Does Jake Sully Stay An Avatar? What Happens To His Body?

January 25, 2023   | June 14, 2023  | 

    The 2009 movie Avatar shows a massive fight between humans and the original inhabitants of Pandora. One of the lead characters Jake Sully turns out against his species after he falls in love with a Na’vi named Neytiri.

    The situation turns such that Jake’s human body is killed. Well, this has confused many if Jake Sully stay an Avatar forever? What happened to his body? Here, we are going to clarify all the confusion on this matter.

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    Does Jake Sully Stay An Avatar?

    After the human body of Jake is killed by another character Miles Quaritch, his Avatar falls unconscious. However, later, Jake’s consciousness is transferred permanently into his avatar with the help of the Tree of Souls.

    The process becomes easier because of the fact that Jake at that point has already mated with Neytiri. Likewise, he is also accepted by the Na’vi as the sixth Toruk Makto, who leads the Na’vi to successfully defeat the RDA and drive them off their planet.

    Throughout the 15 years before the humans are back again on Pandora, Jake leads a normal life as a Na’vi and has three children Neteyam, Lo’ak, and Tuk with Neytiri. Likewise, they also adopt two other kids, Kiri and Miles “Spider” Socorro.

    Does Jake Become An Avatar Permanently?

    As we said earlier, Jake’s human body is permanently destroyed. Thus, in the closing scenes of the movie, the Na’vis are clearly seen seeking the help of the Tree of Soul to move his consciousness to his avatar, withdrawing him away from his disability permanently to his avatar.

    Also fifteen years later, in the second part of the movie Avatar: The Way of Water, Jake is seen with his kids with Neytiri living a normal life among Na’vis. This also pretty much clarifies that Jake is permanently an avatar.

    What Happened To Jake’s Original Body After His Death?

    Unfortunately, the director of the movie does not bother to reveal the fate of Jake’s human body in both parts of the movie. But if we go by the novel Avatar: The Next Shadow, his body was given a traditional Na’vi burial following the successful transfer of his consciousness.