Where is Cissy Lynn Now? All About Loretta Lynn’s Daughter

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    Cissy Lynn is famously known as the daughter of the late singer, Loretta Lynn and her hubby, Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn. She is one among the 6 children the couple shared in the course of their 5-decade-long marriage. So, keeping her siblings aside, who is Cissy? And, what is Lynn up to with her life? In this article, we bring you everything that is to know about Loretta Lynn’s darling daughter.

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    Key Takeaways:

    • Lynn was born, Clara Marie Lynn on 7th April 1952. Her parents, Loretta Lynn and Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn welcomed her into their home in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.
    • She is now a manager at Loretta Lynn Ranch.
    • She grew up with 5 siblings – Betty Sue, Jack Benny, Ernest Ray, Peggy Jean, and Patsy Eileen. Betty and Jack have already passed away.
    • Lynn is also fond of country music and has released a number of albums with the help of her husband and mother.
    • She is happily married to her partner, John Beams. Previously, the star kid was married to Garry Lyell and had a daughter named Elizabeth Lyell Braun.
    • Her father died in 1996 due to diabetes and heart failure, while her mother passed away in 2022 at the age of 90.
    • She has a net worth of $1.5 million.

    What is Cissy Lynn Doing Now?

    Lynn is currently a manager at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, an Event Venue, Campgrounds, and Tourism Destination. She began her managerial work in the organization in March 2012 and has since been working for it.

    Clara, aka Cissy is the daughter of Loretta Lynn and is also a singer
    A current picture of the daughter of the country music star

    At present, Lynn resides in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, United States.

    Who Were Cissy Lynn’s Parents?

    Born in 1952, Clara Marie Lynn is the daughter of I’m a Honky Tonk Girl singer, Loretta Lynn and her partner, Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn.

    Sadly, both of her parents have already passed away. Starting with her father, the esteemed talent manager died on 22nd August 1996. According to the sources, he died due to diabetes-related issues and heart failure. Sadly enough, his demise took place just 5 days before his 70th birthday.

    Cissy Lynn's parents, Loretta and Oliver
    The late Mr. and Mrs. Lynn

    On the other hand, Cissy’s mother passed away on 4th October 2022 at the age of 90. She died peacefully in her sleep after struggling with a number of health problems.

    Presently, Clara Lynn’s mother and father have been buried right next to each other on Loretta’s Hurricane Mills ranch.

    Clara’s Mother Struggled Alone To Help Her Children Grow

    Ever since she was a young girl, Clara saw both of her parents working hard in showbiz. While her mother, Loretta was a famed country singer/songwriter, her father was a talent manager. However, this came with a price – her dad was mostly absent throughout her childhood.

    Over and above this, Oliver also cheated on his wife multiple times during the course of their marriage. Not only this but Mr. Doolittle also did not visit Clara’s mother when she was suffering a miscarriage before the birth of her brother, Ernest Ray.

    As such, there are numerous other reasons why Loretta Lynn helped raise all 6 of her children by herself. And, we can all agree that she did a fantastic job as a mother!

    She Grew Up With 5 Siblings

    Cissy grew up in her home in Tennessee with 5 of her siblings – 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Her eldest sister, Betty Sue Lynn was born on 26th November 1948. Sadly, she met an untimely death on 29th July 2013.

    At that time, she was only 64 years old. Furthermore, as reports confirm, the cause of her death was emphysema.

    Country music singer, Loretta with her kids, including her daughter, Cissy
    Clara Marie with her 3 siblings and mother, Loretta Lynn

    Likewise, Jack Benny Lynn was her brother. He was born on 7th December 1949. Unfortunately, like Betty, Jack also died at a very young age. At the age of 34, on 24th July 1984, he passed away after drowning in the Duck River in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

    Moreover, the rest of her siblings are alive and well to this date. Her other brother, Ernest Ray Lynn born on 27th May 1951 is 72 years old as of 2023. He lives with his wife, Crystal Lynn on his late mother’s ranch in Hurricane Mills.

    Similarly, Clara Marie is the elder sister of her twin sisters, Peggy Jean and Patsy Eileen, born on 6th August 1964.

    How Old is Cissy Lynn in 2023?  

    Grew up in her hometown of Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, Lynn is now 71 years old. Just for a fact, Cissy attended Waverly Central High School in Waverly, Tennessee

    Is Cissy Also Into Country Music?

    Yes, just like her mother, Lynn is also a country music enthusiast. Although she is not as famous as her mother once was, Clara sure made an impression in the musical world.

    Moreover, her love for country music began at a very young age. With that being said, Lynn made contributions to her mother’s work since she was little. Eventually, she was able to establish a career of her own in the world of country music.

    Cissy and her mother, Loretta Lynn during an interview
    The perfect mother-daughter duo!

    Additionally, Lynn has released a couple of albums. The Daughter of the Coal Miner’s Daughter is one of her albums that became a massive hit. The album consists of 9 songs in total, among which Memories Get in the Way, Letter to Loretta, and Boomerang are the most loved ones.

    Her Collaboration With Her Hubby

    Cissy has also worked on a few albums with her husband. Together, the husband-wife duo have released albums produced by Loretta Lynn herself. She performed with her spouse’s band The Black River Band for many years.

    Who Is Cissy Lynn Married To? Her Husband

    As of 2023, Clara “Cissy” Lynn is married to her husband, John Beams. The couple has been happily married for many years now. They had an intimate wedding ceremony, due to which it is hard to pinpoint the exact date of the nuptials.

    The late Loretta Lynn's daughter, Clara Marie
    An old picture of Lynn clad in a wedding gown

    Talking about her hubby, Beams is a singer/songwriter himself. He is a member of a local band, The Black River Band. As previously mentioned, Cissy and her partner sang and traveled a lot together in the earlier days. So, we can guess that the pair met at one of such musical performances of the local band.

    Her First Husband Was Garry Lyell

    Loretta Lynn’s daughter Cissy has married twice in her lifetime. Before she met her current partner, John, she was married to Garry Lyell. Unfortunately, her marriage with Garry lasted for only a few years. Following the split, her ex-husband married another woman.

    Cissy's daughter from her first husband, Elizabeth
    Clara Marie pictured with her mother, daughter, son-in-law, and grandson

    Interestingly enough, Cissy has a daughter with her first spouse. Elizabeth Lyell Braun is her one and only child. She is all grown up now and happily married to her husband, Chad Braun.

    How Much Is Cissy’s Net Worth In 2023?

    In 2023, Cissy Lynn is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million. Likewise, her late mother left a whopping net worth of $65 million at the hands of her 4 children after her death.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Clara Marie "Cissy" Lynn
    Popular Name Cissy Lynn
    Birth Place Hurricane Mills, Tennessee
    Birthday April 7, 1952
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Father Oliver "Doolittle" Lynn
    Mother Loretta Lynn
    Siblings Betty Sue Lynn, Jack Benny Lynn, Ernest Ray Lynn, Peggy Jean Lynn, and Patsy Eileen Lynn
    School Waverly Central High School
    Profession Singer
    Net Worth $1.5 million
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse John Beams
    Children Elizabeth Lyell Braun