Alexis Roderick

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    Alexis Roderick is better known as the fourth wife of American singer & songwriter Billy Joel (aka Piano Man). Alexis is a broker by profession and worked for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Firm in Garden, New York City. Unlike Billy’s previous marriages, his relationship with his fourth spouse Roderick is going well.

    Today, in this article, let’s find out about Alexis’ married life and children. Apart from these, let’s also dig up the details regarding her age and education.

    Key Takeaways

    • Alexis Roderick is the fourth wife of the American singer Billy Joel.
    • Alexis and her husband Billy have an age gap of over 30 years.
    • Alexis shares two kids with her long-time hubby Billy.
    • Billy Joel bought a $3.5 million farmhouse for his wife Alexis.
    • She used to work at Morgan Stanley and is also an Equestrian.

    Alexis Roderick Met Her Future Husband In A Restaurant

    Alexis and her husband Billy first met in 2009 at a restaurant in Huntington where they had gone separately with their respective friends. Unable to take his eyes off her, Joel approached her and asked for her number.

    Alexis Roderick is married to Billy Joel
    Alexis Roderick and her then-boyfriend Billy Joel stayed in a relationship for six years before their marriage

    Later, when Billy was done eating, he called her up and asked if she could drive him home. Roderick indeed gave him a ride to his home in Centre Island. Upon arriving at his residence, Joel offered to “play her something” on his piano, however, she declined. But, Billy being Billy didn’t listen to her and played a piece by Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff on his grand piano.

    Alexis was only 29 at the time while her long-time hubby was 60. Although their age gap was huge, they were able to become good friends, and after a month or two, their romance started to blossom.

    They Tied The Knot in A Private Wedding

    After staying in a relationship for over six years, the longtime couple walked down the aisle on July 4, 2015. It was a huge surprise for their close friends and family. People gathered at their Long Island property for a reunion, however, it turned out to be Alexis and her then-boyfriend Billy’s wedding ceremony.

    Alexis Roderick and her husband Billy's wedding photo
    Alexis Roderick was already pregnant with her now husband Billy’s child during their wedding

    Prior to their marriage, when Alexis moved in with her husband Billy, it is believed that he asked her to quit her job on Wall Street.

    Alexis Roderick Is The Mother Of Two

    Alexis shares two adorable daughters with her husband Billy Joel. Well, the celebrity spouse was already pregnant with their child during their marriage.

    Just a month after their wedding, on August 12, 2015, the pair welcomed their first daughter, Della Rose Joel.

    After announcing the upcoming arrival of their first child together, Billy seemed pretty happy to become a dad again. In fact, he was happy that he could spend more time than anyone with his kid. Talking about this, he once said,

    “I’m gonna spend a lot of time with this kid, I was thinking about that. I’m probably going to be able to spend more time with this kid than most people are able to spend with their children because I don’t have a regular job.”

    I could be a stay-at-home dad for as long as I can stay alive” Joel further added.

    Alexis Roderick share two daughters with her husband Billy
    Alexis with her beautiful daughters Della & Remy


    A couple of years after their first child’s birth, the husband and wife gave birth to their second daughter Remy Anne Joel on Oct 22, 2017.

    Apart from these two, Alexis’s husband also has a daughter Alexa Ray Joel with his second wife Christie Brinkley.

    Alexis Roderick’s Husband Billy Had Three Failed Marriages

    Billy’s first marriage was to Elizabeth Weber Small. They walked down the aisle on Sept 5, 1973, around three years later they first crossed paths. However, their marital relationship couldn’t last long and they parted ways in 1982.

    The following year, Alexis’ husband started dating Christie Brinkley. On March 23, 1985, she became Billy’s second wife. The former couple gave birth to a daughter, however, this couldn’t keep them together as husband and wife and they eventually got divorced in 1994. In spite of their divorce, they are still good friends, maybe they’ve maintained a good relationship for the sake of their daughter.

    After a couple of unsettled marriages, Joel stayed single for nearly a decade. Then, on Oct 2, 2004, Billy exchanged vows for the third time with chef Katherine ‘Kathie’ Lee. Unfortunately, their marriage ended just five years later and their divorce was finalized on June 17, 2009.

    Alexis Roderick Worked At Morgan Stanley

    Alexis isn’t a working woman at present, however, she used to work on Wall Street before moving in with her now husband Billy Joel. She used to work as a senior risk officer at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Firm based in Garden, New York City.

    Apart from this, she is also a Broker-Dealer Registered Representative member.

    Alexis is an Avid Equestrian

    Aside from all this, she is also a pro equestrian who has participated in several tournaments. As a matter of fact, Alexis is an active member of the United States Equestrian Federation.

    Alexis And Her Husband Billy Share The Passion For Horses

    Several months after Alexis and Billy’s wedding, they were spotted at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center and watching the Winter Equestrian Festival.

    Alexis Roderick husband Billy Joel is also a horse lover
    Alexis was once an active member of the United States Equestrian Federation.

    It clarifies that the beautiful couple shares a strong love for horses. Besides this, her husband Billy often shares pictures with Alexis enjoying their time for horses.

    Billy Joel Gifted A $3.5 million Ranch To His Fourth Wife Alexis Roderick

    The Piano Man showed his love for his better half by buying a $3.5 million horse ranch for his equestrienne wife. It’s a five-acre horse ranch located in Wellington, Florida. The property includes a 12-stall barn with a tack room, groom quarters, a regulation-size dressage ring with mirrors, and five paddocks.

    Alexis Roderick received a $3.5 million ranch house from her husband Billy Joel
    A sneak peek into Alexis ranch house

    Alexis Roderick’s Net Worth

    Many online tabloids have mentioned that Alexis has a net worth of $5 million in 2023. There is no detail if the figure is correct and some of you might consider it as untrue. However, one possible explanation could be that the $3.5 million horse ranch that her husband gifted her counts for a large portion of her $5 million fortune.

    Meanwhile, her husband Billy is a multi-millionaire with a total fortune of $225 million as of 2023. He mainly makes money as a singer.

    Alexis Roderick Spent Her Childhood in New York

    She was born on May 6, 1981, in New York, United States. Alexis has been a private person forever due to which there’s little to no info about her parents or siblings.

    Regarding her ethnicity, Alex belongs to Welsh, German, French Canadian, Portuguese, and Spanish ancestry.


    Are Alexis Roderick And Her Husband Still Together?

    Yes, the happily married couple are still on good terms and are making great love. Unlike Billy’s previous marital relationship, the duo has been together for almost a decade.

    Is Alexis Roderick’s Husband Billy’s First Wife Alive?

    Billy’s first wife is currently rumored to be 80 years old. Similarly, there aren’t any claims regarding her demise. So, it is safe to say that Elizabeth (Billy’s first wife) is still alive.

    Did Alexis Roderick’s Husband Have An Accident?

    Alexis’ husband Billy has been in a total of three car accidents in the two-year period from 2002 to 2004.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Alexis Roderick
    Birth Place New York
    Birthday May 06, 1981
    Age 43 years
    Zodiac Taurus
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Mixed
    College Stony Brook University
    Profession Broker, Finance professional, & Equestrienne
    Net Worth $5 million
    Height 5' 4"
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Blonde
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Billy Joel
    Children 2 daughters