Chaske Spencer Married, Wife, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Family Details

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    Chaske Spencer’s popularity as an actor has fans wondering about his personal life. Due to his mysterious nature, many want to know about his marriage life, and family. If you are one of them, you have come to the right source.

    Here, you will find all the answers regarding his personal life including details on his net worth and ethnicity.

    Key Takeaways

    • Chaske has never been married or engaged to anyone.
    • He is private about his dating life and does not share anything with the media, however, he was reported to be dating a woman named Emilee Wegner in 2012.
    • His net worth is approximately $4 million which he earned from his career as an actor.
    • Spencer has a diverse ethnic background with roots tracing back to France, Pacific Northwest, and the Netherlands.
    • Both of his parents were involved in a high school setting.
    • Chaske moved a lot during his childhood, which he shared with his two sisters.

    Is Chaske Spencer Married To A Wife?

    Chaske is currently unmarried. The 48-year-old has never tied the knot or been engaged to anyone.

    Throughout his career, he has managed to keep his love life relatively private over the years. As time goes on, further updates may shed more light on the current state of his romantic life.

    His Past Relationships

    He wasn’t single always. Back in 2012, there were reports suggesting that Chaske had a romantic relationship with a woman named Emily Wegner. Despite not mentioning that they were dating, their frequent and intimate appearances gave us the answer. By the looks of it, they were indeed dating.

    Chaske Spencer rumored girlfriend
    Chaske and his rumored girlfriend, Emilee.

    Their connection was witnessed when they appeared together at ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ New York Special Screening at Regal Union Square Theatre on June 28, 2012, in New York.

    In all of their appearances together, their intimacy was undeniable. Unfortunately, Chaske didn’t turn Emily into his wife. The supposed boyfriend and girlfriend appeared in several events together till 2015 meaning the exes might have broken up around this time.

    What Is His Net Worth?

    He is currently worth $1 million, primarily attributed to his successful career as an actor.

    Throughout his career, he has been a part of 31 movies and television shows, and he currently has three more projects in the works. To this day, his most famous works were in Twilight and The English.

    Chaske Blew Millions On Narcotics

    It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for him. During his 20s, he faced a challenging period battling substance abuse. At that time, he reportedly spent around $2 million on alcohol and drugs, which undoubtedly had a significant negative impact on his finances and personal well-being.

    He had an alcoholic father and a dysfunctional home. He first had alcohol when he was in his teenage years, and then tried drugs for the first time in his 20s.

    Chaske was a huge net worth.
    Chaske has an estimated net worth of around $4 million.

    In an interview with The Daily Illini, Spencer mentions that he had no money:

    “I lost my apartment, I lost the girl, I lost my career. The next thing I know, I was broke. I had to leave MY luxurious $3,000-per-month apartment to move to a small dirty place in eastern Brooklyn.”

    Nevertheless, he went to rehab and got sober. He now uses his platform to help others going through the same issue.

    His Ethnicity: Chaske is a Native Indian

    Chaske belongs to both the Nez Perce and Lakota tribes. His family tree includes a mix of Lakota, Nez Perce, Cherokee, Muscogee, French, and Dutch origins, highlighting the diversity and complexity of his ethnic background.

    Spencer had a well adjusted family growing up.
    Spencer grew up with two sisters.

    Moreover, through his mother’s lineage, he is officially a member of the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of Montana, specifically identifying as Lakota Sioux.

    He Is An Advocate For The Rights Of Native Americans

    Growing up with such a culturally diverse background, Spencer was raised with a strong awareness of his Native American heritage and the issues faced by Indigenous communities. This upbringing shaped him into becoming an activist, advocating for the rights and welfare of Native Americans.

    Who are Chaske’s Parents and Siblings?

    Spencer was born to his mother, Janet Youngman Spencer, and his father, Jim Spencer. His father served as a high school counselor and his mom was also a teacher.

    Besides, the Echo cast member grew up in Montana, Lapwai, and Idaho with the company of his two younger sisters, creating a close-knit family environment. The names of his sisters are Wynter Spencer and Tyger Spencer Heald. Tyger has two children named Isabelle and William.

    His Mom and Dad Worked in School

    Spencer’s mother had a diverse and accomplished career in education, beginning as a special education teacher at the Nez Perce Tribal School. She was also the Principal and Counselor at Poplar, Mont., Elementary School, and Vice Principal at Lapwai Middle School.

    Spencer's mother died at the age of 68.
    Spencer’s mother was involved in a school setting throughout her career.

    She later became Vice Principal and then Principal at Sacajawea Junior High in Lewiston, Idaho. Additionally, she was the Consulting Special Education Teacher for the Lewiston School District before retiring in 2013.

    Both Janet and Jim being educators might have influenced the way they approached parenting and education, instilling important values and principles in Chaske’s formative years. Moreover, the couple had been together for 44 years before Janet’s death.

    His Mother Died At The Age Of 68

    Chaske’s mother, Janet Youngman Spencer, passed away when she was 68 years old at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston.

    Expanding on her background, she was born on December 13, 1946, in Portland, Oregon, and her parents were Louis and Mary Youngman. Louis was born to Jacod Youngman and Skechana, and Mary was born to John Eagleman and Good Woman.

    Spencer’s Family Supported His Acting Career

    Throughout his acting journey, the Tahlequah, OK native has been fortunate to have the unwavering support and encouragement of his family. They have stood by him as he pursued his passion for acting, attending important events such as movie screenings.

    For instance, in the premiere of the Twilight Saga, his family was present to cheer him on. According to a fan present there, Chaske’s family takes pride in his accomplishments.

    He is a Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    In 2023, he was announced as a part of the web Television series, Echo, based on the character of the same name. His role in the series, however, is not mentioned yet.

    The series that is set to release in November 2023 is a spin-off of the series, Hawkeye, starring Alaqua Cox, Cody Lightning, and Zahn McClarnon.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Chaske Spencer
    Birth Place Tahlequah, Oklahoma, U.S.
    Birthday March 9, 1975
    Age 49 years
    Zodiac Pisces
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Native Indian
    Father Jim Spencer
    Mother Janet Youngman Spencer
    Siblings 2 Sisters (Wynter Spencer and Tyger Spencer Heald)
    School Clearwater Valley High School
    College Lewis Clark College
    Profession Actor
    Net Worth $1 million
    Height 6'2"
    Weight 73-76
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Relationship Status Single
    Partner Ex-Girlfriend Emily Wegner (2012-2015)
    Partner Ex-Girlfriend Emily Wegner (2012-2015)