Connor Bird, Larry Bird’s Son: Where Is He Now?

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    Connor Bird is famously known as the adoptive child of former NBA player Larry Bird. Although the ex-small forward was trying to give a decent life to Connor, the outcome was unbelievable. The celebrity child has had a couple of criminal records on his head.

    This article contains lots of interesting facts that might give you goosebumps once or twice. So let’s get started to unravel everything about Larry’s adoptive son Connor Bird in detail.

    Key Takeaways

    • Connor is the adoptive child of ex-NBA player Larry Bird.
    • He was allegedly arrested for running over his former girlfriend.
    • Connor is reportedly getting married in December of 2023.
    • Connor loved watching NBA matches while growing up.
    • Bird didn’t choose basketball as his profession.
    • As of 2023, he is 32 years old.

    Connor Bird Spent Most Of His Early Life In Naples

    Born on 2nd July 1991, Connor was adopted by the former coach Larry and his wife Dinah Mattingly. After leaving the Celtics, the ex-NBA player and his wife for some time moved to Naples, Florida, where Connor spent his formal years.

    Connor Bird at his young days
    A Young Connor Bird with his parents.

    In his early days, he used to spend most of the evenings watching Miami Heat games alongside his dad. Talking about his age, he is 31 years old as of 2023. Besides, he attended Indiana University, his dad’s alma mater.

    Connor Bird Has Two Siblings

    He has two sisters, Corrie Bird, and an adopted sister, Mariah Bird. Both of his sisters are now grown-ups. Did you know that, unlike the adopted children, Larry gave the least attention to his biological daughter Corrie?

    She was born from Larry’s first marital relationship with Janet Condra. By the time their daughter was born, Connor’s dad was in a relationship with his now-second wife Dinah. For some time, Larry refused to be present in his own daughter’s life and even asked for a paternity test.

    The result came after Corrie was born and indeed Larry was the real father. Many years later, he decided to support his daughter, at least financially.

    Connor Bird's sister Mariah Bird and their father Larry Bird
    Connor Bird’s sister Mariah Bird with their legendary NBA player dad Larry.

    Besides, talking about Larry’s adopted daughter, Mariah, she is doing great in her professional life. She once worked as a real estate agent. After graduating from Indiana University Bloomington with a degree in Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management, Connor’s sister began working as an intern with PS&E (Pacers Sports & Entertainment).

    Eventually, Corrie joined PS&E as an event coordinator and special projects coordinator and now she is working as the manager of Event Activations and Venues at the organization.

    Connor Bird Has Been Arrested Multiple Times, Once For Nearly Killing His Girlfriend

    Back in Feb 2013, Larry’s only son was arrested at Indiana University after he reportedly made an attempt to run over his former girlfriend with his car in Bloomington.

    As per CBSNews, Connor purportedly run over his ex-girlfriend with his Dodge Charger in the Indiana Memorial Stadium parking lot. University police chief Keith Cash acted as the witness and reported that the then-21-year-old star kid was charged with “intimidation with a deadly weapon, battery with injury, criminal mischief, and marijuana possession.”

    Connor Was Found Guilty But Was Given a Chance to Redeem Himself

    Some times later, Connor was found guilty and he was indicted with three different crimes: possession of around 30 grams of marijuana, criminal recklessness with a vehicle, and battery for allegedly hitting the 20-year-old woman’s wrist with a smartphone.

    In 2014, Connor pled guilty to the misdemeanor criminal recklessness charge. The plea was part of a deal set by the court which saw all the charges that were put upon him dropped.

    Though he was found guilty of a Class A misdemeanor charge giving him a $5000 fine and a year in prison, the court gave Bird a chance to fix his life and deferred his sentencing for 12 months, given he fulfilled all the conditions maintained by the court.

    The conditions were:

    i) He will not commit any criminal offense, whatsoever.

    ii) Participate in a mentorship program.

    iii) Finish the course and show proof of completion.

    iv) Do not use any type of mood-controlled substances like alcohol.

    v) Don’t have any firearms in possession.

    Prior to his well-known criminal charges, he had a run-in with the law back in 2011. At the time, he was charged with illegal consumption of alcohol. Well, the incident wasn’t much of chaos and it was solved at Monroe County’s pre-trial diversion program.

    Connor Showed Interest in Basketball At a Young Age

    As we all know, the professional Basketball player rarely speaks about his personal matter. But, we can find several facets of his personal life in the book, ‘When The Game Was Ours’. The journal was about how Larry’s son showed an interest in Basketball.

    Connor Bird's father Larry Bird
    Connor Bird’s profession is unknown yet.

    As per the ex-Celtics small forward, at a very young age, Conner wouldn’t let his parents sleep till midnight during the Olympic Games. Those days, he was fond of jumping on the leather couches. Nonetheless, Larry’s son loved NBA and his dad’s team, Indiana Pacers a lot.

    Did Connor Choose Basketball As A Profession?

    As mentioned above, Conner had a great passion for basketball at an early age. However, he never made it into the NBA, just like his veteran dad. Though he was interested in sports, it looks like his attention went elsewhere as he grew older.

    Connor Once Made His Dad Larry Jealous of Michael Jordan

    Many of you might not know this but in the April 1998 edition of Indianapolis Monthly, Larry mentioned a story regarding his son’s affinity towards MJ.

    Larry said that one time when Connor was still young, he pestered him to buy the cereal with Jordan’s picture in it. Larry then thought to himself, ‘Didn’t Connor know that Dad used to rain threes down on Michael’s bald pate?’

    Connor Bird Is Living a Private Life Now

    Connor has been living a private life ever since 2014. His media presence was only seen until his second hearing in mid-2014. Since then, there isn’t even a single update about his whereabouts, neither in the real world nor in the online world.

    Similarly, Bird doesn’t seem to use any social media platform. Therefore, the mystery of his current status remains elusive till now.

    Connor Bird Wedding: Is He Planning To Get Married?

    There are several rumors of Connor getting married to his alleged girlfriend Andrew Gonzalez. As per the sources, their wedding ceremony is registered on December 16, 2023. However, the news is totally false.

    Actually, Connor Bird is married to Alyssa Bird (nee Elkins) according to his Facebook profile. They reportedly exchanged vows on June 8, 2022.

    Connor Bird with his child
    Connor Bird is now the father of one

    Together with his wife Alyssa, Connor is a father of a son. On June 15, 2023, he shared a picture of himself alongside his child.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Connor Bird
    Birthday July 1991
    Age 32 years
    Zodiac Cancer
    Nationality American
    Father Larry Bird
    Mother Dinah Mattingly
    Siblings Two half-siblings, Corrie Bird & Mariah Bird
    College Indiana University
    Net Worth $50,000
    Eye Color Light Brown
    Hair Color Light green
    Sexuality Male
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Alyssa Bird
    Children 1