Altonio Jackson; Facts about Black Ink Crew star

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    Altonio Jackson is an American rapper and TV star. He initially gained fame thanks to his rap music, however, his name reached throughout the country thanks to his appearance in the reality show, Black Ink Crew.

    In addition to his work as a rapper and tattoo maker, Altonio is also an entrepreneur, songwriter, and actor. Since he became famous, his fame has been increasing steadily, making him a subject of lot of curiosity among fans.

    Here today we are going to discuss everything about Altonio Jackson including details of his mother, father, ethnicity, marriage life, kids, and more!

    Who are Altonio Jackson’s father and mother?

    He was born on July 1st, 1991, in the United States. Talking about his childhood, Altonio reportedly grew up in Calliope Project, a housing project based in New Orleans. According to himself, he was raised in the African-American community and that’s why he calls himself the original gangster (og).

    Since his name came into the media, there is always has been a lot of curiosity regarding the identity of his mother and father.

    After doing a lot of research in regard to Altonio’s parents, we found out that both his mom and dad come from different ethnic backgrounds. Although there is not a single mention of Altonio’s mom and dad’s names, we have found out that one of them was Asian while the other was African-American. To say it more precisely, his father was an Asian, and his mother was an African-American.

    He once shared a picture with an African-American female whom many of his called Altonio’s mom. Take a look at the photo.

    What is Altonio’s ethnicity?

    As far as his ethnicity is concerned, he is reportedly Half-Cuban, Half-Asian, and Half-African-American, making him a mixed-ethnic person.

    How many siblings does Altonio Jackson’ have?

    The handsome rapper is one of those celebrities who are incredibly private about their personal life. This must be the reason the rapper has not said anything about his family up until now. Nevertheless, we were able to dig up some information and found out that though he doesn’t have any biological siblings, he have multiple cousins.

    Altonio Jackson siblings
    A young Altonio (on far left) with his first cousins. Source: Instagram

    He once shared a throwback photo alongside his first cousins. From the adorable photo, we can guess that Jackson has had a decent upbringing.

    Altonio was reportedly raised by a step-father

    If online reports are anything to go by, while growing up Altonio never met his biological father. Due to this, Altonio was supposedly raised by his stepfather or a godfather figure.

    News about his father came when he shared an old photo with a man who goes by the name Bruce. In the caption, he had written, ‘I was raised by a OG.’ 

    Altonio mother
    Jackson with his mother.

    In the comment section, a few of his die-hard fans, who have been following him since day one, said the man in the picture is not his biological dad but instead is either his stepdad or godfather.

    Why is Altonio ‘Ace’ Jackson famous?

    The 31-year-old rapper gained recognization after he appeared as a tattoo artist in the show, Black Ink Crew. Off all the people in the show, Ace attracted attention due to his calm and mysterious appearance. He also has had that leadership trait, always observing and taking careful steps.

    Moreover, from the beginning, females have been storming over Jackson due to his mixed ethnic appearance and his sexy accent.

    Apart from his work as a tattoo artist, we found out that Altonio is also a rapper. He has released a handful of rap songs that have become hits. He has also signed a record deal with No Limit Records, all thanks to the fellow veteran rapper, Master P.

    Furthermore, since November 4th, 2021, he is working on the BET+ series, Sacrifice, featuring Altonio, Paul Patton, Juan Altonio, and Liliana Montenegro. The series follows the journey of lawyer Daniella Hernandez and the life of her notorious and famous clients.

    Apart from all this, he also appeared in the 2013 movie, Oldboy.

    Altonio Jackson Tattoos: When did he get into Tattoos?

    In case you missed it, Ace has a number of tattoos throughout his body. The most prominent is his money bag tat that is right between his brows. There’s not a whole of people who are daring enough to have tattoos on their faces but Altonio, as we all know, is the real OG.

    His journey toward the art of tattoo-making started while he was in prison. Yes, you read that right, Altonio was reportedly prisoned at the age of 19. He doesn’t talk about why he was imprisoned, but we do know it wasn’t for a long time.

    In an interview with Bossip, the New Orlean native revealed that while he was in the penitentiary, he thought about making some money and supporting his family. He then looked up how to make a tattoo machine and that’s how it all began.

    You can look at the clip here!

    Altonio Jackon Relationship and Children: He is a doting father

    The man has a lot of fans, of which the majority of them are females and as expected, the ladies want to know if the man is dating someone or if he is a married man.

    To start off, the hunk doesn’t seem to be in any relationship. Seems like he has not found the right girl yet. Jackson can be choosy at times, which means he won’t settle for no less than a girl who will take care of him and his beautiful daughters. Yes, you heard that right, he is a father of two gorgeous girls.

    Altonio Jackson's daughter in a middle school graduate robe.
    Altonio’s oldest baby girl.

    Her oldest daughter, whose name is not in the media, was born on October 22nd, 2007, in the United States. Although we don’t know her name, we do know that she is extremely loved by her father. She is currently, studying in high school.

    In addition, Altonio also has another daughter, who goes by the name, Spade. She was reportedly born on 3rd, of August, however, her exact year of birth is not found.

    Altonio with his daughter
    Altonio’s youngest child.

    Who is Altonio’s daughter’s baby momma?

    Both of his daughters are their father’s eye candy. He shares a lot of photos with his children and the caption is something that makes us all say, ‘awww.’

    Now the bigger question that many people ask him is who is Altonio’s baby’s mother. Well, the answer to this question is not available still. Well, one thing that we can say with certainty is the fact that Altonio and his ex-girlfriend or ex-spouse, or whatever that is, are on good terms with each other.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Altonio Jackson
    Popular Name Ace
    Birth Place New Orleans, Oregon
    Birthday July 1st, 1991
    Age 32 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity African-American, Half-Cuban, Half-Asian
    Profession Rapper, Tattoo Artist
    Net Worth $400,000
    Height 5ft 7 inches
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Dark Brown
    Marital Status Single
    Spouse Unknown
    Children Two Daughters including (Spade)