Anna Torv Husband; Did She Marry Again? Her Boyfriend And Relationships

June 23, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Anna Torv’s romantic life has become a huge question mark since her divorce from her actor husband. With that in mind, in this article, we bring you all known facts about the love life of this Australian actress. Did she marry again after the separation?

    Moreover, who is she dating currently? why actually did her marriage end? You’ll have all the answers here.

    So, let’s get right into it!

    Key Takeaways:

    • Anna Torv was previously married to the American actor, Mark Valley. They had an intimate wedding ceremony in 2008 over the holidays.
    • The relationship between Anna and Mark ended roughly 16 months after tying the knot. They got a divorce in April 2010.
    • The Australian actress is possibly single as of 2023.
    • She had a rumored relationship with her co-star, Lauren Glazier. However, the actresses were nothing more than just friends.

    What Is Torv’s Relationship Status In 2023?

    It is likely that the Australian star might be single in the present day and age. As mentioned earlier, she has been laying low since her divorce. Even more so, Torv doesn’t also have any type of social media presence. By this, we can all agree that she does not want to be seen or talked about currently.

    Additionally, this also indicates that the actress might be single, or if she is taken, she does not want the media to know yet. Hopefully, in the days to come, Anna Torv finally makes a grand appearance with her next love interest. Until then, as her fans, we need to patiently wait!

    Who Is Anna Torv’s Husband?

    Currently, she is not married so any question about a possible husband is out of the equation. She was formally married to The Last of Us actor, Mark Valley, who is an American actor. Just for fact, the series also stars actors like Bella Ramsay, Nico Parker, Lamar Johnson, & Gabriel Luna, among others.

    Who Is Anna’s Ex-Hubby Mark?

    Previously, Valley was in the army and served in the US military. Moreover, his journey as a soldier was limited to 5 years from 1987 to 1992. Following this, he joined showbiz.

    Mark Valley Anna Torv ex-husband
    The “Boston Legal” actor, former partner of Anna Torv

    Valley landed his first role ever in The Innocent in 1993. Subsequently, his love for acting kept on growing after that. After doing small roles in Another World and Days of Our Lives, he finally got his big breakthrough in Boston Legal.

    Likewise, he slowly started to appear in lead roles as well. So far, he is known for his work on Fringes and Human Target.

    The Former Couple Had A Secret Wedding Ceremony

    Torv and Valley did a wonderful job keeping their dating life secret. After getting together while filming Fringes, the co-stars tied the knot in December 2008.

    As per our assumptions, it did not take the former love birds long to decide to marry each other. In fact, we believe that they only dated for a couple of months before walking down the aisle together.

    Former husband-wife, Torv and Valley
    The “Fringes” co-stars are pictured together.

    Moreover, the Fringes actors got married in an extremely intimate event. Hence, it is possible that the pair did not invite many people to their wedding. Over and above this, fans also got to know about the newlyweds sometime later.

    Why Did Anna Split From Her Husband Mark?

    After being married for 16 months or so, the former husband-wife duo called it quits in April 2010. Just like any detail regarding their wedding, the details about their divorce are unknown. However, sources have confirmed that they had already been living separately prior to the official separation.

    Perhaps, the actors rushed into marriage and realized they were not right for each other. The reason for their divorce could be anything. Although the ex-couple looked happy in public, no one could guess their relationship was falling apart on the inside.

    Nevertheless, it all worked out for the best because both Anna and Mark could not be happier in their new lives today.

    Did The Australian Actress Have Any Kids With Her Ex-Hubby?

    No, The Secret Life of Us star did not have any children with her previous husband. However, she did become a stepmother to her husband’s daughter, Sherri Valley.

    Sherri is believed to be Valley’s daughter from a previous affair. She was born in 1987 and must be around her mid-thirties as of 2023.

    Now, at the time of Anna’s wedding with her ex, Mark Valley’s daughter was around 21 years old. So, it is likely that she became her doting step-mom.

    Has Anna Torv Married Again?

    As far as we know, Anna has not married again after separating from his former spouse. She has kept many details about her love life off the radar since the hard separation.

    Furthermore, the actress is not available anywhere on any social media as well. Thus, digging out information on her current love interest is an impossible task to do.

    The Last of Us actress, Anna
    Torv is currently single and not dating a boyfriend

    But, do not worry, because we can confirm that The Last of Us actress is not a married woman in 2023. Having stepped into Hollywood recently, Torv must be focusing her energy on work currently. Due to this, she might not have time to commit to another marriage just yet.

    Her Rumored Relationship with Mindhunter Co-Star, Lauren Glazier

    In the 2017 series, Mindhunter, Anna prepared herself for an on-screen chemistry with the actress, Lauren Glazier. For the segment to go smoothly, the two stars took a week-long camping trip, starting from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh, and spent the time bonding with each other. Now, as soon as this hit the news, fans began speculating about a spark between the two co-stars.

    Moreover, fans were convinced that the two in fact “were not acting”, but showing “just how they were” in the show. Not only this but when Torv gave an interview regarding the said scene, fans said, “It screamed GAY RIGHTS”.

    Anna and Lauren, Mindhunter co-stars
    The two actresses during the “Mindhunter” scene.

    In a way, their fans were actually the ones shipping Torv and Glazier together. So, unfortunately, they did not actually date in real life. As a matter of fact, off the camera, they were and still are very good friends.

    In Anna Torv’s own words, she said,

    “It was so great. From a personal point of view, Lauren Glazier who plays Kay has become one of my best friends, and I just adore her.”

    Hence, it was all just a simple hoax.