Andrew Santino’s Wife: Is He Married? His Girlfriend, Gay Rumors

August 22, 2023   | August 22, 2023  | 

    Andrew Santino has been making waves in the entertainment industry, not just for his comedic prowess, but also for his intriguing approach to his personal life. He has managed to keep his private life largely under wraps, leaving fans and media outlets speculating about his wife, marital status, and even his sexuality. 

    So, who is Andrew’s wife? Keep reading his article to find out more about his dating life.

    Key Takeaways

    • Andrew married his wife in 2016 and has managed to keep the identity of her a secret.
    • He and his better half went to couples therapy after facing complications in their relationship.
    • Santino wants to become a father but he realizes and is scared of the challenges he has to face after a baby is born.
    • Andrew was rumored to be gay after he joked about marrying Chris D’Elia and also after playing the role of a gay character in a series.

    Who Is Andrew Santino’s Wife?

    Santino is a married man, but the identity of his wife remains shrouded in mystery. He has managed to keep his married life out of the spotlight. However, he is reported to have tied the knot with either Danielle Brooks or Sarah Bolger.

    Despite his efforts to keep his life low-key, it was during a 2020 podcast interview with Whitney Cummings that he inadvertently gave away some information about his wedding. The comedian discussed his relationship with his wife of four years (now seven years).

    He also revealed how they were friends and then roommates before dating, yet chose not to disclose her name.

    Know About The Challenges Andrew And His Wife Faced

    In the above-mentioned podcast interview, the comedian openly spoke about the challenges he and his wife faced. He mentioned that their main problem is miscommunication and that he is willing to take responsibility for his mistakes.

    Moreover, the married duo attended couples therapy together since both of them didn’t want to get married initially. It showcases a commitment to working on their relationship.

    How Did Santino Find Out That She Was The One?

    Andrew shared that he realized his partner was “the one” when they both started laughing during a therapy session that was supposed to be emotional.

    The two didn’t like their therapist and their mutual loathing made their bond even stronger.

    Was Sarah Bolger Ever Andrew Santino’s Girlfriend?

    The comedian was once rumored to be dating Irish actress Sarah Bolger after they attended the premiere of “Dave” together at the Directors Guild of America on 27 February 2020. However, there’s no concrete evidence to confirm their relationship.

    Andrew and Sarah were rumored to be dating.
    Andrew and his rumored girlfriend, Sarah.

    In addition to that, Andrew was also speculated to be in a relationship with American actress Danielle Brooks. Even more so, there were rumors surrounding their supposed marriage in mid-2019. However, the rumors are false since Danielle is married to Dennis Gelin.

    Santino Values Privacy

    As mentioned above, Andrew likes to keep his life out of the spotlight, especially his love life. His approach to privacy extends to his social media presence. He uses platforms like Instagram to showcase his work rather than his personal life.

    His Views About Having Children

    The secrecy surrounding Andrew’s life isn’t confined to his relationships. Fatherhood is another aspect he’s kept veiled. While there have been claims about his children, nothing is confirmed.

    In a 2021 interview on the “Tiger Belly” podcast, he expressed uncertainty about becoming a parent. He mentioned that being a parent takes a lot of work. However, the comedian expressed his wanting to be a dad,

    “I do want to have a kid. It’s just, I’m nervous about what the world is.”

    Is Andrew Santino Gay?

    Beyond his marital mysteries, Santino’s sexuality has also been a topic of discussion. On April 20, 2018, a photo with fellow comedian Chris D’Elia where Andrew said he was marrying him led to questions about his sexual orientation.

    Andrew is straight.
    Chris D’Elia carrying Andrew.

    Further, he handled this with humor in a podcast with Joe Rogan, showing a level of comfort with his own identity, which is straight. And he also joked about being a homosexual as a child by saying:

    “I was homosexual, bro, it wasn’t a question it was a fact. I was a gay man. I was gay when I was in the third grade, you were all gay in third grade.”

    Additionally, the fact that he played the role of a gay character in “How I Met Your Father” adds to the gay rumors. But the fact is that Santio who has a net worth of $2 million is straight.


    Is Andrew Santino still married?

    Santino is still leading a blissful matrimonial relationship with his spouse. He and his unknown spouse tied the knot in 2016.