Danny Jones Penniman; Everything To Know About Little Richard’s Son

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    Danny Jones Penniman is the adopted son of the late iconic American musician Richard Wayne Penniman aka Little Richard. Though Danny has always been a prominent part of his popular father’s life, the star kid has hardly made a media appearance resulting in the wide concern among audiences about what his inside life looks like.

    Well, the following article includes some interesting details regarding Danny including his age, family, career, and many more. So, have a close look.

    Key Takeaways

    • Danny Jones Penniman is the adopted son of the era’s legendary American musician Little Richard.
    • He was adopted by Richard at 14 in 1984.
    • Danny’s biological mother was Creola Jones who insisted Little Richard adopt her son.
    • His biological father died in 1982.
    • Danny is a musician.

    Danny Jones Penniman’s Age And Early Life

    Danny was born to his biological parents in the year 1970 in the United States of America. As of 2024, he is 54 years of age.

    Talking about his early life, he grew up together with his six sisters and three brothers in his hometown. It was 1982 when his father, unfortunately, passed away. After that, for the next couple of years, Danny alongside his bunches of siblings was single-handedly raised by his mom until his adoption in 1984.

    Is Danny Jones White? His Ethnicity

    As far as the media is informed, Danny is not white instead he belongs to the Afro-American race. His picture is highly misprinted with other people’s faces with white skin so there has been confusion if he is white but it isn’t true.

    Danny Was Adopted By Little Richard When He Was 14

    In the year 1984, Danny was adopted by the Tutti Frutti singer without any paperwork. Soon after his adoption, he went on to live with his foster father in his two-room suite in Hyatt. He accompanied his dad Little for the next 36 years until his death in 2020.

    Danny was 14 when he was adopted
    Young Danny with his father Little Richard. Source: The Vintage News

    After his father passed away, Penniman opened up about his late dad’s parenting style. In an exclusive talk with Rollingstone, he said,

     “Parenting for him was: He would say something to you, and you had to figure it out,”  ‘You control the money, don’t let the money control you.’ As a kid, you don’t really know what that means, but as life goes on, you figure it out.”

    Throughout his teenage years, Danny was greatly influenced by his musician dad’s notions of life which has really helped him to move forward in his absence as well.

    Danny Jones Penniman’s Mother Urged Little Richard To Adopt Her Son; Who Is His Mom?

    His biological mother is Creola Jones. At the time when she met the Good Golly Miss Molly singer, she was a South Central Los Angeles resident and was a single mother to many children.

    While visiting the church, Danny’s mom developed a good relationship with Richard and after that, the late singer started having regular visits to her house. During that time, Danny’s mom asked Richard if he could take her son Danny with him. Regarding this matter, Danny once said,

    I had six sisters and three brothers, living in a poor neighborhood, doing whatever. My mom asked him (Richard): Could he take care of me?

    The star kid further elaborated on the reason why his mom did this. He added,

     Because she didn’t want me turning out like the rest of my -sisters and brothers, and he agreed to it.”

    Danny was the only child of Flamboyant singer-instrumentalist Richard. Though his daddy was married once to his wife Ernestine Harvin, he never had his own child.

    His Adoptive Father Passed Away In 2020

    On May 9, 2020, his dad Richard left the living world. The pianist died at the age of 87 at his residence in Tullahoma, Tennessee. The reason behind his death is said to be bone cancer. It was Danny himself who confirmed his dad’s death to Rolling Stone.

    What Does Little Richard’s Son, Danny Jones Penniman Do?

    Danny is a musician like his late father. Since his adoption, Danny used to join his dad on his musical tours and has worked in the music field but his solo music hasn’t arisen in the mainstream.

    Danny followed the footsteps of his father
    Danny’s father Little Richard while performing. Source: Gaye magazine

    Is Danny Jones Penniman Married To A Wife?

    Since Danny has kept his personal life private, his marital status is unavailable in the media. Further, his absence on social media handles like Facebook and Instagram has made it more difficult to know about his family life.

    However, if his age is taken into consideration, there’s a high possibility that he could be a married man.

    Danny Jones Once Had A Hernia Operation

    As a teenager, Danny underwent a Hernia operation and was faking being absolutely weak. Reminiscing the time, Danny stated that his dad, Richard suspected him of amplifying his sickness and decided to find out his lie. So, The Girl Can’t Help singer called Danny to the front desk and said to him,

    Hey, there’s some girl downstairs to meet you

    Believing his dad’s words, he rushed towards the place really quickly and nobody was there. Returning to his father, he noticed his dad found out his lies. Regarding the matter, the star kid stated,

    I come back up, and he’s just looking at me, shaking his head. I was like, ‘Wow, he got me once again!’ ”

    From this, it can be said that the father and son really used to get along well with each other.

    Where Is Danny Jones Penniman Now?

    He used to reside with his late father Richard in his 7-bedroom, 6-bathroom, 6,209-square-foot hilltop estate in Lynchburg, Tennesse. But in May 2023, the home was taken for sale so, Penniman must have moved to a new place.

    What Is Danny’s Net Worth?

    He is reported to have a net worth between $3 million in 2023. The major portion of his wealth is from the money he inherited from his late dad. His father was a multimillionaire with a net fortune of $40 million at the time of his death in 2020.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Danny Jones Penniman
    Popular Name Danny
    Birth Place United States
    Birthday 1970
    Age 54 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Afro-American
    Father Little Richard (adoptive father)
    Mother Creola Jones
    Siblings 6 sisters and 3 brothers
    Profession Musician
    Net Worth $3 million
    Height 5 feet 9 inches
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight