CoryXKenshin’s Married Life A Mystery? Find Out His Wife, Girlfriends & Relationship History

December 5, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    CoryxKenshin is a YouTuber with over 17 million subscribers on his channel. The man has managed to gather a hoard of fans in a very short period of time. But, have you ever wondered who’s managed to take over his heart? A few of his fans believe that Cory is a married man. In fact, they think he’s been keeping his wife a secret all this time – what is the truth behind this?

    Additionally, want to know further details on your favorite gamer’s love life and relationship history? If yes, read the article given below.

    Debunking The Mystery Of CoryXKenshin’s Married Life

    Not to disappoint his followers, but Cory DeVante Williams (aka, CoryxKenshin) isn’t married. We do not understand where the rumors came from; perhaps, some of his crazy fans were behind the idea.

    Nevertheless, the truth stands – he isn’t married and does not plan on marrying anytime soon.

    CoryxKenshin is in a committed relationship with his YouTube channel
    The YouTuber enjoying his life as a single man.

    After he hit 10 million subscribers, he took a break for a while from YouTube. This, in turn, led to a lot of suspicion. While some believed he took his time to graduate from college, others thought he exchanged vows in secret.

    Furthermore, we do not know what he was up to back then. On the other hand, we do know for a fact that he did not even have a girlfriend (that we knew of).

    His Devoted Fan Has A Page with The Username, @Mrs.Kenshin On Instagram

    Since September 2020, an Instagram page with the username, @Mrs.Kenshin has been active. The name might be confusing for some. However, it is to be noted that the page belongs to one of Kenshin’s devoted fans.

    The bio also clarifies it; it states, “@coryxkenshin fan page, I AM NOT @coryxkenshin”. Moreover, they’ve also stated that they’ve been watching his videos since he had 2 million subscribers.

    What Is DeVante Williams’s Relationship Status In 2023?

    Presently, Williams is presumably enjoying his single life. Recently, he hasn’t posted any girl on any of his social media pages. Not that he ever used to before, but we’d hoped a few pictures could at least lead us to a potential romantic partner, a hookup, or someone he’s casually seeing. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with Cory.

    Cory DeVante loves his channel more than anything
    X with one of his fans

    Even if he was meeting new people and going out on dates, we wouldn’t be able to give you any legitimate information. As you can already guess, the man is very protective when it comes to his dating life; he hardly shares any details on the topic.

    Additionally, he’s revealed during interviews that he has been giving his full time and energy to YouTube at the moment. So, there’s a high chance he does not have time to date currently as well.

    The YouTuber Is Committed To One Of His Gaming Characters

    X might not be dating someone in real life, but he sure is in love with one of his gaming characters.

    Some time back, he playfully addressed the character of Starfire as his “in-game wife”. In the video that he posted, he also joked about her being his “new bae”. Not only this but Kenshin also warned his viewers that no one else could have her.

    Details On CoryXKenshin’s Relationship History

    To address a few queries, CoryxKenshin uploaded a video back in October 2015 with the title, Has Cory Ever Kissed A Girl? In the video, he answered the questions his fans asked him surrounding the idea of his dating life/history.

    Cory revealed that he was once in a committed relationship. He did not, however, reveal who the girl was but he said that they’d shared a special kiss.

    In addition to this, in April 2019, he posted a video titled, I have been keeping a secret from you all. Fans were intrigued and excited to see what it was. Surprisingly, it was about a girl again. He stated that the two of them met when he was in California. Moreover, the pair also FaceTimed each other and would talk for hours till late at night. Unfortunately, the girl wasn’t very fond of his career on YouTube.

    Reportedly, DeVante has revealed that he wants someone who isn’t as familiar with his channel as everyone else is. This can pose a challenge for him to find a lover in the future.

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