Dawn Staley’s Father Clarence Staley: Is He Still Alive?

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    Clarence Staley is widely recognized as the father of the current head coach for the South Carolina Gamecocks Dawn Staley. His daughter is a former basketball player who won three Olympic gold medals with the team USA. Further, Dawn is also named the first person who won Naismith Award both as a player and a coach.

    Besides Clarence’s identity as a celebrity father, no other details about him have been discussed in the media. So far, his famous daughter Dawn has hardly talked anything about him. But still, there is a massive concern among people about who exactly Clarence is. Is Dawn’s dad still alive or dead?

    Clarence Staley Is Dawn Staley’s Father; Is He Still Alive?

    As of now, Dawn’s father Clarence is no longer alive in the world. He died in the year 2006 due to illness, to be precise, probably of a heart attack. He was a heavy smoker and already had heart attacks two times in his 40s and later became physically disabled.

    After years of struggle, Staley passed away and since his death, his famous daughter has hardly mentioned him in public. However, we know that Clarence was originally from North Carolina and later moved to North Philadelphia while still a teenager in the 1950s.

    Moving on to his birth, Clarence was born to his parents in the year 1942 and died at the age of 64. Talking about his nationality, the late celebrity dad was an American citizen and was of Afro-American descent.

    What Did Clarence Staley Do For A Living?

    Well, Dawn’s late father Clarence used to be a part-time carpenter. Side by side, he also was a fence builder for both his yard and his neighbor’s. Further, he worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, jackhammering pavement for 22 years.

    Speaking of his daughter Dawn’s career, she is a renowned basketball player and a head coach. Starting a professional athletic career in 1994, Dawn has come a long way to establish herself as one of the best players as well as the best coach in the American sports Industry.

    Clarence's daughter Dawn
    Clarence’s daughter Dawn with basketball

    As a player, Dawn has played for Tarbes Gespe Bigorre, Richmond/ Philadelphia Rage, Charlotte Sting, and Housten Comets. Likewise, Clarence’s daughter also worked as a coach for the Temple Owls Women’s basketball team for 8 years.

    She was a head coach for the United States Women’s national team from 2017 to 2021. And since 2008, she has been the head coach for South Carolina.

    Clarence Staley Was Married To His Wife Estelle Staley

    Clarence before his death was married to his spouse Estelle Staley. They both were North Carolina natives. So, they first came across each other in their hometown when they were still a teenager.

    Clarence's late wife Estelle
    Clarence’s late wife Estelle. Source: His daughter’s Instagram

    In the 1950s, the young couple moved to North Philadelphia together and then got married. Despite marrying too early, Clarence and Estelle together created a beautiful family and with all the hard work, the duo then shifted into a three-bedroom, single-bath row house in 1967 where they welcomed their children and raised them.

    In fact, Clarence was together with his spouse Estella until his death in 2006.

    Staley’s Wife Estelle Also Died In 2017; What Was Her Cause of Death?

    His beloved wife Estelle passed away on 10 August 2017 at the age of 74 in Columbia, South Carolina. She had developed Alzheimer’s disease very earlier which became the main reason behind her death.

    After she died, her body was buried at Greenlawn Memorial Park in Columbia, Richland County, and her funeral service was held at Bethlehem Baptist Church.

    Coming up to 20203, it’s been almost 6 years since she passed away but her daughter Dawn still missed her very dearly. Once on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the Carolina head coach shared her portrait on her Instagram and wrote,

    This sweet lady I got to spend 47 years with and 3 years as my heavenly angel…..I miss her every day and this day especially. Hope you felt a deep love as much as you’ve made me and my sibling feel daily. Happy Mother’s Day Staley!

    Estelle was absolutely a loving wife to Clarence and a nurturing mother to her children.

    Clarence Staley Was A Father Of Five 

    From his marriage with his wife Estelle, he became a father of five, three sons Lawrence Staley, Anthony Staley, and Eric Staley. Further, he fathered two daughters Tracey Staley and Dawn Staley.

    As we all know, Dawn, Clarence’s youngest child among five is a notable athletic personality. She was born on May 4, 1970, in Philadelphia and is currently 53 years of age.

    Similarly, his son Lawrence is the eldest one who is now well-settled and has children and grandchildren. Anthony, his middle child, who was considered a giver of the family died in the midst of the pandemic.

    Further, Staley’s first daughter Tracey is married to her husband Mr. Underwood. She was, however, diagnosed with leukemia back in 2021.

    Clarence’s Grandchildren And Their Children

    Though he is deceased now, the family he left behind is growing with each year passing. He already had a big family with five children and a wife. Now, it has expanded with the addition of nine grandchildren.

    Not only this but he has two great-grandchildren as well and it’s certainly going to increase in the coming years.

    Clarence Staley’s Daughter Is A Millionaire

    While Clarence’s net worth has never been estimated, his daughter Dawn is a multi-millionaire. She has a net amount of $7 million as of 2023. No doubt that she earned a massive amount from her three decades of playing and coaching career.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Clarence Staley
    Birth Place North Carolina, United States
    Birthday 1942
    Death 2006
    Death Cause Heart Attack
    Age 64 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Afro-American
    Profession Carpenter
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Estelle Staley
    Children 5