Is Caleb Janway, Chandra Janway’s Brother Alive? Where Is He?

November 23, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Caleb Janway is the brother of former model Chandra Janway. Likewise, he is the brother-in-law of the NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson. The Janway family suffered the tragic loss of three family members on June 26, 2023. Was Caleb Janway among them?

    Read the following article to find out.

    Key Takeaways

    • Caleb was born to Jack Janway and Terry Lynn Janway on May 20, 1985.
    • He lost both his parents in the murder-suicide case.
    • He grew up with three siblings, Chandra, Marinne, and Jordan Janway.

    When was Caleb Born?

    Janway was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma on May 20, 1985. As of 2024, he is Invalid or missing birthdate. years old. He was born to Jack Janway and Terry Lynn Janway.

    Considering his successful father and siblings, we think Caleb had a very prosperous childhood.

    What Happened to the Janways?

    On June 26, 2023, a tragic incident shook the Janway family. Caleb’s parents Terry Janway, Jack Janway, and his nephew Dalton were found dead by police in their Oklahoma residence.

    It is said that Terry, Caleb’s mother killed her husband and grandson before calling the police to report the gunshot and later took her own life. Hence, this is believed to be the case of murder-suicide.

    Caleb’s Father was a Chiropractor

    The Janway Chiropractic Acupuncture practice was started in Muskogee, Oklahoma, in 1983 by Jack Janway. He was a member of the American Chiropractic Association and the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture.

    Caleb grew up with Three Siblings

    Caleb was the third born among his siblings – Chandra, Marianne, and Jordan. Chandra and Jordan are popular among the public.

    Caleb’s older sister Chandra Janway

    Chandra was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, on July 16, 1978. She is the spouse of Jimmie Johnson, a NASCAR driver. The lovebirds tied the knot on December 10th, 2004, in a private ceremony. From their marriage, they share two kids, Genevieve “Geni” (born 7 July 2010) and Lydia Norris (born 6 September 2013), two beautiful daughters.

    Caleb's elder sister Chandra Janway is the wife os NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson
    Caleb’s elder sister Chandra and her spouse Jimmie.

    Speaking of her background, Chandra relocated to New York after earning a degree from the University of Oklahoma to pursue a modeling career. She is currently running SOCO Gallery, an art gallery, and SOCO Shop, an art store. Additionally, she shares ownership of Peg Norris with her business partner Barrie Benson.

    Caleb’s second older sister Marianne lost her son Dalton in the tragic incident

    Marianne has two sons, Seth Robison and Dalton who, if our sources are to be believed, are half-brothers.

    Marianne, who was born on January 27, 1983, attended Muskogee High School and moved to Carrollton, Texas for further studies. Currently, she lives in Fountain Valley, California.

    His Younger Brother Died Very Young

    Jordan, Caleb’s only brother lost his life in a skydiving accident. It was reported that Jordan crashed with one of his students and lost consciousness due to which he couldn’t open his parachute. This tragic incident took place in San Diego, California on March 30, 2014.

    Jordan was born on December 2, 1986, as the youngest member of the Janway clan. He was very passionate about skydiving.

    After graduating from Northeastern State College, Jordan moved to Chicago for basic training. Afterwards, he relocated to San Diego where he participated in US Naval Special Warfare from 2007 to 2008. This is when his enthusiasm for skydiving grew. Jordan was an excellent free-fall instructor and parachute rigger for Tactical Air Operations.

    According to his obituary, Jordan’s memorial ceremony was held on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at 5:00 PM.

    Is Caleb Alive or Dead?

    Caleb Janway is alive. Though he lost most of his family members, Caleb did not lose hope and continued to live his life. Unlike his sister, Chandra, he is not a public figure so he likes to keep his life private. Therefore, it is difficult to know about Caleb’s whereabouts.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Caleb Janway
    Birth Place Muskogee, Oklahoma
    Birthday May 20, 1985
    Age 39 years
    Nationality American
    Father Jack Janway
    Mother Terry Lynn Janway
    Siblings Chandra, Marianne, and Jordan Janway