Did Brian Redban Ever Get Married? His Wife & Girlfriend

June 30, 2023   | June 30, 2023  | 

    Brian Redban’s comedic pursuits have brought him into the limelight, sparking curiosity about his personal life, particularly his romantic status. So, is he married? Or does he have a girlfriend? 

    Keep reading this article to find out if he has tied the knot yet.

    Key Takeaways

    • Brian doesn’t have a wife, yet.
    • He is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend, Janice Min.
    • The couple have been dating for 7 years, since 2016.
    • Redban met his girlfriend through Snapchat.
    • He and his partner like traveling to different places.

    Has Brain Redban Ever Gotten Married? His Wife

    Brian has not married anyone yet. He does not have a wife but he does have a girlfriend whom he has been dating for 7 years. However, despite their enduring connection, the couple has not taken the step towards marriage.

    Brian does not have a wife
    Brian has not married yet.

    It appears that both Redban and his partner are presently prioritizing their respective careers, placing their focus on professional pursuits rather than formalizing their union.

    Brian is in a long-term relationship

    He has been in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Janice Min, for a duration of seven years. They started dating on April 19, 2016.

    The lovebirds openly express their affection for one another through their social media accounts, often sharing moments and adventures they experience as a couple. They openly exhibit their relationship to the public and frequently document their presence together at various events and occasions.

    Brian and his girlfriend started dating in 2016
    Brian is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend.

    Additionally, adding a touch of endearment to their relationship, Redban has developed a number of playful nicknames for his partner. Affectionately, he refers to her as “little nugget,” “missing toe,” or “little gobbler,” showcasing the unique and lighthearted bond they share.

    How Did They Meet?

    Brian and Janice’s initial encounter took place on Snapchat, a popular social media platform known for its photo-sharing features. During a podcast with Jeremiah Watkins, Redban candidly shared the story of how he first connected with his now long-term girlfriend.

    According to Redban, Min had sent him a photo of herself, and upon seeing it, the first thought that crossed his mind was her ethnicity, describing her as “Asian.”

    In addition to that, Brian also mentioned that while he might not hold the app itself in high regard, the one positive outcome he attributes to Snapchat is the fact that he met Janice through it.

    Who is Brian Redban’s Girlfriend, Janice?

    Janice hails from the predominantly Asian community of Cerritos. She spent her formative years in Los Angeles and pursued her higher education at the University of San Francisco, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Advertising.

    However, the financial challenges of living in San Francisco without a stable job led her to make the decision to return to her hometown.

    Redban and Min
    Janice is also a member of “DEATHSQUAD” like Brian.

    Currently, Min resides in Burbank, California, located in the United States. She works as a personal assistant, utilizing her skills and expertise to provide support in various aspects of professional and personal life.

    Interestingly, Janice shares a common interest with Brian in the field of comedy. Since 2016, she has actively participated as a member of the comedy group called ‘DEATHSQUAD,’ showcasing her passion for and involvement in the comedic arts, just like her boyfriend.

    The Couple Loves Travelling to Different Places

    The GF and bf share a mutual love for travel and frequently embark on adventures together. Their journeys have taken them to various destinations, allowing them to explore new places and create cherished memories as a couple.

    Janice and Brian like traveling
    Janice and Brian travel a lot.

    In July 2021, the duo visited the renowned Steiner Ranch Steakhouse located in Austin, Texas. Continuing their travel escapades, Brian and Janice ventured to Gary, Indiana in April 2022.

    Nonetheless, their shared love for travel reflects their desire for adventure and discovery, strengthening their bond as they continue to embark on exciting journeys as a couple.

    They Went To Mythicon Together

    Brian and Janice had the opportunity to attend their first Mythicon in October 2022. Mythicon is an exciting convention organized by the popular comedy duo Rhett and Link, along with the Mythical Crew.

    During their time at Mythicon, Redban, and Min were able to immerse themselves in a vibrant atmosphere, complete with musical performances, food stalls offering delicious treats, engaging games, refreshing drinks, and a wide array of other fun activities.

    Adding to the excitement of the event, the couple had the opportunity to meet Rhett McLaughlin, one-half of the comedy duo behind Mythicon.

    Redban and Min
    Redban and Min

    Nevertheless, attending Mythicon allowed Brian and Janice to engage with a community of like-minded individuals, revel in the festivities, and create lasting memories together.

    Brian Oftenly Posts His Girlfriend On Social Media

    Brian maintains an active presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where he regularly shares updates about his professional endeavors.

    However, he also takes the opportunity to subtly include glimpses of his personal life, often featuring his girlfriend in the photos he posts. Whether they are captured during vacations, on special occasions like their anniversary, or simply in candid moments together, Redban fearlessly showcases their relationship to his substantial following of 176K on Instagram.


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    By including his lover in his social media content, he allows his followers to catch a glimpse of their life as a couple, fostering a sense of connection and engagement with his audience.

    In addition to sharing visual moments, Brian occasionally adds a touch of humor to his online presence. For instance, he tweeted a video discussing the act of farting in front of his girlfriend, accompanied by a lighthearted caption: “Brian when are you going to get married?”