Dricus Du Plessis’ Parents, Family Background, & Ethnicity

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    Dricus Du Plessis comes from a family of MMA fighters. He has a close relationship with both his parents and brothers. His growing popularity in the world of mixed martial arts had made fans curious about his family background and the relationship Plessis has with his brothers.

    Keep reading this article to find out the reality of Dricus’ relationship with his family members.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Dricus was born to Japie and Gerda Du Plessis. His parents first met while at Theunissen Hoërskool.
    • His family background originated in France.
    • Du Plessis shared his childhood with two older brothers.
    • Dricus and his brothers used to fight a lot as kids.
    • His nationality is South African and Plessis proudly represents his home country, South Africa, in his fights.

    Who Are Dricus Du Plessis’ Parents?

    Du Plessis was born to Japie and Gerda Du Plessis, who are currently enjoying their retirement in their home country of South Africa. Unfortunately, there is limited information available about his mom and dad, aside from their retired status.

    Dricus and his parents
    Japie(L), Dricus(C), Gerda(R)

    Besides, they are quite engaged on Facebook, regularly sharing updates about their family, with a particular focus on their adorable grandchildren as well as their own lives. They frequently post pictures that provide glimpses into their family dynamics, showcasing their love and joy.

    Du Plessis’ Parents Were Childhood Mates

    Both his dad and mom Japie and Gerda attended Theunissen Hoërskool which is located at Loop Street, Theunissen, South Africa. It was within the premises of this school that they initially crossed paths and became familiar with each other.

    After dating for several years, the duo got married and their relationship is still going so strong.

    Dricus Oftenly Posts About His Father and Mother

    Dricus has expressed his love and gratitude for his parents through heartfelt posts on his Instagram account. On occasions like Mother’s Day, the MMA star has taken the opportunity to honor his mother by sharing multiple photos and expressing his appreciation for her role in his life, describing her as the best mother anyone could ever ask for.

    Dricus' mom and dad are still together.
    Dricus’s parents; Gerda and Japie Du Plessis.

    Similar to his mother, Dricus also shares about his dad on his respective social media handle.

    Dricus Du Plessis’ Family Background Traces Back To France

    The Du Plessis family was originally from France and was part of the Huguenots religious group. Because of religious persecution, they left France and first settled in Brandenburg-Prussia.

    Later, they moved to the Dutch Cape Colony via the Netherlands in 1688 and lived in a peaceful vineyard in the Berg River area rather than the fancy gatherings in France.

    What is Dricus Du Plessis’ Ethnicity?

    Dricus is Afrikaner who migrated from France to South Africa. Moreover, the fighter has an accent to his English as a result of his French ancestry and upbringing in Africa.

    What Is His Nationality?

    Dricus is South African. He hails from South Africa, specifically from the Hatfield area of Pretoria. Presently, Plessis calls Welkom, South Africa, his home.

    Moreover, he takes great pride in being a genuine African fighter and embraces his identity as he competes in the UFC, representing his country on a global stage.

    In addition, Dricus is a Christian. He openly declared his faith in Christianity back in 2013 and continues to express his beliefs publicly.

    He Grew Up With Two Brothers

    Du Plessis had the company of his two brothers during his childhood: Niel Du Plessis and WC Du Plessis. WC, the elder brother, holds the position of CEO at Orzella Investments, a company located in the City of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

    Dricus grew up in a family of boys.
    Dricus and his two older brothers Niel and WC.

    In contrast, Niel shares Dricus’ passion for mixed martial arts (MMA). In addition to his passion for fighting, he also has a professional career as an attorney. When he is not competing in the ring, he works full-time as the director of Modiba Du Plessis Attorneys.

    Dricus Influenced Niel To Join The MMA

    Inspired by his younger brother’s success in the sport, Niel embarked on his own MMA journey in 2016. Commonly referred to as “Steel,” he was involved in combat sports dating back to the tender age of 8, as he had been competing in Judo both nationally and internationally since then.

    Dricus and his brother, Niel.
    Dricus was the one to influence his brother into the world of fighting.

    Subsequently, he has accumulated three victories and suffered two losses in his career as an MMA fighter. Despite the challenges, Niel remains committed to training and honing his skills, carrying out his MMA endeavors from his hometown in Pretoria, South Africa.

    Dricus’ Brother, Niel, Considers Him His Hero

    During an interview with EFC, Niel expressed deep admiration for his father, brothers, and Hunter Kennedy when asked about who his hero is.

    According to him,

    “All of them seem to understand what is important in life and follow their passion to the extent that others want to follow their example.”

    In a similar vein, Dricus also shares the sentiment that his brothers serve as role models in his life. He attributes their influence to shaping him into the person he has become today.

    Growing Up, Du Plessis Had Sibling Rivalry With His Brothers

    Dricus and his brothers engaged in frequent fights during their childhood. In an interview, Du Plessis revealed that they would even plan specific dates and times for their fights. One memorable incident took place at the pool, where Niel, being older than Dricus, playfully outmatched him in a friendly scuffle.

    Dricus grew up with two brothers
    The Du Plessis brothers.

    During his early years, Dricus endured bullying from both his older brothers until he started practicing kickboxing at the age of 16. From then on, the dynamics shifted, and Dricus gained the upper hand. However, his oldest brother, WC, who held the role of the “alpha” in the household, would occasionally tease or bully Dricus when the mood struck him.

    Further, despite the playful rivalry and occasional teasing, the bond between the three brothers remains exceptionally close.

    What Is The Meaning Of Dricus’ Unique Name?

    Dricus who is now dating a girlfriend named Natassja Ras is the short form of the name “Henricus” which derives from the old German name “Haimirich”. The German words “Heim” means home and “ric” means power or ruler. So, together, the word means home ruler.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Dricus du Plessis
    Popular Name Stillknocks
    Birth Place Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa
    Birthday January 12, 1994
    Age 30 years
    Nationality South African
    Ethnicity French Ethnic Background
    Father Japie Du Plessis
    Mother Gerda Du Plessis
    Siblings Niel Du Plessis and WC Du Plessis
    College University of Pretoria
    Profession mixed martial artist
    Height 6'1"
    Weight 85 kg
    Eye Color Grey
    Hair Color Light brown
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Relationship Status Taken
    Partner Natassja Ras
    Partner Natassja Ras