Dawn Staley Marriage, Wife, Girlfriend, Gay Rumors

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    South Carolina Gamecocks coach, Dawn Staley and her marriage life have been the talk of the town for some years now. The former WNBA athlete has won the hearts of millions, but it’s about time we get to know more about who has won her heart. Is it true she is lesbian? Who is her wife or girlfriend? We will be exploring her love life in detail below.

    So, let’s jump right into it!

    Dawn Staley’s Wife: She Is Not Married

    As far as we know, Staley is not a married woman. Thus, she does not have a life partner yet, whether it be a wife or a husband.

    The 53-year-old athlete is extremely focused on her game at the moment. After becoming a Hall of Fame player herself, she is helping others like her reach a similar goal. Currently, as a coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks, Dawn is more concerned about her job than settling down.

    On the contrary, although she isn’t married yet, the basketballer is believed to be in a romantic relationship with a fellow coach. Who might that be? You will get the answer below.

    Wedding Plans

    Unfortunately, the 53 years old does not seem to have any plans to walk down the aisle even in the future.

    The WNBA Legend’s Relationship With Lisa Boyer; Are They Dating?

    For several years, people have believed that Dawn Staley and the associate head coach for South Carolina, Lisa Boyer have been in a romantic relationship. Boyer has worked as a basketball coach for the team since 2010. In a way, she’s linked with Staley professionally.

    However, fans have a different theory. Many believe that the two women are more than just friends and have been dating for some years now.

    Boyer, Staley's rumored girlfriend
    The South Carolina Gamecocks coaches, Boyer and Staley.

    Moreover, in 2018, the rumor was amplified by the WNBA champion herself. Apparently, she posted a tweet where she called her relationship with Lisa that of an “old married couple”.

    The whole tweet read,

    Boyer!! We are that old married couple who started young and will grow old together. You put the ride and die in the RIDE and DIE! Proud of you Boyer. Thanks for sacrificing your career to help to me serve our teams, program, university and state. What a ride?! 

    This further led fans to truly believe something more was going on between the two coaches. Looks like Staley is one of the most supporting partners Boyer ever had. Even while working together, they somehow seem to complete one another.

    Details On The Affair Between Staley And Her Alleged Girlfriend

    Unfortunately, not much is known about the affair between the two girlfriends. Despite their great stature, they have managed to keep their relationship a secret.

    Staley might be dating her fellow coach, Boyer
    Two alleged love birds in action! They are remarkable coaches for their team

    On the other hand, their professional relationship is no mystery. One way or the other, their romance is reflected by their coaching skills. Together, Dawn and Lisa have helped the South Carolina Gamecocks to win several championships and awards.

    They have worked with sincere loyalty to one another and to their team and led South Carolina to win two national championships so far. Therefore, there is no doubt that the two women work remarkably great together.

    Hopefully, this is used by the coaches in their personal lives as well.

    Is The Hall Of Fame Player Planning To Marry Boyer Soon?

    So far, Dawn, who is the daughter of the late Estelle Staley and Clarence Staley has not announced whether or not she will get married to her alleged girlfriend. Over and above this, the rumors of their relationship have also not been confirmed yet. So, it is a long way until Dawn finally reveals if she is going to marry Lisa.

    Perhaps, the rumored love birds are taking their time to know each other better before settling down.

    Her Gay Rumors Might Be True

    Yes, Dawn Staley might be a lesbian. Although she is yet to reveal this herself, fans have speculated the player, in fact, belongs to the LGBTQI community. Many have come to this conclusion because of her masculine style of clothing and boyish appearance. However, there is much more to one’s sexuality than their physical emergence.

    Dawn might be a lesbian
    The Hall of Fame player, Dawn Staley

    For instance, the rumor of her dating Lisa Boyer could be one of the other factors that led us to believe she is gay. On top of this, Staley also is very vocal about supporting the LGBTQI community. She often shares her appreciation towards them. Hence, the rumors might be true.

    One of her staff came out as gay

    Staley’s Offensive Analytics Consultant Melanie Balcomb came out as a lesbian during her time in South Carolina. She initially joined Dawn’s staff in 2016 for one season.

    After coming out, she left Carolina and went on to coach at Purdue. She subsequently became the head coach at Division II Ohio Dominican Universty.


    Are Staley and Boyer just friends or lovers?

    The South Carolina Gamecocks coaches are rumored to be more than just friends. They might be dating each other.

    Is the Hall of Fame athlete open about her sexuality?

    No, she has not yet opened up about belonging to the LGBTQI community.

    Will she soon marry her rumored partner?

    Staley might still be figuring out her relationship with Boyer. Hence, it might take some time before they decide to tie the knot.