Corinthians Player Set On Fire During Paulista Trophy Celebration

January 31, 2024   | February 8, 2024  | 

    It’s good to celebrate after a victory you should celebrate, no matter what. However, something bizarre happened all the way down in Brazil, when one of its soccer clubs Corinthians avoided a major mishap. So this year’s Paulista Championship was won by Ronaldo’s Corinthians after they defeated Santos.

    During the trophy presentation ceremony, the players all gathered around and celebrated the win with their fans all around the stadium. Obviously, there were fireworks and confetti all around, which makes up for a dangerous combination. And that is precisely what happened.

    While the team celebrated, streamers were then fired off toward every player, and given that these are made up of paper, you can guess what happens next. A giant flame caught Corinthian’s captain, William. Thankfully, everyone worked together and pulled all the streamers off of him, resulting in saving him from being burned alive.

    The legendary R9, talked about the incident to the media and said,

    “It was obvious that it was going to catch fire. They should have thought of something better. William could have been burned and, instead of celebrating, we could now be visiting him in hospital.”

    The player also mentioned, “I lament the disorganisation.”

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