Did Vicente Fernández’s Youngest Son, Gerardo Fernández Kidnapped His Big Brother? Know His Full Bio

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    Gerardo Fernández is the son of the late Mexican ranchera singer, actor, and film producer Vicente Fernández. Youngest among his father’s three sons, Gerardo is the only one who is not in the showbiz industry while his other siblings followed in the footsteps of their father joining the music industry. 

    In 2021, a Spanish writer Olga Wornat accused Gerardo of having a link with drug trafficking and being involved in his brother Vicente Jr.’s kidnapping case. So, to what extent Olga’s accusations are true?

    Let’s find out in detail in the below piece of writing.

    Key Takeaways

    • Gerardo Fernandez is a businessman and is highly focused on real estate.
    • Gerardo is the youngest son of “The King of Ranchero Music”, Vicente Fernandez.
    • He has two brothers and an adopted sister.
    • Gerardo was accused to be his big brother Vicente Jr’s kidnapper by the Spanish author Olga Wornat.

    Who Is Gerardo Fernández? All About Vicente Fernandez’s Youngest Son

    Gerardo is a well-known businessman in Mexico being completely focused on real estate. Further, he has always been passionate about horses and has turned his passion into a profession and breeding thoroughbred horses. He is equally involved in charrería, a type of Equestrian activity in Mexico.

    Apart from the horse business, he tried his luck in politics as well. Back in 2011, he filed a candidacy for a Deputy Position in a coalition between Institutional Revolutionary Party and the Green Ecologist, but sadly, the result was not in his favor. He lost the electorates and returned back to the business world. In addition, he reportedly looks after his father’s big empire as well.

    What Is Gerardo’s Age In 2023?

    Born in May 1976, Gerardo is currently 47 years old. He is the youngest son of Vicente Fernandez and his mother María del Refugio Abarca Cuquita.”

    Gerardo Fernandez Has Two Biological and One Adopted Sibling

    He has two older brothers named Vicente Fernandez Jr. and Alejandro Fernandez, the former husband of América Guinart. Further, he is also the brother of his adopted sister Alejandra Fernandez.

    Vicente Jr. is his oldest brother, born on November 11, 1963, in Mexico. He is a musician, just like his dad, and has done several stage performances alongside his famous father. Further, he also joined politics in his later life. Alejandro, on the other hand, was born on April 24, 1971, and is a Grammy award-winning singer.

    Gerardo is youngest child of Vicente
    Gerardo with his siblings and parents

    Further, Alejandra, born March 11, 1984, is his only sister. She currently works as a fashion and graphic designer. She is actually Gerardo’s maternal aunt’s biological daughter whom his parents adopted when she was 40 days old.

    Gerardo’s Brother Vicente Jr. Was Kidnapped In 1998; Did He Have Any Involvement In The Crime? 

    In May 1998, his big brother Vicente Jr. was kidnapped and he remained with abductors for four months until his father paid a ransom in millions. They even cut down his two fingers before releasing him. In the kidnapping case, many high-profile names were put under suspicion, and investigations were done thoroughly but the kidnapper was never identified.

    Many years later, the Spanish writer Olga Wornot claimed Gerardo has a hand in his older brother’s kidnapping. She also stated in her book El último rey: La biografía no autorizada de Vicente Fernández that Junior Vicente was kidnapped twice and his brother Gerardo did it for money. Not only this but the writer went on to claim that Fernandez is linked with drug traffickers.

    Though Olga put an allegation upon Gerardo for the heinous crime, it is yet to be proven with sufficient proof.

    Olga Was Said Gerardo Is A Dangerous Person: Is He?

    The Spanish writer, Olga did a lot of research before writing a biographical book on the legendary singer Vicente Fernandez. For her book, she did a visit to collect information from his family members, and during the process, she was told that the singer’s youngest child Gerardio is dangerous.

    In an exclusive talk with Imagen television, Olga said,

    “I began to receive information and testimonies from relatives of the family and they all told me you have to be  careful with Gerardo, he is dangerous’ and they told me tremendous things.”

    The writer further stated that when she tried to reach out to Gearado, he acted completely violent towards her. After her complete interview, the channel broadcasted the episode with the title Is Gerardo the villain of the Vicente Fernández family?

    Years have passed since Olga’s book have published but it seems like the accusations have gone nowhere.

    Gerardo’s Popular Father Vicente Passed Away In 2021

    On December 12, 2021, his legendary father Vicente died at the age of 81. He suffered from severe injuries which took his life leaving his big family behind. Post his death, his body was taken to Arena VFG where thousand of his followers were waiting for him for his last ride.

    Gerardo's father is no more
    Gerardo’s father Vicente Fernandez

    The next day, after the funeral ceremony took place, his body was transferred to his ranch and buried in a mausoleum.

    Just 8 days after his death, his biographical book “El último rey” was published in which Gerardo has been interpreted as a bad person.

    Is Gerardo Fernandez Married To His Wife?

    Well, looking at Gerardo’s age, he is more likely to be a married man. But since he mostly stays away from the spotlight, the information on his relationship status is yet to be figured out.

    What to say, until he himself doesn’t reveal his partner to the world, anything is possible. He may be married or may not be.

    Where Is Gerardo Fernandez Now?

    He is residing near his family in Mexico handling his personal and professional life. There’s also the possibility that he might be struggling to come out clean from kidnapping allegations and drug trafficking.

    What Is Gerardo’s Net Worth?

    He is reported to have a net worth of $4 million in 2023. On the other hand, his father Vicente had a fortune of $25 million at the time of his death in 2021.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Gerardo Fernández
    Popular Name Gerardo
    Birth Place Mexico
    Birthday May 1976
    Age 48 years
    Nationality Mexican
    Ethnicity Probably Latino
    Father Vicente Fernandez
    Mother María del Refugio Abarca "Cuquita"
    Siblings Vicente Jr., Alejandro and Alejandra
    Profession Businessman
    Net Worth $1 million
    Height 5'11"
    Eye Color Black
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Probably Married