Who Is Agnes Hailstone? Her Husband, Daughters, & Net Worth

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    Agnes Hailstone is a TV personality featured in the documentary “Life Below Zero”. The TV series broadcasted by the National Geographic Channel documents the everyday struggle of people living in the secluded state of Alaska. While many wonder if Hailstone has already left the show, the reality TV star is still on the show which has aired 230 episodes so far. 

    After her appearance in the documentary TV series, the audience is interested to know about her husband, family, and what her tattoo represents. This article has compiled all the information about Agnes, that you need to know. 

    Key Takeaways:

    • Agnes was born and raised in Noorvik, Alaska. Her family is native to northern Alaska and belongs to the Inupiaq tribe.
    • She was raised as a hunter and has learned all the hunting and survival techniques from her family.
    • Besides being a hunter, Hailstone is also a TV personality, famous for appearing in the documentary series Life Below Zero.
    • Agnes has been married twice and has children with both her husband.
    • She has two sons from her ex-hubby and five daughters with her present spouse.
    • Her estimated net worth is over $100,000 and her salary per episode is over $4k. 

    Agnes Hailstone Belongs to a Native Alaskan Tribe: Her Family Background 

    Hailstone is a hunter and TV personality, born on 14th June 1972. She was born into a family of hunters in Noorvik, Alaska, and learned hunting from an early age. Her family is associated with the Inupiaq tribe and are the natives of the northern Alaskan region.

    Her name “Agnes” is derived from the Greek word “hagnē,” which means “pure”. The name was given to her by her parents as she was born on the day, Hurricane Agnes hit The United States.

    Picture of Agnes exploring the woods
    Agnes is a skilled hunter whose family is linked to the Inupiaq tribe.

    From her childhood, Agnes would roam around the Alaskan glacier which further helped her in honing her hunting skills. Further, it is believed that she inherited her hunting abilities from her ancestor.

    What’s The Meaning Behind Agnes’ Face Tattoo?

    As Agnes hit puberty, she received a tattoo on her chin, in accordance with her family’s values and traditions. This permanent mark served as a visible symbol, representing her connection to her ancestral lineage and beliefs.  

    Furthermore, her tattoo symbolized her maturity and indicated that she is a diligent and serious woman, known for her hard work.

    Agnes Hailstone is Happily Married to Her Husband Chip Hailstone

    She tied the knot with fellow hunter, Chip Hailstone in 1998. The destined couple initially met each other in 1988 in Noorvik, a few years before even her first marriage. The two didn’t start dating at the time, rather Agnes married her first husband. 

    Agnes and her 2nd Spouse Chip
    Agnes and Chip have been married for 25 years.

    After Chip immigrated to Alaska from Kalispell, Montana, Chip initially had no intention of living in Noorvik. He was certain about his decision of leaving Alaska up until his fateful encounter with his future wife Agnes. They now have five children together.

    Her Spouse Chip Hailstone Has Been to Jail

    Edward V Hailstone popularly known as Chip Hailstone was arrested in July 2017 on the charge of felony perjury and making false testimony to the police. Previously in 2011, he stated that an Alaskan state trooper physically assaulted his daughter Tinmaiq who was 17 at that time. Similarly, he also claimed that a Noorvik resident pointed a rifle at his daughter after a disagreement with his stepson.

    In 2017, the court declared Chip’s statements as false reports and subsequently sentenced Chip to 15 months at the Anchorage Correctional Complex.

    Is Agnes Hailstone’s Husband Still in Jail?

    According to fans in the subreddit, Chip’s conviction had been overturned. The fan also stated that, in appeal, the body of evidence exonerated him and supported his claims.

    He further added, even if the records are not erased in Alaska, Chip will no longer be classified as an ex-felon and will be able to hunt cartridge-loading firearms and support his family.

    Additionally, Chip has the option to return to court and seek compensation for the loss of revenue and other damages resulting from the trial.

    Agnes Has Five Daughters and Two Sons

    Hailstone has seven children, two sons Douglas and John Carter from her first marriage and five daughters Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, and Quatan with her current life partner Chip.

    Her Sons Are also Hunters

    Both Douglas and John learned hunting and survival technics from their mother Agnes. Moreover, Douglas is now a hunter just like his parents and also happily married to his wife, Gloria Iyatunguk.

    Agnes with her husband and children
    Hailstone and her family together.

    Similarly, John has also taken a similar path and now is a great hunter. Alongside his hunting ability, he has found love and is now happily married.

    Her Daughters

    Most of Agnes’s daughters have made an appearance in the documentary. Among them, the two eldest, Tinmiaq and Iriqtaq received homeschooling and eventually, Iriqtaq was able to graduate high school.

    Soon after, Tinmiaq joined a school along with her younger sister Mary, where the two played basketball together. Mary also became the captain of their school’s basketball team.

    Agnes and her daughters and grandson.
    Picture of Agnes, Mary, Carol, and Thing during the shoot of Life Below Zero.

    Inspired by their elder sisters, Caroline and Quantan are also said to be learning ropes. Caroline is popular amongst the audience as she has been seen helping her parents on multiple occasions.

    Currently, Tinmiaq, Hailstone’s eldest daughter is married and has a son and a daughter. Her son Wage was born in 2016 and her daughter Adalynn was born in 2020. She is also active on social media, unlike her mother and sister, where she shares pictures of her babies and their adventures.

    Who is Agnes Hailstone’s First Husband? 

    At the age of 19, Hailstone married a man with the surname Carter, resulting in the birth of her two sons. Unfortunately, they separated a couple of years after Carter revealed his desire to relocate from Alaska.

    Is Agnes On Life Below Zero?

    Yes, Agnes is still on Life Below Zero, which is a documentary series aired on the National Geographic channel in May 2013. Agnes has appeared in a total of 135 episodes from 2013 to 2021.

    After her sudden disappearance from the show, many speculated that she was no longer a part of the show. But when Hailstone appeared on the 1st episode of its 20th season in November 2022, it is confirmed that she is still part of the TV series.

    Likewise, the documentary series features Agnes and her husband as one of their main characters. The show follows the journey of the couple, as they go through many challenges and difficulties in order to make a living in such a harsh environment.  

    Other cast members of the show include Sue Aikens, Glenn Villeneuve, Jessie Holmes, and more. 

    Hailstone is Also a Businesswoman

    As an avid hunter, Hailstone uses her skills to extract products like meat, oil, and skin, which are later sold to buyers in the Lower 48 states. Alongside their subsistence lifestyle, she has established an enterprise for the sale of Inupiaq Native Alaskan art and clothing. 

    She is famous for her detailed and vibrant beadwork, which she sells to support herself and her family.

    What is Her Net Worth and Salary?

    It is estimated that her net worth is over $100 thousand. Residing in Alaska, Agnes leads a self-sustaining lifestyle, relying on hunting and fishing for their food supply.

    Since she is also featured in the documentary series Life Below Zero, several media sources have also claimed her salary to be 25k annually from the TV series alone.


    Do the Hailstones still live in Noorvik?

    Yes, the Hailstones family currently lives in the Kobuk River in Noorvik 19 miles north of the Arctic Circle. 

    How many times has Agnes Hailstone been married?

    She has been married twice so far.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Agnes Hailstone
    Birth Place Noorvik, Alaska
    Birthday June 15, 1972
    Age 51 years
    Zodiac Gemini
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Inupiaq
    Profession TV personality
    Net Worth $100,000
    Height 5'4''
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Female
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Carter (div.), Chip Hailstone (m. 1998)
    Children 2 Sons (Douglas & John Carter) 5 Daughters (Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, and Quatan)