Cole Walliser’s Parents, Ethnicity, Wife, Net Worth; Full Bio

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    Cole Walliser is your guy if you want to make an awesome music video. Even great artists like Miley Cyrus, P!nk, and Katy Perry rely on him. So, how come he has such exceptional filmmaking skills? Surprisingly, the guy never really went to film school!

    Besides, his unique facial feature makes one wonder if he is Asian; but what kind? You will have all the answers you’ve sought in the article below. From his family background and love life to his net worth- read the following details here.

    Cole Walliser’s Parents Come From A Different Background

    Walliser was born on 15th July 1981 to his second-generation Chinese mother and Caucasian dad. His parents, Glenda Walliser and Bill Cornish welcomed him in their home in the suburbs of Stevenson in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    Filmmaker, Cole Walliser is half-Chinese and half-Caucasian
    A beautiful picture of Cole with his mom, Glenda

    His mother, Glenda was born and raised in Canada. Cole revealed that it was his great-grandparents who moved to the nation a long time back. Currently, his mom works in fashion and has her own brand, Bon Retour.

    He shares a special bond with both of his parents. He also often features them on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

    What Is Cole Walliser’s Ethnicity?

    Since his mom and dad belong to different ethnical backgrounds, Cole also has a mixed heritage. But there’s more to where he actually comes from. With the curiosity to know more about his lineage, Walliser had done a DNA test in 2017. After the test, he told Hapa Mag that he is “half-Chinese and half-German/Swiss, which is sorta my rote answer.”

    He continued,

    “I actually did a DNA test maybe last year, and I found out I am 6% Thai and Indonesian and then 6% Balkan, which is Greek/Romanian/Bulgarian. So I have a little bit of extra stuff, which might explain my crazy curly hair. Which I think is unique, but that’s my DNA makeup.”

    He Learned About His Chinese Heritage On His Own

    Growing up away from your roots can be a lot more challenging than we might think – even the filmmaker can agree on this! He grew up miles away from China and never got to learn much about his rich culture as a child. Since his mother was a second-generation migrant, and him being the third, Chinese heritage was like a mystery to them.

    Nevertheless, he was determined to know more. Hence, he read about his culture on his own. Eventually, Cole also understood the importance of “representation.” He once expressed,

    “I definitely look forward to putting Asian-Americans, mixed-race people, and just having proper representation in my work. I think that is a really exciting thing because it is a tangible difference that I think I can contribute to.”

    He further added that the mixed representation can enable the younger generation to “see people like them finding success” in doing “something cool and making art”. Moreover, his love for his heritage grew even fonder as he moved to LA to begin his professional journey.

    Cole Grew Up With An Older Sister; Who Is She?

    He wasn’t the only one with the unique genes in the family. As a matter of fact, Walliser has an older sister, Richelle Krista. Like their dad, Richelle likes to maintain a low profile of herself.

    Sources say, Richelle is now married and has a son.

    From Psychology To Filming; Cole Walliser’s Journey As A Filmmaker

    He was extremely creative from a very young age. At 14, Walliser picked up a camera for the first time in his life. Initially, he enjoyed making skateboarding videos with his friends as a hobby. This, however, faded away after he joined psychology in college; the University of British Columbia is his alma mater.

    Nonetheless, after graduation, he found his true purpose in life. Without a degree in filmmaking, he moved to LA, California in 2005. His connections with a few dancers helped him well in the beginning. Later on, he landed on his first major project with Miley Cyrus in 2008. In due course, he became quite popular in the entertainment industry.

    By far, his most prominent works have to be P!nk’s documentary, Life On Tour with P!nk, along with a few of her music videos. He frequently collaborates with Mercedes-Benz and Lexus for marketing as well. Currently, he is even exploring a career on screen – Cole is a judge at Exposure, a photography competition show on Hulu.


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    Keeping all that aside, he is best known as the King of Slowmotion because of GlamBOT. Partnered with E! Entertainment, Walliser clicks gorgeous slow-motion videos of celebrities on the red carpet. This has gotten him famous since 2016.

    Cole Is A Mental Health Advocate And A Businessman Too

    Having studied psychology in college, he understands the importance of a sound mind for a happy life. We can often see him advocating for mental health through his social media handles. Over everything, he goes to therapy too.

    After drinking coffee for the first time in 2016, he was inspired to get involved in business. Subsequently, he opened up his very own coffee company, Cafe Colione. It is a cost-effective shipping company that delivers the best coffee to your doorsteps. At present, his company is well-known across all 50 states of America and in the UK, France, and Canada.

    Is Cole Married? His Love Life

    At present, Walliser isn’t married. But, in the past, the avid photographer was rumored to be in a relationship with the late Canadian Bikini Champion, Karen Pang.

    The rumors were fueled by the director’s comment in one of the posts made by Pang on her Instagram. It was back in 2021, when she had just passed away on 27th March due to a deadly snowmobile accident. To state the obvious, he was just trying to express his sympathy towards her untimely demise; there were no other intentions whatsoever.

    Walliser was rumored to be dating the Bikini Champion, Karen Pang
    The late model, Karen – she passed away in 2021 due to a snowmobile accident

    They, in fact, met with the help of a mutual friend. All in all, he was quite close to her but they were never in a relationship.

    How Much Is Cole Walliser’s Net Worth?

    The music video director has a huge net worth of $5 million in 2024. Not only did he become rich because of a celebrated career in filmmaking, but because of his other ventures as well.

    Cole Walliser is best known for his slow motion videos on red carpet events
    The director of GlamBOT all set with a pose

    Furthermore, he is currently living a well-settled life in Santa Monica, California.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Cole Walliser
    Popular Name Cole Walliser
    Birth Place Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    Birthday July 15, 1981
    Zodiac Cancer
    Nationality Canadian
    Ethnicity Chinese-Caucasian
    Father Bill Cornish
    Mother Glenda Walliser
    Siblings Richelle Krista
    College University of British Columbia
    Profession Filmmaker & Music Video Director
    Net Worth $5 million
    Height 5 ft. 10 inches
    Weight 75 kg
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Relationship Status Single