Alexis Ohanian Parents, Anke Ohanian And Chris Ohanian

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    Alexis Ohanian, an entrepreneur, and investor hardly ever speaks about his roots; more typically, about his parents and early life. Considering this, this article sheds light on all known facts about his dad and mom, Chris Ohanian and Anke Ohanian.

    As you go on reading further, you’ll learn about the vastly different ethnic backgrounds his parents come from, their “meet-cute”, and basically, every single detail about Mr. and Mrs. Ohanian’s life together. So, don’t miss out and read the full article today!

    Key Takeaways:

    • Alexis Ohanian’s dad, Chris Ohanian is an Armenian descent, while his mother, Anke Ohanian is German.
    • Alexis Ohanian’s parents met in 1974 in Ireland; his mother moved to the USA in 1976 and tied the knot in 1980 in Brooklyn, New York.
    • 3 years after his birth, his parents moved to Ellicott City in Maryland where they continued to live till Mrs. Ohanian passed away.
    • His father owns his own travel company, International Global Travels. It is a 24-year-old business.
    • His mother was a pharmacy technician at Howard County General Hospital for 2 decades. She also used to do volunteer work.
    • Anke Ohanian passed away on 15th March 2008 due to a brain tumor.
    • His father, Chris Ohanian is still alive and well in 2023 and has remarried.

    Alexis Ohanian’s Dad, Chris Ohanian Is Armenian; His Early Life

    Ohanian is the son of his father, Christopher John Ohanian, typically known as Chris. By birth, his father comes from Armenian descent. Furthermore, as sources confirm, Mr. Ohanian’s parents fled to America and survived the Armenian Genocide. In the very beginning, they were nothing but vulnerable people, seeking refuge in the great country of the United States.

    Alex Ohanian's & his Armenian father, Chris share drink together at a party
    The father and son look so perfect together!

    Additionally, talking about his refugee grandparents, aka, Chris Ohanian’s parents, John Avedis Ohanian and his wife, Elizabeth Der Krikorian came to America with their young son. His grandfather, John was an Armenian emigrant from Harput, while his grandmother was born in Marseille, France.

    His Late Mother Anke Ohanian Was German

    In addition to his dad, Alexis’s mother, Anke Ohanian also had an interesting past. Her maiden name was “Priggie”. Her family comes from Germany, thus, by blood, she was a German. Moreover, she grew up in the city of Hamburg.

    As a young girl, Anke was an extremely talented and intelligent woman; she also is very well-read. After completing her basic education, the late Mrs. Ohanian pursued a degree in pharmacy in her hometown. Later on, she immigrated to America for better opportunities.

    When Did Alexis Ohanian’s Parents, Anke Ohanian & Chris Ohanian Meet?

    In the year 1974, Mr. and Mrs. Ohanian encountered each other for the first time. According to the sources, they met in Ireland and fell head over heels for one another. Interestingly enough, for almost 6 years they dated each other before deciding to marry.

    Over and above this, two years after meeting each other, Anke moved to the United States to be closer to her to-be hubby. And, fast forward to 1980, the couple tied the knot and started a family together.

    As a newlywed couple, they were settled in Brooklyn, New York in the beginning.

    Mr. And Mrs. Ohanian Moved To Ellicott City In Maryland In 1986

    The pair’s son, Alexis Ohanian was born on 24th April 1983, in NYC – 3 years after they got married. Initially, the family of 3 had a lovely life together in Brooklyn. However, after 3 years of their son’s birth, Chris and Anke moved to Ellicott City in Maryland.

    Furthermore, it has been reported that Anke Ohanian died in their home in Ellicott City. Now, although it is unknown if Alexis’s father still lives there, we want to believe that his childhood home stands tall even to this day.

    The Careers Of Ohanian’s Mother And Father

    Like-father, like-son – Ohanian’s dad is a businessman. Chris Ohanian runs his own travel company that goes by the name, Infinity Global Travel. His office is located in Taneytown, Maryland, close to their home. Moreover, the travel company fully runs even today, with over 24 years of being in practice.

    Alexis Ohanian with his dad Chris pose together
    Alexis pictured with his loving dad, Chris during vacation

    Similarly, his mother worked as a pharmacy technician at Howard County General Hospital. She was an asset to her workplace since 1993 for over 20 years. In addition to this, the late Mrs. Ohanian also volunteered at the public schools near her home, along with working for some animal welfare societies.

    Alexis Ohanian’s Mom Died In 2008; What Happened To Her?

    The entrepreneur’s mom Anke died a tragic death at the young age of just 54 years. She took her last breath on 15th March 2008, leaving her husband and son behind. So, what was the cause of her untimely demise? Well, it’s been reported that Mrs. Ohanian passed away due to a brain tumor.

    That’s right, she’d been suffering from cancer for a long time before it took her away from her family. Following her passing away, her funeral service was held at Harry H. Witzke’s Family Funeral Home in Ellicott City, Maryland.

    The late mother of the investor, Alexis - Anke Ohanian; old photo of them in the hillside
    A lovely picture of young Alexis with his mother, Anke Ohanian

    His loving mother’s death took a great toll on Alexis Ohanian. Although he moved on quite normally, the loss of his mom always haunted him. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Alexis dedicated a heartfelt message to Anke. He wrote on Twitter,

    “Love your mama every day! After I sold @Reddit, my mom passed, + I had enough to dedicate a chair at @UVA for her (Front of the class! Where she’d have had if she’d gone to college). I think she’d be excited for the @776Foundation + she’d have LOVED being a grandma (2x!).”

    Is His Father, Christopher, Still Alive?

    Yes, Ohanian’s dad is still alive to this date. As a matter of fact, Christoper John is living a healthy and satisfying life in his home in Ellicott. He is also the proud owner of a 24-year-old travel company which he does not plan to give up any time soon. Furthermore, in 2023, Chris Ohanian is believed to be almost 69/70 years old – a happy old man and a proud father!

    In addition to this, it seems like Chris has again married for the 2nd time. Although we cannot confirm the name of his second wife or when and where they got married, Alexis has a few photos of his stepmother on his Instagram. Looking at the pictures, it seems the new Mrs. Ohanian has mingled quite well with her husband’s family.

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