Emelia Hartford Partner, Boyfriend, Net Worth; Full Bio

November 26, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    The life of the all-rounding sports car enthusiast, Emelia Hartford is a huge mystery in itself. Despite being a renowned social media presence, she has managed to keep many details of her life intact. To be more specific, none of her beloved fans know what is up with the race car driver/actress’s dating life. Is she single? Or, is she in a committed relationship? Well, the answers are below.

    In addition to debunking the secrets of her love life, the article digs deeper into Hartford’s net worth, career, and early life as well. Take a look to be mesmerized by all the details!

    Emelia Hartford Isn’t Dating A Boyfriend Publically

    As far as we can tell, Emelia is single in 2023. To be honest, she hasn’t posted anyone who could be her potential mate. On a similar note, the personality hasn’t spoken about having a romantic partner during interviews lately.

    Perhaps, the custom car builder is too busy with the other affairs of her life. After all, as her followers, you must be well aware that she indulges herself in a couple of different ventures. We further assume that it might not leave her with enough time to find a partner, let alone have a full-blown committed relationship.

    The Race Car Driver Has An Incredibly Secretive Love Life

    Keeping her present love life aside, Emelia’s dating history is also something that confuses most of us. You see, the Nightfall actress has never opened up about her past boyfriends. Besides sharing her marvelous career online, Emelia is the type of celebrity who likes to keep her personal business to herself. Especially when it comes to the romantic side of her life, she keeps her mouth shut.

    Contrary to this, the secrecy has often led her fans to spread rumors about her affairs. For instance, almost 2 years ago, people assumed her to be linked with the online personality, Alex Choi. Like her, Choi is a car enthusiast. Not only this, but the two of them have collaborated on a few videos in the past. Nevertheless, Hartford’s silence on the topic soon led the rumors to vanish away.

    Likewise, people have also assumed her to be queer. Since Emelia is into a career that is not female-driven and has somewhat of a masculine style, a few of her fans have believed that she’s into women. But like before, this is also nothing but a hoax.

    How Much Is Hartford’s Net Worth In 2023?

    At present, the well-rounded star stands tall with a net worth of $2.5 million. Her career, as we will discuss later, has taken huge turns in the years before. Nonetheless, Hartford has managed to keep her head high and walk towards the path of success.

    Getting into her assets, the woman is well into buying high-end cars. In a video posted by her on 21st November 2021 on her YouTube channel, she gave us a full tour of her collection. Based on the video, she owns the following cars:

    • Electric Hummer EV
    • 2021 Ford Bronco
    • 2WD
    • Ferrari 458

    Besides, she also lives in a massive house with a built-in garage in Los Angeles in the current day and age. On 5th August 2022, she shared the details on her Facebook profile.

    The 30-Year-Old Is More Than A Racer; Her Astounding Career

    In the very beginning, Emelia Hartford worked as a small actress. While working as a mechanic, she also handled a few acting gigs. Side-by-side, she used to post details of her working on cars on her Instagram profile. Eventually, her work caught the attention of Michelin, a tire manufacturer, thus landing her the opportunity to attend its launch party in New York.

    Hartford made her acting debut in 2017
    Hartford is one of her roles, hugging her co-star; she is a dedicated actress

    The party was a major cornerstone for her. There, she met fellow car-build influencers who advised her to make videos. Long story short, she created her very own YouTube channel in 2015. As of today, she has 1.31 million subscribers and views above 200 million.

    Coming back to her career as an actress, it took a massive hit in 2017. Back then, she made her debut in the reality TV show, All Girls Garage. With time, she appeared in a number of other movies and TV shows as well. From Mexico with Love, A California Christmas: City Lights, and That’s Amor are some of her famous works. Besides, she’s also judged and hosted various automotive shows. Moreover, she is famously known today as a SAG-AFTRA Actress and an alumna of iO West Improv.

    In 2021, Emelia Hartford held the record of the fasted C8 in the world
    The actress with her beloved Phoenix, C8 Corvette

    Last but not least, Emelia is best known for Phoenix, her custom-made Corvette C8. It is one of the fastest C8s in the world. As a matter of fact, it also has a record for the quickest C8 in a quarter-mile. At the Fomoso Raceway in S. California, she drove her car to a 9.36-second time with a trap speed of 147 mph.

    Emelia Hartford’s Life Before Fame; Early Life & Bio

    Emelia is a native of Bloomington, Indiana. She was born on 29th July 1993. Unfortunately, the details of her parents, and whether or not she grew up with siblings are unknown to this day.

    Contrary to this, it is believed that her family moved to Indiana when she was only a baby. Moreover, sources around the Internet also claim that her love for racing/sports cars grew in her hometown.

    Having said that, she took a step forward toward her dreams as she attended the University of Technical Institute in 2011. Keeping her interest in mind, she pursued a degree in Automotive Technology and began working as a mechanic subsequently.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Emelia Hartford
    Popular Name Emelia Hartford
    Birthday July 19, 1993
    Age 30 years
    Zodiac Leo
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    College University of Technical Institute
    Profession Race Car Driver, Custom Car Builder, YouTuber, Actress
    Net Worth $2.5 million
    Height 5ft 8 inches
    Weight 56 kg
    Eye Color Hazel
    Hair Color Blonde
    Sexuality Straight