Ellis Segura: All About Tom Segura And Christina Pazsitzky’s Older Son

September 10, 2023   | September 10, 2023  | 

    Ellis Segura is the son of an American stand-up comedian, writer, and podcaster Tom Segura, and his famous comedian wife Christina Pazsitzky. Being the child of such a famous entertainer, it’s very natural for him to drag the media attention, especially when his parents keep discussing his mischievousness in their podcast show.

    Keeping that in mind, today we have come up with some interesting details regarding Ellis. Have a close look.

    Key Takeaways

    • Ellis Segura is the older son of an American stand-up comedian Tom Segura.
    • Ellis has a brother who is two years younger than him.
    • Like his father, his mom is also a stand-up comedian.
    • As per his father, Ellis is a mischievous child.
    • He currently resides in Austin, Texas, with his parents and brother.

    When Was Ellis Segura Born? His Age, Birthday, And Sibling

    Ellis was born in the year 2016 in the United States of America. As of 2024, the star kid is already 0.

    Similarly, he was raised by his dad Tom, & his mom Christina together with his sibling. He has a little brother named Julian Segura who was born in 2018 which makes him 4 years old in 2024. The Seguras brothers are growing up in a luxurious environment, thanks to their multi-millionaire parents.

    Ellis Segura’s Mom Was Schedule To Have A C-Section At The Time Of His Birth

    While giving birth to Ellis, his mom Christina went through unexpected birth experiences. It was her first time giving birth to a baby and she was told that she was going to have her first child through C- Section but later, the comedian went into labor.

    Ellis' mom is also an entertainer
    Ellis’ mother Christina

    Detailing her birth experience with Ellis in Mother Inferior, Christina said,

    So they told me, ‘Christina, you’re going to have to have a C-section’ so we scheduled it,. “Because they were like, ‘The baby’s head is so big and you’re so small.’ Like ‘Your meow is so petite.’”

    She further added,

    So, it’s awesome. i am have gonna my c-section but What  happened on the day of my planned C-section? I went into labor!”

    The comedian had an episiotomy and of course, suffered while welcoming her little munchkin. But as per her, Ellis has been the best thing that ever happened to her and she loved her firstborn with all her heart.

    What Ethnicity Is Tom Segura’s Son, Ellis?

    Talking about his ethnic background, Ellis is of mixed descent as his father Tom Segura has an ancestry of French-Canadian, Irish, English, Cajun/French, Spanish, and Peruvian. Further, Ellis’ mom Christina is Hungarian by ethnicity.

    As for nationality, the celebrity child is an American citizen.

    Ellis Segura’s Both Parents Are Famous Entertainers

    Both of Ellis’ parents Tom Segura and Christina P. are accomplished entertainers and have experienced great success in their careers individually.

    His mom who began her career as a cast member of MTV’s Road Rules: Down Under is now a renowned stand-up comedian, podcaster, writer, and host. She is known for her work in Countdown (2019) and InAPPropriate Comedy (2013). In a similar manner, Segura’s dad Tom is an actor, and comedian mostly recognized for Countdown (2019), Instant Family (2018), and Cutman (2009).

    Ellis' parents together: both are accomplished entertainers
    Ellis’ parents together

    While working in the entertainment field, the two entertainers met, fell in love, and tied the knot on November 8, 2008. Ever since their marriage, they have been gracefully leading their nuptials. The couple even are professional mates. They host the popular podcast show Your Mom’s House together.

    Ellis Segura Is An Inspiration Behind His Dad’s Book ‘I’d Like to Play Alone, Please

    On June 14, 2022, Ellis’ dad Tom published his first-ever book I’d Like to Play Alone, Please which is an eclectic collection of essays that are funny and humorous. Though the stories that he weaved in the book are out of his experience, the book’s title organically comes from his older son Ellis.

    I’d Like to Play Alone, Please was the ruthless statement that his son said to him out of frustration on normal days which Tom picked as his upcoming book’s title. While talking to the Los Angeles Times, Tom recalled his son’s rejection and said,

    When I was writing this book I was telling that story, it just hit me like, Yeah, this feels like a title,” Sometimes he (Ellis) needed alone time, too.

    Tom also has already given thought to his other book’s title considering his son Ellis’ aloof nature. In this regard, he stated

    “Sometimes now he gets home from school and he’ll go ‘I don’t want you to touch me or tell me that you love me right now.’ Like that’s the first thing he’ll say and I’m like, ‘All right.’ That could be the title for the next book.”

    Seeing this, Ellis preferably seems to avoid the cozy atmosphere in the family.

    What is Ellis Segura Doing Today? His Whereabouts

    Well, based on his age, it can be assumed that Ellis must have graduated from Kindergarten. Apart from this, no other information about him is available since his parents have kept him away from the limelight.

    Moving on to his whereabouts, he currently resides in Austin, Texas with his family.

    Ellis’ Father Is A Multimillionaire

    His famous dad Tom is a multimillionaire with an estimated net amount of $12 million in 2023. He also owns a $6.7 million mansion together with his wife Christina in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Ellis Segura
    Popular Name Ellis Segura
    Birth Place United States
    Birthday 2016
    Age 8 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Father Tom Segura
    Mother Christina Pazsitzky
    Siblings Julian Segura
    Profession Student