Does Rudy Pankow Have a Wife? Additional Info on his Parents, Net Worth

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    Rudy Pankow’s fame from playing the fan-favorite character, JJ Maybank, in Outer Banks, has brought about a huge amount of curiosity among the viewers about his potential wife and girlfriend. The heartthrob has definitely stolen the hearts of many, but who has stolen his?

    Today, we will be delving into matters of the actor’s personal life, his parents, and his net worth from his successful endeavors as an actor.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Rudy Pankow is in a relationship with Elaine Siemek.
    • They met as Elaine was an assistant at the set of Outer Banks.
    • Elaine was the subject of online harassment, accusing her of being manipulative and abusive.
    • Rudy’s parents are dedicated to working in the healthcare sector in Alaska.
    • Pankow has two siblings, both brothers.
    • He has a net worth of at least $1 million.

    Does Rudy Pankow Have A Wife?

    Rudy is not married yet, but he is currently dating his film photographer girlfriend, Elaine Siemek. They both met on the set of Outer Banks, where Rudy acted while Elaine worked as an assistant behind the scenes. 

    The two have been dating since 2020. Although the exact date remains veiled, the first time Rudy revealed their relationship was in November 2020. He posted a picture of Elaine on Instagram for her birthday, with the caption,

    “You give me butterflies everyday… literally. Happy Birthday PBM.”

    Rudy Pankow strikes a witty pose with his girlfriend.
    Rudy Pankow and Elaine for a photoshoot.

    Although the couple remains fairly private about their relationship, they do occasionally speak of each other on social media.

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    Rudy Pankow’s Response To Online Harassment Targeted at His Girlfriend

    In August 2021, Rudy made a lengthy post about the hate and online harassment that his girlfriend was facing. He was furious at the false accusations people were throwing at Elaine, claiming her to be “abusive and manipulative.”

    The actor took to his Instagram to address the hate and mentioned that the hostility his lover was facing was beyond the average level.

    Rudy Pankow carries his girlfriend on his shoulder.
    Rudy gives Elain a shoulder ride.

    Rudy went on to claim that his relationship with Elaine was perfectly fine and that no one needed the unwarranted accusations from people behind their keyboards.

    “I’m very happy in the relationship I’m in. I know I might not actively show it on social platforms just how happy we are together, but this is my personal decision to keep most of those moments for myself.”


    He is an American by nationality and is white when it comes to his ethnicity. Rudy was born on August 12, 1998, in Ketchikan, Alaska to Penny Pederson and Dr. Andrew D. Pankow.

    His Parents Work in the Healthcare Sector

    Rudy’s parents are part of the healthcare industry, providing their services in Alaska. His father, Andrew is a family practice physician who has been contributing his service to the PeaceHealth Medical Group since June 2005. Before that, he practiced medicine at the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) for years.

    The doctor graduated with his medical degree from the University of Wisconsin Medical School, fulfilling his residency at St. Paul Ramsey Medical Center from July 1989 to June 1992.

    Rudey Pankow sits by his mother and father.
    Rudy with his mum and dad.

    Penny is the executive director at PeaceHealth Medical Center. She was previously a part of the PeaceHealth board, and several other boards for non-profit centers in Alaska.

    Rudy Pankow's mother with other PeaceHealth members.
    Rudy’s mother proudly shows the certificate of PeaceHealth Ketchikan being recognized by the State Legislature.

    Before she was involved in the healthcare system, Pankow’s mother used to work with an information management consulting firm for non-profit organizations where she dealt with clients spanning from art agencies and foundations to membership organizations.

    Rudy Pankow’s Siblings

    Rudy has two brothers for siblings: older brother Alec Pankow and younger brother Henning Pankow.

    Alec is currently a PhD student at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Before this, he was a bioinformatician at Karolinska Institute in Sweden from August 2020 to August 2021. He graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry.

    Henning Pankow, on the other hand, recently graduated from Western Washington University, in June 2023. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, minoring in Computer Systems and Mathematics, with a GPA of 3.72.

    Rudy Pankow and his siblings open Christmas presents.
    Rudy Pankow and his brothers on Christmas.

    Movies and TV Shows

    While his most known role is as JJ Maybank in Outer Banks, Rudy has a fair share of credits in several other movies and TV shows.

    Out of the long list, the more prominent ones are his roles in Uncharted as Young Sam in 2022 and Chocolate Lizards as Erwin Van, in 2023.

    More of his IMDb credits include Not Me (2018), Last Summer (2018), The Politician (2019), Solve (2019), Acting for a Cause (2020), Space Waves (2022), and The Crusades (2023).

    Rudy Pankow’s Net Worth

    The actor has a net worth of at least $1 million from his experience and work in the Hollywood industry.

    Reports claim that the actors were paid $30,000 per episode for Outer Banks, but since the popularity of the series has hit highs, Rudy has undoubtedly earned more than the aforementioned amount.

    What happened to Madison Bailey and Rudy Pankow?

    Although they were good friends off-screen, it’s apparent that Rudy and Madison have toned down on their interactions with each other on social media posts.

    It is possible that they have taken this measure to stop feeding into the wishes of fans who actually ship them in real life because their characters are dating in Outer Banks.


    What does JJ stand for in OBX?

    Although there are several theories, there has been no official release on JJ’s full name in Outer Banks.

    Are John B and JJ friends in real life?

    Just as John B. and JJ are best friends in Outer Banks, the actors who play them, Chase Stokes and Rudy Pankow are also friends behind the scenes.

    How old was Rudy Pankow when he played JJ?

    Rudy was 24 when he started playing the 16-year-old character, JJ Maybank.

    Where does he live now?

    The actor currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his girlfriend.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Rudy Pankow
    Birth Place Ketchikan, Alaska.
    Birthday August 12, 1998
    Age 25 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Father Andrew D. Pankow
    Mother Penny Pederson
    Siblings 2 Brothers (Alec Pankow and Henning Pankow)
    School Ketchikan High School
    College Michael Woolson Studios
    Profession Actor
    Height 6 feet 
    Eye Color Blue
    Hair Color Blond
    Sexuality Straight
    Relationship Status Dating
    Partner Elaine Siemek
    Partner Elaine Siemek
    Girlfriend Elaine Siemek