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    Cameron Britton is an actor who is famous for playing Ed Kemper in the 2017 Netflix drama series, Mindhunter. The world found Britton’s portrayal of Kemper uncanny. Having said that, people often find it hard to fathom that Britton has a personal life and a wife.

    Despite the haunting character that the actor played, he is a normal family man through and through. On the contrary, many also believe that the tall actor is single and isn’t interested in ladies at all. He, furthermore, has been subjected to gay rumors for quite some years now.

    Get further acquainted with Britton’s relationship with his wife in addition to the rumors if he is gay or ever was.

    Cameron Britton Met His Wife At A Preschool

    Cameron during an interview in 2018 said he met his wife, Calith Ferrante while working as a teacher at a pre-school in 2009. She was the Californian actor’s aide at the time.

    Britton revealed it was she who asked him out. Cameron’s wife asked him to come to dinner after a handful of months.

    Cameron Britton with his wife Calith Ferrante at Arts Emmy Awards in Sep 2018
    Cameron Britton and his wife Calith Ferrante in Sep 2018. Shutterstock

    After that, Cameron and his then-future wife dated for nearly two to three weeks before splitting up.

    After breaking up with his would-be future wife, Cameron started dating another woman, an actress. This relationship however didn’t last long. Fortunately, Cameron got back with his previous girlfriend (pre-school). They reconnected via Facebook.

    Cameron says after getting back together, he and his girlfriend did about three months of casual dating; nothing serious. Following that they also had a long-term relationship for about a year when Britton went to Nashville.

    The actor returned in 2013 after which he moved in with Calith. The pair have been together since. (Ka bata return ho) yo ali clear banayara lekha hai)

    Cameron Britton Married His Wife In The Early 2010s; Their Marital Life

    Although the couple hasn’t revealed the actual date of their wedding, some sources say the two married sometime in early 2013.

    Cameron Britton with his daughter in March 2021
    The Mindhunter actor Cameron Britton and his daughter in March 2021 via Instagram. Instagram

    Cameron apparently wears his wedding ring around his neck.

    Together, they are also parents to a daughter. Cameron once said that he and his wife have a lot of differences personality-wise. The two however like the same kind of home and amenities.

    Cameron Britton Wife Helped Him Get The Role In Mindhunter

    Cameron Britton’s wife also had a bit of support in getting her husband his flagship role. For his role of Ed Kemper, Britton auditioned six times. He started with a performance video and it was his wife who recorded the footage via her iPhone. Needless to say, Britton would become an international sensation for his portrayal of Kemper receiving several accolade nominations including the Primetime Emmy.

    On a slightly different note, while Britton doesn’t talk about his wife, Ferrante as much, he appears to be completely in love with her. The six foot five inches tall actor calls her ‘angel with tattoos.’ He once stated that his spouse is someone who he ‘absolutely’ can’t live without. Ironically, however, Britton has mentioned his wife on his Instagram only once. It was when she accompanied him at the Creative Arts Emmys in 2018. Nevertheless, things are as good with the two as with normal celebrities and their spouses.

    Ferrante though did have to suffer a bit because of her husband’s acting jobs. As such in 2019, Britton told the Radio Times that during his time portraying Ed Kemper, he was worried if his on-screen character would interfere with his real life. The actor’s wife eventually did notice Cameron behaving peculiarly. While Ferrante never confirmed to Britton that Kemper was overtaking him, the actor said he did take her reaction as a signal that his character played on his mind for a while even after the end of The Mindhunter.

    Cameron Britton Gay Rumors; The Truth

    Despite being in a long-term marital relationship with his wife, Calith, Cameron Britton has also been alleged to be gay. But considering the facts above, he most certainly isn’t.

    The Mindhunter actor Cameron Britton. 1
    Cameron Britton isn’t gay. Getty

    It is unclear what prompted the rumor mill of Britton being gay but some theorize that it might have to do something with his large stature and his role as Kemper in The Mindhunter. After all, Hollywood does have plenty of big gay actors perfectly personifying dark characters.

    Britton may not have an active dating life nor a girlfriend; courtesy of his wife, but he definitely isn’t in a relationship with a man. Cameron is a family man who loves to share about his loved ones on social media accounts.