Don Henley’s Children, Will Henley & Annabel Henley

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    In addition to being a great lover to his wife, Sharon, Don Henley is also an amazing dad. The long-term partners have raised three children in the 28 years of their marriage. Among their three kids, Will Henley and Annabel Henley are well-known among rock band fanatics.

    But, what about the third Henley sibling? Let’s explore the family of the Eagles rock band founder, Don Henley.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Will Henley is Don Honley’s youngest child born on 9th February 1998. He currently lives in LA in a $4 million house bought by his father.
    • He is into music like his dad; he holds a degree in music from the University of Southern California and has collaborated with Don Henley and other artists.
    • Annabel Henley is the oldest child of the rock band founder. She was born on 17th December 1995.
    • Will and Annabel’s 3rd sister is Julia Henley. She lives off the radar.
    • The Henley family appeared together at the 39th Annual Kennedy Center Honors Artist’s Dinner in Washington, DC in 2016.
    • They will someday inherit their dad’s $200 million fortune.

    Will Henley Is The Youngest Of The Henley Siblings

    Don Henley and Sharon Summerall were blessed with their baby boy, Will Henly, on 9th February 1998. In [write_age], he celebrated his 26th birthday and is the youngest one in his family.

    Henley's youngest son, Will Henley is very much into music
    The perfect father-son duo!

    Additionally, he is also his dad’s favorite. Maybe because he’s the youngest or the only other guy in the family, but Mr. Henly does talk about his son a lot with the public. For instance, after his high school graduation in 2017, young Henly took a break from his studies. During that time, according to his dad, the father-son duo traveled around. It was one of the most special times shared by them.

    Into that bargain, he soon enrolled himself at the University of Southern California for a degree in music. Currently, he’s already graduated and lives a literal musical life.

    Don’s Son Is Also Into Music

    Growing up in the loving arms of a musician helped foster Will’s interest in the field as well. When asked how he got his “start with music” during a college interview, he said,

    “I got my start with music as a baby, listening from the carseat while my parents played a variety of artists from The Foo Fighters to Leo Kottke and even Tool. After the standard 1st-grade stint as a recorder player, I began playing guitar casually with friends while in elementary school, then performing with several bands in high school as a bassist, guitarist and drummer, playing rock and alternative music.”

    As they say, “Like-father, like-son”, the 26-year-old has worked with a number of artists too, including his dad. He’s worked with young artists like Camellia Boutros, Kumi Maxson, and Jacob Gilmore in their gangster-style jazz. Along with them, he has also collaborated with director, Erik Pearson on the theatrical production of The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui.

    What’s more, is that he has also accompanied his dad on an Eagles tour. He was in his supporting role as a guitarist during the band’s An Evening with the Eagles tour in Indianapolis.

    He Lives In A House Worth $4 Million Bought By His Father, Don Henley

    Around late 2022, Henley bought his son a massive house in Westside Los Angeles. It cost him $4.3 million for a 4-bedroom and 4.5-bathroom house in one the most expensive neighborhoods in LA. Moreover, the house is well known for its ec0-friendly, open-concept, and contemporary design.

    With this news flowing, people haven’t stopped talking about how Will Henly is his father’s favorite kid. He’s in his 20s and already has a live we dream to live, all thanks to his celebrated dad.

    Don’s Daughter Annabel Henley Likes To Live A Quiet Life

    On 17th December 1995, the Dirty Laundry singer welcomed his first daughter with his wife, Summerall. The baby girl was none other than Annabel. She was born merely a few months after her parents tied the knot.

    Now, unlike her sibling, Annabel likes her peace. As far as we know, she hardly ever appears with her family in public. Even more so, she has private accounts across all the social media platforms.

    Regardless, we do believe that she lives near her beloved dad and mom in Texas. Additionally, we also assume that she is well-educated and has an undergraduate degree from USC like her brother.

    Will And Annabel Also Have A Third Sibling; Who Is She?

    Julia Henley is the 3rd child of Henley and his partner about whom fans have very little to no clue. Not even a single concrete piece of information is known about her, except for the fact that she’s the singer’s daughter.

    Over everything, even her date of birth is kept under wraps. Regardless, we can guess that she’s the middle child of Don and Sharon. She is thus, presumed to have been born between 1995 to 1998.

    Don Has A Daughter from Another Relationship

    This might come as a surprise for many of you but yes, Don has another daughter, Brittany Henley VanMatre. She is the eldest and first child of Don. To this day, Don rarely ever talks about her due to which there’s no information on the identity of her mom.

    Besides, Brittany was born on August 4th, 1975, in California. She has worked in the entertainment industry as a producer and executive. Currently, she is more into activism and sells used celebrity clothes and donates a portion of that money to a charity of the celebs’ choosing.

    Don Henley's another child Britanny
    Don’s oldest child Brittany from one of his previous relationships.

    Talking about her education, she is a graduate of Concordia University where she received an Undergrad degree in Business. For her post-grad education, she joined Emerson College. She is happily married and welcomed a baby boy on September 10th, 2017.

    The Family Of 5 Was Last Spotted Together In 2016

    The Eagles founder, his three kids, and his wife were last seen together on 3rd December 2016. They attended the celebration of the honor recipients of the 39th Annual Kennedy Centre Honors. It was held at the US Department of State in Washington, DC.

    Don Henley Children, and his wife
    Don Henley’s children Will, Annabel, and Julia pictured at the Artist’s Dinner.

    The children along with their parents looked quite dashing that day. By the looks of it, all five of them dressed nicely to make an impression! Ever since then, however, there have been no reports of them seen together.

    Their Parents Known And Have Loved Each Other For 3 Decades

    After meeting for the first time in 1993, Will and Annabel’s parents tied the knot on 20 May 1995. They hosted a lovely wedding in Malibu, California. Many renowned personalities attended the wedding, either as guests or as performers including Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Jackson Browne, and more.

    The ceremony was indeed the one to be remembered for a lifetime.

    Don Henley, the lead singer, is happily married to Sharon Summerall
    Don and Sharon – a fan-favorite couple married since 1995

    Leading up to 2024 Don and Sharon have known each other for over three decades; and married for 28 years. Despite the complications of his wife’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis, he never left her side.

    Mr. and Mrs. Henley continue to live their life together in Dallas, Texas even to this date. They’ve truly set an example for their kids for how love should be and feel like!

    Annabel, Will, And Julia Will Inherit Their Dad’s Multi-Million Fortune

    The rock band founder and lead vocalist has a net worth of $200 million. It sure seems like his 5 decades-long career not only got him famous but also extremely wealthy.

    On the other hand, it is pretty obvious that, in the days to come, his 3 kids will have a chance to enjoy his multi-million fortune. Nonetheless, among them, Will has already explored his future wealth a bit. As mentioned earlier, he lives in a $4 million house currently. Thus, we won’t be shocked if his sisters also get similar opportunities in the future – they also have equal rights to their father’s wealth.