Did Dan Harmon Get Married Again After The Divorce? Or Is He Dating A New Girlfriend?

July 21, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    The producer of the NBC/Yahoo! sitcom, Community, Dan Harmon has an extraordinary yet exciting love life. Those following him for years might know very well that the actor-cum-producer was married but is now already divorced. Well, after his separation from his now ex-wife, did Dan marry again? If not, is he dating a girlfriend?

    This article focuses on all that! So, to know everything, from his “friendly divorce” to his current dating life, dig into the article below.

    Key Takeaways:

    • After divorce from his first wife Dan Harmon is engaged to his partner Cody Heller since January 2019.
    • Harmon and Heller have been together for almost 8 years since 2015.
    • Cody Heller is also a writer and an actress. She is well known for The Inbetweeners, Dummy, and Deadbeat.
    • Dan had an amicable divorce with his wife of one year, Erin McGathy. They were married from 2014 to 2015.
    • His ex-wife lives in Dublin today with her new partner, Jordan Daniel.

    Is Dan Harmon Married In 2023?

    Dan, the host of the 2012 podcast, Harmontown has not married at present. However, he is engaged to his girlfriend turned fiancee Cody Heller. In 2015, he faced a rather unpleasant yet friendly divorce from his then-wife, Erin McGathy. The former pair only had a year-long marriage. Moreover, after his separation, Harmon has not tied the knot with anyone.

    Since he is already engaged, when is he going to tie the know with his partner?

    Dan Is Engaged To His Girlfriend Turned Fiance, Cody Heller

    The 50-year-old artist is happily engaged to his young partner, Cody Heller. As of 2023, the pair has been engaged for almost 4 years. He went on one knee to pop the greatest question in January 2019; and well, of course, Cody said, “Yes”!

    Dan Harmon is in love with his fiancee Cody
    Dan and Cody welcoming 2023 together

    Having known each other since 2015, Harmon and his fiance live a wonderful life together in their home in Los Angeles. Well, despite being engaged, the couple does not seem to have any plans to walk down the aisle.

    What Does Dan’s Potential Future Wife Cody Do For a Living?

    She is an actress and writer and has worked in numerous movies and TV series. She is known for her work as a writer in movies like The Inbetweeners, Deadbeat, and Dummy.

    Dan Harmon And Cody Heller Dating Timeline

    As previously mentioned, the duo has known each other since 2015. So, we’d say, they’ve been together for the last 8 years.

    So, how’d this 38-year-old begin dating a man who is 12 years older than her? Cody met Dan in 2015 and began dating soon enough as they had similar ideologies about stories and both loved writing female-centric stories. Call it luck, but they ended up together at the time they needed each other’s support the most.

    Dan and his partner live in Los Angeles together and are not married yet
    The showrunner and his sweet little family

    Moreover, at first, Cody was very nervous to have a boyfriend who was already very successful in writing. During an interview, she expressed her true feelings about her relationship with Harmon in the beginning. She said,

    “I was like, yeah, no problem. You know, I’m a professional writer, this is no problem. But I had been so used to writing with a partner for so long that I found myself getting just really stuck in this writer’s block and really scared about what Dan would think of my first thing that I wrote without a writing partner and how he would judge me.”

    With time, this nervousness vanished away and she and Dan are better than ever today!

    What’s The Story Behind Cody And Her Fiance’s S*x Doll?

    From the very beginning of their relationship, the couple vowed to “tell each other everything”. Meaning, there would be zero secrets between them. Furthermore, they vowed to even share what “kind of p**rn” they like, along with sharing their deepest, darkest secrets that nobody knows.

    Considering this, Dan shared with his girlfriend about his “s*x doll”. This, in turn, led Heller to lose her mind obsessing over her boyfriend’s secret. While talking about this in a podcast, she said,

    “At night when I was at his house I would be thinking: Where is this s*x doll? What closet is she in? I’ve never seen her… I found myself totally obsessed, consumed by jelousy and just could not stop thinking about the s*x doll.”

    Over and above this, in the initial days, she also struggled to feel as important as her partner’s mysterious “s*x doll”. She later challenged this struggle in her writing and created a masterpiece we all know i.e., Dummy.

    Dan Harmon First Wife Erin McGathy: Why Did They Divorce?

    Dan’s divorce from Erin was amicable. After tying the knot in November 2014, the former husband and wife stayed together only until 2015. In less than a year, in October month of 2015, both of them announced their divorce to the public.

    Dan and his ex-wife Erin on the wedding day
    An old wedding picture of the former husband-wife duo

    Announcing their divorce, Erin tweeted,

    “Sad to announce that @danharmon and I are divorcing. We ask that you respect our privacy as we discuss it openly on our respective podcasts.”

    His Ex-Wife Has Happily Moved On As Well

    Immediately after the divorce was official, Harmon’s ex-wife moved to Dublin, Ireland. In a January 2016 post, she announced to her fans that she was no longer living in America. To this date, Erin still is well into writing, directing, and “comedy-ing”, according to her Instagram bio.

    Dan Harmon ex-wife moved to Dublin and has a new lover, Jordan Daniel
    McGathy in a fun picture with her present love interest, Jordan Daniel

    That’s not all. McGathy has also moved on romantically. Currently, she is in a loving relationship with her lover, Jordan Daniel. He is also a comedian like her and the couple seem to share many interests with each other. Moreover, they are Insta-official and often flaunt their love all over their feed.