Who Is Ayana Tai Cheadle? All About Daughter-Turned-Son Of Don Cheadle And Bridgid Coulter

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    Ayana Tai Cheadle is the son of the Grammy Award-winning actor Don Cheadle. Like his father, his mom Bridgid Coulter is also an actress known for Rosewood (1997), Westworld (2016), and Martin (1997). Having such renowned parents, it’s obvious that people are eager to know about Ayana as well.

    So. today we are here to explore the outside life of Don and Bridgid’s firstborn, Ayana.

    Key Takeaways

    • Born as a daughter to her parents, Ayana now identifies himself as a trans man and goes by the name Beau Tai Cheadle.
    • Ayana Tai Cheadle works in the camera crew in the American showbiz industry.
    • He has a younger sister named Imani Cheadle, 26, who is a script reader and development associate at their father’s company, This Radicle Act.
    • He is hardworking and creative, said his mom Bridgid.

    Ayana Tai Cheadle Was Born A Girl In 1995: Now Identifies As A Man

    The star kid was born as a daughter to parents Don Cheadle and Bridgid Coulter. But growing up, he desired to be a boy deep down. After struggling with his gender identity issue, he finally came out as a transman. Back on September 29, 2019, his mom addressed him as a son and praised him on the occasion of National Son’s Day.

    Ayana Tai with her mom
    Ayana Tai with her mom. Source: Instagram

    In the same way, Tai’s daddy Don also once talked about his sexuality mentioning him as ‘gay’. While having an interview with Variety magazine, the Iron Man 2 actor opened up on Ayana’s struggle to be himself and said,

    You know, ’cause my daughter is gay, and she’s going through a lot of drama, people messing with her and stuff at school.

    Whatever his struggles are, he has been openly living with his authentic self and discovering his path in filmmaking.

    Ayana Tai Cheadle Is Now Beau Tai Cheadle: What Is His Age?

    Back on March 15, 2019, Ayana filed a paper in the Santa Monica Courthouse in Los Angeles with an appeal to change his name to Beau. After completing all the legal processes within two months, he finally succeeded to change his name officially to ‘Beau Tai Cheadle’.

    Ayana Tai as a boy
    Ayana Tai is his authentic self. Source: Facebook

    Now, talking about his age, Don’s daughter-turned-son Beau is currently 28 years of age. He grew up struggling with his gender identity issue alongside his family who always have been his strong backup.

    Ayana, Aka Beau’s Educational Details

    As per the information provided on his Facebook, he studied at Emerson College from the years 2013 to 2017. Ayana went to an African school as a child.

    Ayana’s Family Background And Ethnicity

    His paternal grandfather Donald Frank Cheadle Sr. was a clinical psychologist and his grandmother Bettye Cheadle (née North) was a teacher by profession. Both Donald and Bettye are African-American by ethnicity.

    Further, Tai’s maternal grandpa Stewart Coulter is a white man, and his grandmom Irene Coulter comes from an African-American heritage.

    Having a diverse ethnic background, Ayana undoubtedly belongs to a mixed race.

    He Has A Younger Sibling

    Ayana has a little sister named Imani Cheadle. Born in 1997, Imani is currently 26 years old. After graduating from an African school, he enrolled at Boston University where he studied Marine Sciences.  As per her LinkedIn, Imani is a script reader and development associate at Cheadle’s production company, This Radicle Act.

    For your information, both the Cheadle siblings were born out of wedlock.

    Ayana Tai Cheadle’s Parents Dated 28 Years Before Marriage

    After staying in a relationship for 28 years, Ayana’s parents Don and Bridgid Coulter had an intimate wedding amidst the COVID pandemic in 2020.

    Ayana's parents in the frame
    Ayana’s parents Don and Bridgid. Source: People

    The attendees in their marriage were their two daughters Ayana and Imani, and their pet dogs. Regarding his marriage, the Bulworth actor talked to People and said,

    “It was just me and her and our kids and our dogs and the pastor in the backyard.”

    Though the two tied the knot in 2020, their marital status was revealed in June 2021 when Don appeared on an Ellen DeGeneres Show.

    What Does Ayana Tai Do? Does He Work In Movies Like Her Parents?

    Yes, Ayana does work in the showbiz industry just like his parents but behind the camera. As per IMDb, the star kid has worked in the camera crew in the 2020 TV series Love, Victor.

    Ayana in a filmy set
    Ayana in a filmy set. Source: Instagram

    On the other hand, Ayana’s father Don is an accomplished actor with several blockbusters movies and series. In his almost four decades career, he has been in several films and TV shows such as;

    • The Guard (2011)
    • Mission to Mars (2000)
    •  Captain America: Civil War (2016)
    • Secret Invasion (2023) and many more

    For his incredible work in the American Showbiz industry, Don has been honored with several awards including Grammy, Golden Globe, and others.

    Likewise, Ayana’s mom Coulter is an actress as earlier mentioned. In addition to that, Mrs. Cheadle is also an interior designer.

    He is Involved In Activism As Well

    Along with his little sister Imani, Ayana is very much involved in activism. In “The Late Show with  Stephen Colbert”, the Oscar-nominated actor talked about how much his children are aware of making a difference in society and making it equal for everyone.

    He said,

    We were at the house the other day and my daughters were getting ready with a bunch of friends, and I said, ‘You guys going to a club? Where are you going?’ She said, ‘No, we’re getting ready to go to a Black Lives Matter rally.'”

    Is Ayana Tai Cheadle Currently In A Relationship?

    Currently, he is single. Well, if his age is to be considered, it can be assumed that the 28 years old may have a partner at present. But since he is a private person and doesn’t like to share his personal life on any social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, his love life is difficult to trace.

    Ayana Tai in the frame
    Ayana, aka Beau Tai Cheadle. Source: Facebook

    So, until Ayana himself comes out to publicize his current relationship status, it’s safe to say he is single.

    Ayana Is On Social Media

    Ayana is on Facebook under the name Beau Tai with 462 friends. On his Fb page, he has mostly shared his single picture. He last updated his Facebook in 2020.

    Further, he has an official YouTube channel under the name “Tai” with an intro, “The name’s Tai. I’m interested in Directing and Cinematography.” He has a total of 28 subscribers on his channel with six videos. His last video was uploaded 8 years back.

    Where Is Cheadle Today?

    Based on his Facebook information, Ayana currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. He is currently focused on paving a path in films as a camera person.

    Her Net Worth

    Ayana is reported to have a net worth of $200,000 at present which he must have earned through his emerging career as a cameraperson.

    Meanwhile, his famous father Don Cheadle has an impressive net amount of $ 40 million as of 2023. He earned a massive amount from his almost four decades career as an actor. Similarly, Ayana’s mom is also a multimillionaire with a fortune of around $5 million.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Beau Tai Cheadle
    Popular Name Ayana Tai Cheadle
    Birth Place United States
    Birthday 1995
    Age 29 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Father Don Cheadle
    Mother Bridgid Coulter
    Siblings Imani Cheadle
    College Emerson College
    Profession Cinematographer
    Net Worth $200,000
    Eye Color Black
    Hair Color Grey
    Sexuality Trans Man
    Relationship Status Single