Chrissie Burnett Age-All About Carol Burnett’s Sister and Her Husbands

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    Chrissie Burnett is the half-sister of the American actress and comedian Carol Burnett. The multi-faceted actress Carol gained wide fame following her appearance on the acclaimed comedy variety show The Carol Burnett Show. Not only Carol but her sister Chrissie also appeared in several episodes of the show.

    Besides being the celebrity sister, Burnett is also popular as the former wife of actor Will Hutchins. Following her divorce from Will, Chrissie went on to marry her second husband who, unfortunately, died in 2020. Did Carol’s sister have any children with her husband?

    Well, here are several unknown details about Chrissie including her improvised childhood, her current whereabouts, and more!

    Who is Carol Burnett’s, Sister Chrissie Burnett? Her Age and Early Details

    Chrissie is a former occasional actress who was born on December 12, 1944, in Los Angeles, California, USA. And her age is 78 as of 2023. She is the daughter of Ina Louise Burnett. Her late mother was a publicity writer for movie studios. Other details about her family and childhood are, nevertheless, still missing.

    As for her ethnic background, Chrissie is Caucasian and has an American nationality.

    What Is Chrissie Burnett’s Age?

    As of 2023, she is 78 years old.

    Chrissie is the Half-Sister of Carol Burnett: Details on Their Alcoholic Parents

    As mentioned Chrissie (aka Antonia Christine Burnett) is the younger half-sister of Carol Burnett. The famous actress was born on April 26, 1933, in San Antonio to Ina Louise and Joseph Thomas Burnett, a movie theater manager.

    Both of their parents were alcohol addicted and were both often unemployed thus the family had to live most of the time on welfare. In the late 1930s, Chrissie’s parents divorced, leaving them with her maternal grandmother.

    Sadly, her mother Ina died in 1957 while her father Joseph passed away three years before in 1953.

    Chrissie and Her Half-Sister Carol Were Raised By Their Maternal Grandmother

    Since both of her parents were alcoholics, Chrissie, and her older half-sister Carol were raised by their eccentric but tenacious and manipulative maternal grandmother named Mabel Eudora “Mae” Jones (1885–1967).

    After their parents’ divorce, the sister duo moved in with their grandmother in a one-room apartment near her mother in a poor area of Hollywood, California, in a boarding house. Yet, money was a big problem in the family.

    After Chrissie’s sister Carol graduated from Hollywood High in 1951, the actress went to UCLA but was so impoverished to even bear the college fee of $50 a year tuition.

    Surprisingly, one day, an envelope arrived in her apartment mailbox which was actually the money Burnett needed for her college. She said of the unknown donor,

    “I still don’t know who it was. But I got to go to UCLA.”

    She eventually studied theater and musical comedy at the college and also began to perform at nightclubs in New York City side by side. Her biggest breakthrough came when Carol appeared on Broadway in 1959 in Once Upon a Mattress. Her breakout performance in the show also earned her a Tony nomination.

    Chrissie Burnett’s Career: She Also Appeared on The Carol Burnett Show  With Her Sister

    Like her superstar sister, Burnett was also into acting in the past. She appeared on The Carol Burnett Show, a sketch comedy television show several times along with her sister Carol. She played on its three episodes from 1968 to 71.

    The show which aired on CBS from September 1967 to March 1978 had a total of 279 episodes.

    Other than that, there are no more details on her professional career or what does Chrissie do for a living now.

    Chrissie Burnett Had Been Married Twice; Who Are Her Husbands?

    Burnett was first married to an actor Will Hutchins in 1965, in a private wedding ceremony. The two dated for some time before their marriage. At the time, Chrissie and her ex-husband Will used to live in a modest two-bedroom home one block from the Sunset Strip Neighborhood in Los Angeles County.

    The two also had a daughter but the name of their daughter is yet to be revealed. As for their marriage, Burnett and her spouse couldn’t last long and they divorced in 1969.

    Burnett’s Second Husband Died in 2020

    For the second time, Chrissie went on to marry Fritz Arnold Frauchiger. The former flames tied the knot on 4th July 1976 and their wedding ceremony was held in Los Angeles County, California. At the time of their marriage, Chrissie was 31 while her late husband Fritz was 34.

    The two were together until her second husband Fritz Arnold passed away on 6th December 2020, in Palm Springs, Riverside County, California. He was 79 years old at the time of his demise.

    Besides, Chrissie also has a child with her late hubby but the details of their baby aren’t available.

    What is Chrissie Burnett’s Net Worth?

    Her fortune is about $500,000 as of 2023. On the other hand, her sister Carol has an estimated fortune of $25 million. She has earned the majority of her wealth from her acting career.

    Over the years, Burnett has worked in numerous movies and TV shows, winning several prestigious accolades including Primetime Emmy Award, a Tony Award, and a Grammy Award.

    Quick Facts About Carol’s Sister Chrissie Burnett

    • Chrissie’s age is 78 in 2023.
    • She is the half-younger sister of Carol Burnett.
    • Both of her parents were alcohol addicted.
    • She was raised by her maternal grandmother.
    • She appeared on The Carol Burnett Show a couple of times with her sister.
    • Chrissie married twice and has two children, a daughter with her actor husband Will Hutchins.
    • She is also an aunt of Carrie Hamilton.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Antonia Christine Burnett
    Popular Name Chrissie Burnett
    Birth Place Los Angeles, California
    Birthday December 12, 1944
    Age 79 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Father Joseph Thomas Burnett
    Mother Ina Louise
    Siblings Carol Burnett
    Profession Actress
    Net Worth $500,000
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Blonde
    Marital Status single
    Spouse Fritz Arnold Frauchiger and Will Hutchins
    Children Two including a daughter