single. As far as we know, Emilia who is rumored to be related to Jason Clarke has always been very open about the people she’s been with. Even more so, her fans are always aware of the people she goes out with, had a fling, or has had a long-term relationship with.

    However, as of 2023, she has not revealed anything about a romantic affair with a significant other. Thus, we actually believe that she might be single in the current day and age.

    All About Her Past Relationships; A Timeline Of Her Boyfriends

    Voted among the top 100 Sexiest Women in the World for three consecutive years, Emilia has had a fair share of boyfriends in the past. Here’s a list of her past affairs

    1. Seth Mcfarlane (2012-2013)
    2. James Franco (2013)
    3. Cory Micheal Smith (2014)
    4. Jared Leto (2014)
    5. Jai Courtney (2015)
    6. Charlie McDowell (2018-2019)
    7. Tom Turner (2020)
    8. Matt Smith (2020)

    Now that’s a long list of lovers!

    Seth Macfarlane

    Comedy actor and voice-over artist, Macfarlane was linked with the gorgeous actress in 2012. Their dating life became interesting when the two stars were spotted together at the HBO Emmy after-party.

    For a whole year, both Emilia and Seth were relatively open about their relationship. In fact, the former couple was also “social media approved”.

    Clarke and her ex-boyfriend, Macfarlane
    Emilia and Seth – the former couple who split in 2013

    Unfortunately, their affair came to an end in 2013. According to the sources, the reason for their breakup was their inability to maintain the relationship due to a long distance. At that time, Clarke was busy with the Game of Thrones shooting in Europe and Seth was in California.

    James Franco

    Following her breakup with The Orville actor, Emilia, who appeared in Marvel Secret Invasion in 2023, was speculated to be in a relationship with actor, James Franco. Around 2013, they were seen together at a number of public events. Thus, fans immediately began shipping the would-be couple.

    Emilia and James, rumored to be in a relationship
    The alleged couple seen laughing together

    However, in reality, there was no love spark between them. According to an interview given by the actress herself, she only met the Why Him? star twice; that too, it was a very short meeting. In her official statement, she said,

    He is, of course, beautiful. But I feel there’s only a handful of women who could form an engagement after two meetings, and I’m not one of them.

    Cory Micheal Smith

    Cory Smith, who co-starred with Emilia in the Broadway version of the film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s began dating the actress in 2014. Their relationship was publically recognized for the first time as they made an appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscars party together. Sadly, their affair only lasted for a couple of months.

    Jared Leto

    Around 2014, Jared Leto and the Secret Invasion star were rumored to be dating as well. This rumor flared up as Leto was seen flirting with Clarke during an interview at the SAG Awards.

    However, this was simply just two actors sharing a conversation with each other that might have been a bit flirtatious. In reality, they did not date each other.

    Jai Courtney

    Clarke met the Australian actor, Jai Courtney in 2015 at the set of Terminator Genisys. Immediately following their first meeting, Emilia and Jai began dating. However, their relationship was very complicated and they went on separate paths shortly after.

    Terminator Genisys co-stars, Emilia and Jai rumored to be dating in 2015
    Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney at an event together

    Furthermore, Courtney once confirmed during a radio interview that he was single when he was, in fact, dating the Last Christmas actress. Moreover, when the interviewer asked if he had a girlfriend, he said,

    “No, I don’t… Your research is like three months old.”

    Charlie McDowell

    After nearly 3 years of staying single, love finally entered her life as she began dating the film director, Charlie McDowell. The ex-pair made their affair official through a “mysterious” post in October 2018. Later on, the speculations turned to reality when Clarke posted an out-and-about picture with McDowell on her Instagram, tagging him.

    The ex-lovers, Emilia and Charlie
    Film Director, McDowell pictured with Clarke.

    However, just like anyone else, Emilia failed to keep this connection afloat. The Me Before You actress and Charlie McDowell ended their relationship in March 2019. Following the breakup, he even unfollowed her on Instagram.

    Currently, McDowell is a happily married man, married to his wife, Lily Collins.

    Tom Turner

    Emilia Clarke’s dating life made it to the news in 2020 again as she was spotted walking her dog together with Tom Turner. Turner, an assistant director known for Cruella and Fury loves dogs as much as Clarke does. Hence, spotting them together in a park in London led fans to believe that they were dating.

    Emilia Clarke rumored relationship with Tom Turner
    The British actress walking her dog with assistant director, Tom Turner in London

    Unfortunately, in reality, they were far from being romantically linked. As the rumors spread, neither of them publically acknowledged the fact of their being together.

    Matt Smith

    The same year, another rumor broke out suggesting a relationship between Emilia and Matt Smith. Before the rumors even began, the two actors were spotted together on multiple occasions. Moreover, fans started to believe something was going on as Clarke and Smith were seen having dinner together in Soho, London in 2020.

    Emilia in a happy picture with her alleged boyfriend, Matt Smith
    Not lovers, but best friends – Clarke with her best friend, Smith

    Nevertheless, in reality, they have never dated. As a matter of fact, Emilia and the star of The Crown series have been best buds since 2016.

    Has Emilia Clarke Date Her Co-Star, Kit Harington?

    Sadly, no, Clarke has never been in a relationship with her co-star, Kit. Following their relationship in the series, fans started to speculate a love affair between the two stars. However, in real life, they have been nothing but great friends with one another.

    Emilia and Harington, Game of Thrones co-stars, not lovers
    The co-stars enjoy their time together.

    Over and above this, Harington is married to his partner, Rose Leslie. Moreover, Kit and Rose have been tied to the knot since 2018. Hence, there is no chance of him having an affair with Emilia, ever.

    The Rumored Relationship Between Clarke And Jason Momoa

    Along with Kit Harington, fans have also been convinced that Clarke has dated her co-star, Jason. In Game of Thrones, Jason plays the role of Emilia’s husband. Moreover, if you’ve watched the show, you’ll know what great chemistry the actors share with one another. So, it is quite obvious why fans began shipping the co-stars together.

    Emilia and Jason are very good friends, they have never dated each other
    A happy picture of the rumored couple – this was posted by Jason on his Instagram in 2021

    On top of this, Emilia also shared a bunch of cozy pictures with her alleged boyfriend, Jason in 2021. In all the photos, both Momoa and Clarke seem to be having the time of their lives. Furthermore, Momoa also shared a cute picture with Emilia from the same event. There, we clearly see her sitting on his lap. Next to the picture, Jason wrote,

    “MOON OF MY LIFE. You are wondeful. Love u forever.”

    If this does not convince the fans that they’re together then what will? However, just to be clear, they did not date. The pictures are merely proof that the colleagues have a very special bond between them.