All about Flip Wilson Children; How many kids and who are their mom?

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    Flip Wilson is one of the greatest comedians to ever set foot in this whole wide world. He became famous for his work in the series, The Flip Wilson Show, and introduced his renowned character, Geraldine. The actor cum comedian sadly passed away in 1998 leaving behind his five children.

    The New Jersey-born comedian has four biological kids and one stepdaughter whom he adopted. Throughout his life, he was married three times. So how was his relationship with his spouse and children before his death? 

    Today we will discuss all five of Flip Wilson’ children. Let’s get right into it!

    Flip Wilson Children: All the Details

    The late comedian was the father of five kids, two boys Kevin and David Wilson, and three daughters,  Michelle Trice, Tamara Wilson, and Stacy Wilson

    Four of his children, Kevin, David, Tamara, and Stacy are from his relationship with his wife, Blonell Wilson. Let’s talk about his kids one by one.

    1) Kevin Wilson

    One of the two boys between Blonell and Flip, Kevin rarely ever appears in the media. Well, he certainly isn’t the only child of Flip that has decided to stay behind closed doors.

    The only time we get to see Kevin was back in 1984 when he tagged alongside his dad Flip and sister Stacy at the 5th Annual Black Achievement Awards. A couple of years later in 1993, LA Times reported that Kevin is all set to welcome a daughter.

    Kevin with his dad Flip Wilson and sister Stacy
    Kevin (far left) with Stacy (center) and dad Flip.

    From this alone, we can say with certainty Kevin is a father of at the very least one child. Moreover, he might still be married or dating the same person with whom he welcomed his first child with.

    Talking about his profession, Kevin previously used to work as his dad’s personal manager as stated in the December 24th, 1984 edition of the Jet Magazine. Moreover, Kevin is also a voice artist and his credits include Defenders: Into Fear in 2019 and Harriet Tubman: Visions of Freedom.

    2) David Wilson; He is Paralyzed from Shoulder Down

    Out of five kids of Flip Wilson, David is someone who has suffered a lot. Born in 1960, initially, the star kid was an avid golfer and used to visit Riviera Country Club becoming sort of a famous name around the club. Eventually, his interest later transitioned toward course management and he started studying country club management.

    David riding his yamaha bike
    David sitting on a motorbike before he was paralyzed.

    Sometimes later, Flip bought his golfer son a Yamaha motorbike, just so as to stir his diverse interests. On 1993 St Patrick’s Day, David was riding his motorbike when he lost control and crashed on an access road right behind Palm Desert Marriott.

    The accident was so severe that David was paralyzed from the shoulder down for the rest of his life. Several years following the incident, Wilson didn’t want to live like this forever and started playing mental golf. That’s right, he nowadays passes his time by thinking about how he used to play and creating all sorts of scenarios. 

    3) Tamara Wilson; She is a Comedian

    Off his five kids, Tamara is the only one who followed in her father’s footsteps and went on to become a comedian. She was born in 1968 in California.

    An article published by Los Angeles Times in 1993, stated Tamara started out her comedy journey. When Flip was all said and done with his comedy career, he reportedly got back on his feet and decided to manage and even join his daughter Tamara who was launching her stand-up career at that time. Moreover, their act was called, “Pride and Joy.”

    Tamara Wilson Flip Wilson daughter
    Flip (far left) with his daughters, Tamara (second from right) and Stacy (far right).

    Tamara also once appeared alongside her late daddy and sister Stacy at the opening of the exhibit Kahlil Gibran: A Decade, at Copley Society of Boston in 1994. Further, it is reported that Stacy has also made an appearance in the TV series, Unsung Hollywood.

    4) Stacy Wilson

    There is not much information available about Stacy, but it is reported we do know that she is the youngest daughter of the legendary comedian.

    She has appeared a handful of times in public, one time with her sister Tamara and dad Flip at the opening of the exhibit, Kahlil Gibran: A Decade in 1994. Another time, she attended the 5th Annual American Black Achievement Awards alongside her dad and brother Kevin.

    5) Michelle Trice Wilson

    There are a lot of rumors pertaining to Michelle. While some reports claim Michelle is the daughter of Flip’s common-law wife Blonell Pitman from her previous relationship and that after being in a relationship with Blonell, he adopted Michelle. Meanwhile, other reports claim Flip welcomed Michelle from his marriage with his third wife, Tuanchai ‘Cookie’ MacKenzie.

    As for her profession, Michelle reportedly works as a jewelry designer. At the time of her dad’s death in 1998, she was by his side at his Malibu, House. 

    Flip also has a couple of grandkids as well

    Apart from his five kids, he also has a handful of grandchildren. In his obituary written by the United States Air Force, because Flip also served in the force, his grandchildren were named, Clio, Eric, Kennedy, Kimberlyn, Kevin Jr., and ILA.