Meet Henry Golding’s Father Clive Golding: Facts You Didn’t Know

November 24, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Clive Golding is the father of the well-known Crazy Rich Asian lead, Henry Golding. There is not much known about the dad of this famous actor however we have brought to you the details of the life that Golding’s father has lived until today. We will also dig into the relationship between this father-son duo.

    Henry Golding’s Father, Clive Golding Is A Russian Man

    Clive Golding is the father of one of the most popular artists, Henry Golding. Henry was born in Russia and is of English descent. The details about his exact birth and his parents are private as Henry has lived a secretive life all these years.

    Clive Golding comes from Russia
    Henry’s dad, Clive is a former engineer and military member. Source: Instagram

    Moreover, he is also not very active on social media but according to the pictures his son posts on his accounts, he seems to be in his early 70s at present.

    Clive Served In The Military

    In his early days, Golding was in the military service. He used to be an active member of the English military service.

    Alongside the military, Clive had also completed his engineering degree. He also worked as a mechanical post his military time.

    Golding Settled Down As A Helicopter Engineer in Surrey

    After completing his service in the military, Clive started a new career through his engineering degree. He established himself as a Helicopter Engineer in a different state, Surrey, England.

    He worked in this prestigious position for quite a long time. As of today, he seems to be all ready to retire and put an end to his professional life.

    How Did Henry’s Mom and Dad Meet?

    Clive used to travel countries to countries quite often. During one of his vacations to Brunei, he met the love of his life, Margaret Likan Golding. They instantly clicked and fell in love with each other.

    Clive with his wife Margaret bathing in a pond
    Clive has been married to his wife Margaret for several years. Source: Instagram

    The couple dated for a few years and decided to get married. There is no accurate detail about their wedding day but it is sure that as of 2023, they have been married for more than 4 decades.

    The Duo Lived In Malaysia In The Initial Years Of Their Marriage

    The couple moved to Terengganu after a few years of their marriage. They resided there for more than five years after which the duo decided to shift to Surrey, England. Henry was eight years old when the family decided to settle down in England.

    In Surrey, Clive settled down professionally as a helicopter engineer.

    They Together Gave Birth To Three Children

    Soon after their marriage, Clive along with his wife gave birth to their first child, daughter Jessica Bray. After Jessica, the Golding couple birthed their second child, son Ed Golding.

    Following this, the youngest Henry Golding was born.

    Clive’s Youngest Child, Henry Is The Most Famous One In The Family

    Among all of the three children of the Golding family, the youngest Henry is in his mid-30s and the most successful today. He completed his formal education in England and worked for a few years as a hairdresser. As soon as he turned 21, he decided to move to Kuala Lumpur to start his acting career.

    After years of struggle and hard work, Henry has settled as a very popular actor with his prominent role in shows like Crazy Rich Asians and Snake Eyes. With this, he has also been working as a television presenter on BBC’s The Travel Show for nearly ten years now.

    In contrast to Henry, his elder brother is a professional photographer in England. His elder sister, Jessica is married and lives a secretive life.

    Clive Is Grandfather To Four Grandchildren At Present

    Two of Golding’s children are married and are living a family life. His eldest daughter, Jessica is the mother of two but we do not know the identities of her children. Similarly, Henry and his wife, Liv Lo also gave birth to two daughters, Lyla and Florence.

    Clive Golding with his son Henry and granddaughter, Lyla.
    Clive with his son, Henry Golding, and granddaughter Lyla. Source: Instagram

    Today, Clive Golding has four grandchildren. He is often seen hanging out with his granddaughters and seems to be a very loving and caring father as well as grandpa.

    Where Does Clive Golding Live Now?

    He traveled all around the world before settling down in Surrey, England. Despite this, he is seen in his son’s house located in Venice Beach, California.

    Golding is living a very active and happy life with his long-term wife and his family.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Clive Golding
    Birth Place Russia
    Nationality Russian
    Ethnicity English
    Profession Mechanical Engineer
    Height 6 feet 2 inches
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Brown
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Margaret Likan Golding
    Children Jessica Golding, Ed Golding, Henry Golding