Dundee FC’s Stadium Invaded By Foxes

January 31, 2024   | January 31, 2024  | 

    Dundee Football Club’s pre-season schedule is about to kick off, but they’re having a slight problem at their Dens Park home. The field is being destroyed by a family of foxes who have taken over the facility.

    The foxes have been digging holes near the goals & urinating on the grass, killing it. The club has been forced to re-turf the grass and fence off the goalmouths, which will make play pretty boring if someone forgets to take down the fences before the first match.

    Some people believe the foxes have been attracted by the scent of rabbits, which had previously lived at the stadium.

    Stadium manager Jim Thomson said, “We used to have a rabbit problem, but the foxes seem to have solved that. Maybe we need a bigger predator now to deal with the foxes.”

    In 2010, expect a story about how Dundee United’s stadium has been taken over by Lions. In 2011? Velociraptors.