Chad Michael Busto Arrested Again? Who Is His Wife?

September 13, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Chad Michael Busto gathered the limelight after his arrest for stalking the Poison Ivy actress Drew Barrymore in August 2023. The detention came a few days after his encounter with her during an event in New York. Seems even if he got a conditional release, he didn’t comply with that.

    So, is Buston getting arrested again? In the wake of his alleged stalking issue, many of his past criminal offenses came to light. Reportedly, he is due for court appearances in other states of the country. This led netizens to query about his whereabouts, relationship & family. Get the answers here.

    Key Takeaways

    • Chad Michael Busto was arrested on August 24, 2023, on the charge of stalking Golden Globe-winning actress Drew Barrymore.
    • The Southampton court released him on the condition that he stay away from Drew and wear a GPS for 60 days.
    • Earlier, he tried to confront Barrymore during her interview on August 21 at the 92nd Street Y in NYC, where he attempted to get to the stage.
    • Although Chad hasn’t been detained recently, a warrant for his arrest has been issued because he disobeyed the court’s order to have a GPS monitor installed.
    • Busto has only ever had fictitious relationships with famous people, referring to them as his “Future Wives” or “Soulmates” and making relationship claims.
    • Chad has a long history of offenses that include disorderly conduct and trespassing.

    Is Chad Michael Busto Arrested Again?

    Busto, who got the tag of a creepy stalker of actress & filmmaker Barrymore, is not arrested again at the moment, but it seems he will soon be. A Southampton judge issued a bench warrant against him on September 7, 2023, after he failed to comply with one of his conditions for release- to wear a GPS ankle monitor for 60 days.

    Chad Michael gave a short interview to NBC
    Chad Michael Busto, an alleged stalker of Drew Barrymore, in an interview after his release

    The Southampton police stated that he might be away from their jurisdiction, citing one of his social media posts. As reported, he was at the US Open in Flushing Meadows, Queens. But the law won’t keep him off if he breaks one, no?

    Earlier, police had arrested him for trespassing at Barrymore’s residence, but the court released him a day later, on August 25, with an order to stay away from the actress and wear a GPS monitor.

    Reason For Busto’s Arrest

    On August 24, 2023, at 11:59 p.m., police officers in Southampton arrested Chad after a 911 call from Barrymore’s neighborhood stated that a suspicious person was going door-to-door to find the talk show host’s house. Moreover, he reportedly trespassed at the actress’ $6 million farmhouse on August 23.

    Some sources alleged that he left a note at her Long Island residence that read, “I love you more than anything in this world. Please marry me.” In addition to that, police also found that he had been living in a motel nearby for almost a week.

    Is He A Stalker Of Drew Barrymore?

    There is no denying that Chad Busto is a stalker. A few days before his arrest for trespassing at Drew’s home, he had an encounter with the American actress. On August 21, 2023, Barrymore attended an event with singer and actress Renee Rapp at New York City’s 92nd Street Y.

    From the crowd, Michael interrupted their conversation as he shouted the name of ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’ actress & made an abnormal statement as he tried to get on the stage,

    “You know who I am. I need to see you at some point while I’m in New York.”

    It left Barrymore scared, so Rapp escorted her backstage. After the security had things under control, the actresses resumed the event.

    Does Chad Have A Wife?

    As far as the official records are out, it seems Busto doesn’t have a wife or has any mention of being married.

    Instead, he is seemingly in a delusional relationship with female celebrities. Busto has referred to them as his “Future Wives” or “Soulmates” and claimed to be in a relationship with them. In addition to that, he even said he had a “connection in the past” with Drew in an interview with NBS New York.

    Does He Suffer From Mental Illness?

    Many speculate that he suffers from what is known as erotomania. Erotomania is a rare condition that makes a person believe that a famous or high-status person is in love with them.

    Who Is Chad Michael Busto?

    Nothing much on Busto is out, except that he now has not-so-good recognition as a stalker of Drew Barrymore. As reported, Chad, who is 44-year-old, is a resident of Washington, D.C. Nothing much about his personal life or professional ventures is out.

    Though many doubt if it’s true, some online sources claim that he is a Columbus, Georgia-born man estranged from his family. Moreover, there are claims that Chad Michael is a software engineer who earned a computer science degree from Columbus State University in 2008.

    A Ton Of Criminal Offense Records

    Turns out he is not a first-time offender. He has been arrested a lot of times. Surprisingly, most of his cases revolve around stars. He has been doing crazy stuff since 1999, including breaking the law, resisting arrest, showing himself indecently, causing disorder, and stealing.

    Chad Michael Buston has been arrested multiple times
    Busto saw arrests a lot of times for different offenses

    One of his other heinous crimes is approaching two young girls and talking to them about the Bible at first, and then shifting the conversation to sexual acts. This took place at a bus stop near the Daniel Education Center. Luckily, there was a school security officer nearby who the girls reported to.

    He did not stop there; he was then charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. He exposed himself to people on the beach when he was under the influence of drugs.