Is Crip Mac Still In Prison or Out? His Real Name, Age, Height, Girlfriend

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    Crip Mac is an American rapper, most well-known for his rap tracks 55th Street & Keep It 55th Street. He rose to fame after he released the tracks. He basically gained fame through YouTube and Spotify where he has hundreds of thousands of streams.

    Besides being a rapper, Crip Mac makes headlines for frequent fights and arrests. As a matter of fact, he was recently attacked and beaten severely. It became viral after he posted it on Facebook. Meanwhile, the rapper was later arrested for alleged possession of drugs and he was jailed subsequently.

    Crip Mac has numerous fans on social media who are curious about his personal life along with his career. So, in today’s section, we are discussing Mac’s birthday, real name, age, height, and many other things. So, without any further ado, let’s jump in.

    Crip Mac’s Age – How Old is the 55th Street Rapper?

    Crip Mac was born in Los Angeles, California on February 20, 1993. As far as his age is concerned, Crip is 31 years old in 2024. Even though there aren’t many details about his birth and age on the internet, the rapper revealed that he turned 28 on 20th February 2021, in a podcast with No Jumper.

    Regarding his parents, Crip hasn’t talked anything about them publicly. Besides, he once revealed that his mother lives in Texas with his boyfriend. Mac said he once lived in Texas with his mother where he also studied high school even though he didn’t graduate.

    Crip Mac is a Los Angeles native rapper
    Rapper Crip Mac was born and raised in Los Angeles

    He hasn’t talked about his father, however, he mentioned that his mother had a number of boyfriends one after another while he was with her in Texas.

    What is Crip Mac’s Real Name?

    To date, Crip Mac’s real name is a mystery. Ever since he rose to fame, Mac has been going by this name in the media, so there is no clue about his real name.

    Meanwhile, a number of online sources have mentioned Mac’s real name to be Bryaan Ross, which is not the truth. In fact, Bryaan is another American rapper who is popularly known as CJ Mac. Since both rappers have Mac in their aliases, people often consider the two a single person.

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    CJ Mac is a 58-year-old rapper based in LA. He is famously known for his third album, Platinum Game which peaked at 77 Top R&B/Hip-hop albums.

    Crip Mac’s Height – How Tall Is He?

    Mac’s fans seem pretty curious to know how tall he is. Well, he is a tall guy and certainly stands over 6 ft. A lot of online sites have mentioned Crip’s height as 6 ft. which consider is the correct measurement. Having said that, Crip hasn’t officially talked about his height to date.

    Crip Mac’s Net Worth

    He is a rising rapper and a budding Instagram star. He has a lot to achieve in his musical career, however, he has already achieved a milestone financially. As of 2024, rapper Mac’s net worth is estimated at $1 million.

    Unfortunately, there aren’t any details about his properties and real estate as of now.

    Why was Crip Mac Jailed? Is He Out Yet?

    In mid-2022, Crip Mac was arrested over alleged possession of drugs and weapons. And the rapper was jailed subsequently. Well, after serving in prison for months, the rapper Crip is FINALLY OUT OF THE PRISON!!

    Read the full story of his release here. Following his release, a few video clips went viral where he can be seen more than excited to meet his close ones.

    Besides, Mac has also served in jail a couple of times previously.

    Crip’s Girlfriend & Wedding Plans

    Well, he was in a relationship with his day-to-day manager and his girlfriend Lupe. Back in May 2022, during a podcast with No Jumper, he even revealed that he was planning to get married to his then-partner Lupe. But unfortunately, the former couple seems to have broken up.

    Here is the clip:

    In his recent conversation, he clearly stated that he is no longer together with her partner. He said that he broke up with his now ex-girlfriend Lupe after a fight over his dirty room.

    Where Does Mac Live Now?

    He lives on 55th St in South Central, Los Angeles, California. He often shares about his residency and unusual activities around the area.

    What Happened to Crip Mack?

    In December 2023, YouTuber & rapper, Crip got arrested on federal gun charges in LA County. He was later held on pretrial detention. One of California’s defense attorneys Curtis Briggs said about his possible sentence,

    The worst case is he gets folded into a larger gang conspiracy and RICO case involving murders. In that case, it’s likely life in prison.

    He further said if the rapper just continues facing the gun charges,

    it’s possible, depending on the specific facts of his case, he could do 10 years. It depends on various individual factors

    Here is the clip of defense attorney Michael Freedman to discuss Crip Mac’s case


    Quick Facts
    Full Name Crip Mac
    Popular Name Crip Mac
    Birth Place California
    Birthday February 20, 1993
    Age 31 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity African American
    Profession Rapper
    Net Worth $1 million
    Height 6 ft
    Relationship Status Committed