Meet Celeste Barber family: Her Husband & Children

July 5, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Since the release of the Netflix drama Wellmania, Celeste Barber has made herself popular all over social media. Over the years she has involved her family in her comedy, which increased people’s interest to know about her husband and children.

    In this article, we will provide you with a virtual meet Celeste Barber’s Family and insights into her married life.

    Celeste Barber Family: Marriage with her Husband Api Robin

    The 40 years old media personality has been married to the love of her life, Api Robin for the past decade. Celeste married Api in the year 2013 in Bali and they have been each other’s home since then.

    Initially, the lovebirds met in a bar one night. At the time, Api was sporting a dredd lock a size of a bob cut. Nevertheless, that didn’t discourage Celeste from falling in love with the guy.

    Celeste Barber is married to her husband, Api Robin.
    Barber is married to her husband, Api Robin in 2013. Source: Instagram

    The couple recently celebrated their 10th year marriage anniversary on 10th May 2023. Both Celeste and Robin are very much appreciative of each other, mostly Barber seems much obsessed with her husband.

    Barber rarely talks about her hubby but back in 2020 she gave an interview with Australian Women’s Weekly and said,

    “He’s the most fantastic human being in the whole land. I’m just obsessed with him.”

    Celeste calls her partner Robin, a Hot Husband

    Barber has officially given the title of Hot Husband to her spouse Robin, which he has even been using as the username for his Instagram account. Celeste, a multimillionaire actress uses the hashtag #hothusband for each of the posts she uploads involving her husband.

    Many times, the comedian has said that she considers her husband way out of her league and also shared, that how she is married to a man who is universally hotter than her.

    On the other, Robin too shows affection to his better half. His Instagram feed is also full of his Barber’s pictures with many words of affirmation and support.

    About Api Robin’s Earlier Life

    The celebrity partner has been living a popular life since he has been married to Celeste. But before their marriage, he seemed to have been living a very secretive life.

    Even today, despite being all over the media thanks to his involvement with his wife, there are only a few details we know about his personal life. What we do know for sure is that he is 50 years old at the present time.

    Talking about his profession, according to a few, he works as an arborist.

    Api is often featured on his wife’s Instagram

    Despite not having proper information about Barber’s spouse’s occupation, today we often see him with his wife all over the Instagram world. He is part of every funny moment the comedian shares on her account.

    Robin is mostly seen in the #challengeaccepted videos, where she recreates several pictures from popular photoshoots of celebrities. The recreations are so hilarious that each of them gets a lot of appreciation from Celeste’s followers.

    She has nearly 10 million followers on her Instagram account most of them due to the funny materials she regularly posts there.

    Celeste Barber Has Two Children with her Husband

    Within a short time of getting married, the couple welcomed their first child Lou together on July 2nd, 2013. He is currently 10 years old. Lou looks like a carbon copy of his dad Robin.

    Two years after Lou’s birth, the couple welcomed yet another child in 2015. It was also a baby boy whom they named Buddy. He is 8 years old at the time.

    Her Children are Skeptical About their mom’s popularity

    Being children of a famous personality does not only come with financial benefits but also a few unanswered questions too. Similar is the case with Lou and Buddy.

    Celeste Barber with her husband and two sons.
    Celeste shares two biological sons with her husband, Lou (left), and Buddy(center). Source: Instagram

    To watch their mother constantly posing for half-naked pictures with weird faces might seem a bit odd to the children. When Celeste was asked how her children felt about her being so famous, she answered,

    “They just think I’m funny. I mean it’s weird when I talk around in heels and a bikini about to take a photo. My 9-year-old son’s like, ‘Isn’t that inappropriate?’ and I say, ‘Probably darling, but it’s paying off this house.”

    Celeste family has two other members

    Along with her two biological sons, Barber is also the mother to two extremely beautiful stepdaughters, who come from Robin’s previous relationship. They are Kayha and Sarah.

    Both of the daughters are already in their 30s currently. They are settled in their life and aren’t seen much on social media as their father and stepmother.

    Barber Shares A Good Bond with Her Step-daughters

    Since the very start of the relationship between Celesta and Api, she was committed to making his daughters her own. During their wedding, the couple made a very sweet effort to make the daughters feel included in the family.

    Celesta included both of them in her vows and thanked and appreciated them for making space for her in the family and also for their heart. This flourished the relationship between them.

    Barber also has two step-daughters from the previous relationship of her husband.
    Comedian Celeste is also the stepmother of two grown-up daughters, Kayah (left standing) and Sarah (left sitting). Source: Instagram

    Later the comedy artist also shared how supportive the girls are toward her,

    “They came to my show in Sydney and they were both crying. They were like, ‘We are so proud.’ It was amazing.”

    The comedy artist has a very loving and healthy family life.