Is Antonia Gentry Married? Who’s Her Husband? Her Boyfriend & Love Affairs

July 2, 2023   | July 3, 2023  | 

    Since Antonia Gentry appeared in the Netflix series Ginny & Georgia portraying Virginia “Ginny” Miller, fans have been curious if she is married. They have been browsing the web like never before to learn about her boyfriend and past relationships.

    Likewise, rumors are swirling around claiming Antonia to be married. So, how much of this is true? Let’s find out!

    Key Takeaways

    • Antonia Gentry was born on September 25, 1997, in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
    • Gentry wanted to be an actress since she was five years old.
    • She is biracial; her mom Sandra Gentry is black and from Jamaica and her dad Tony is white from Georgia.
    • Her breakthrough came after she appeared in the hit Netflix series Ginny & Georgia alongside, Raymond Ablack, Felix Mallard, and Sara Waisglass.  

    Who Is Antonia Gentry’s Husband? Is She Even Married?

    No, Antonia is not married. Though several sources are claiming her to be in a marital relationship, the 25-year-old has yet to tie the knot with a husband. She is currently devoting her time and effort to her career rather than thinking of settling down with someone.

    Antonia Gentry boyfriend and marriage rumors.
    Antonia is not married.

    However, Ms. Gentry appears to be in a romantic relationship. Several clues point us in the direction that she might have a boyfriend. So, please stick with us to learn about who the lucky person is and also know about her past dating history.

    Who Is Antonia Gentry Dating In 2023?

    If we scroll through Gentry’s Instagram, it looks like the Candy Jar star is currently dating Michael Debi. The duo constantly post romantic pictures of one another on their respective social media accounts. They met while attending Emory University for drama and seem to have been together ever since.

    Similarly, Michael shared the first selfie with Antonia in September 2019 in which she commented, “I love Debi” which may imply that the two are indeed dating each other.


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    A post shared by Michael (@michaeldebi)

    That said, none of the parties involved have come upfront to talk about the subject at hand. So, all we can do for now is wait and see if Antonia or her supposed beau comes out publicly about their love life.

    Antonia Gentry Was Previously In A Relationship With Her Boyfriend Ezra Pounds

    Antonia was in a long-term relationship with her then-beau Ezra Pounds, a musician by profession. The pair were together for almost 8 years. They met in 2011 at John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School and soon started dating each other. Gentry and Pounds were pretty close to one another and shared many memorable moments on their Instagram.

    Similarly, during one of Antonia’s birthdays, Ezra shared a post about how he felt about her and how her energy and drive keep pushing and motivating him to be his best version. The post read,

    “With every passing year, you are more beautiful to me. Hold onto your work with high regard, and never stop pushing for what you believe in. Your energy & drive continues to motivate me every day, I love you so much for this, and I seriously can’t wait to be with you again.”

    Antonia Gentry with her former boyfriend Ezra Pounds.
    They were together for almost eight years.

    However, this was all in the past and as of now, the former lovebirds seem to have already moved on with their lives. Moreover, both of them have deleted all of the posts and have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

    Did Gentry Ever Date Ginny & Georgia’s co-star Felix Mallard?

    No Antonia has never dated Felix Mallard. The two are just close friends and nothing more. Rumors of their love affair started when they played each other’s love interest in Ginny & Georgia. Antonia portrays Virginia “Ginny” Miller and Felix plays Marcus Baker. Their onscreen romance is so on point and realistic that the fans started speculating if the duo were couples in real life.

    Antonia Gentry rumored boyfriend.
    The rumors circulated because of their fantastic on-screen chemistry.

    But as we said earlier it is far from the truth. In fact, Mallard has been romantically linked with his former costar Zoe Cramond with whom he appeared in Neighbours.