Bella Ramsey Boyfriend, Dating, Husband, Marriage Plans

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    Lately, Bella Ramsay’s boyfriend and dating life has been the major concerns among netizens. While the English actor has never talked about her love life publicly, there has been constant curiosity regarding the matter, especially due to her close relationship with her The Last of Us co-actor Pedro Pascal which has aroused doubt among the audiences if the two are actually dating. 

    Here in this article, we will explore Bella’s current love affairs and also know the truth behind Bella and Pedro’s relationship.

    Bella Ramsay’s Boyfriend In 2023

    Well, Bella doesn’t have a boyfriend right now. The 19-year-old actor has just stepped into adulthood, so, it can be said that her time to be indulged in a relationship has just begun.

    Bella Ramsey is single
    Bella with a cute puppy. Source: Her Instagram

    However, so far, Ramsay hasn’t opened up about her relationship details in the media. On top of that, it’s been a while since Ramsay has identified herself as non-binary. At this moment, the actress is single as far as the media is informed and more occupied with her alluring career.

    Bella Ramsey’s Marriage Plans and Husband

    As mentioned above, Bella is now only 19 years old and has just begun making a buzz in the entertainment industry. So, the budding star doesn’t seem to have any wedding plans nor is finding a future partner at present.

    Rather, Ramsey is utterly focused on shaping her acting prowess up more.

    Is Bella Ramsay Dating Pedro Pascal?

    No, Bella who went through several health problems is not dating her The Last of Us co-star Pedro Pascal. Instead, they are really close friends despite the huge age gap of 30 years.

    The two developed a close bonding on the set of The Last of Us and in several interviews during the promotion of the series, Bella has accepted her love for Pascal.

    Bella Ramsay with her co-star Pedro
    Bella shares a close friendship with Pedro. Source: Her Instagram

    A few months back, when Ramsay appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show, the actress was asked about her friendship with Pedro, the brother of Nicolas. While answering the question on her relationship with Pascal, the promising star said that she loves him and she is actually missing him at the time.

    So, what made Bella so close with 30 years older co-star? In an interview with L’ Officiel USA, she said,

    I adore him (Pedro). He’s just a very safe person. I felt instantly safe with him and was so relieved that we got along.

    The Nottingham native further stated,

    I was so worried. I put so much pressure on our relationship because I knew that we had the rest of the year together, and then press, and then more seasons. The minute that I actually let go of that pressure, we just bonded. He’s the best. He’s so kind and generous and we had a lot of fun. We were like two little kids messing about.

    In the series, while Bella is in the character of Ellie, Pedro portrays a middle age survivor Joel with Anna Torv.

    Bella Ramsay Come Out As A Non-Binary

    Amidst her love-life concerns, Bella has opened up about her gender identity recently and identifies herself as a non-binary. On March 31, 2023, on Transgender Day of Visibility, posting her childhood photograph on her Twitter, Ramsay tweeted,

    Happy TDOV to this little dude! I didn’t know the word non-binary in this picture. But I knew what it meant. Inherently. Because I always was, and always will be. Lotsa love to all of my trans, enby and gender funky friends. #TransDayOfVisibility

    In an interview with the New York Times, she stated that she always knew that her gender has been fluid.

    Bella’s Dating History; Who Is Her Ex-Boyfriend?

    So far, the rising young star Bella has not revealed her past affairs. As a result, it’s quite hard to trace whether or not she dated a boyfriend before. So unless she herself doesn’t talk about this matter, there’s no point to take it further and make assumptions.

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