Addressing Dej Loaf Boyfriend And Gay Rumors: Wedding Plans?

June 19, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    American rapper Dej Loaf, aka, Deja Monet Trimble avoided talking about her boyfriend and affairs in the media. In fact, the 32 years has never made any statement concerning her dating history let alone her wedding plan and future husband. This has even given rise to gay rumors about her.

    So, what is the truth? Is she gay? Details here.

    Dej Loaf Boyfriend In 2023: Is She Dating?

    Well, to be precise, Dej is not dating officially. The rapper could be secretly in a relationship but she has abstained from making any public statement regarding her relationship status. 

    On the other hand, she’s had many rumored relationships in the past. Based on tweets, fans have come up with a number of theories about her affairs with esteemed rappers. As you go on reading further, you’ll know what’re we talking about.

    Are Dej & Rapper Doe Boy Dating?

    The alleged couple were never actually in a relationship. But around April 2023, the Waves singer exchanged an interesting interaction with the rapper, Doe Boy. Apparently, the two hip-hop musicians were caught flirting with each other in public. This, in turn, led fans to speculate that they were dating.

    Furthermore, the rumor spread more as Loaf flirtatiously replied to Boy’s tweet, reading, “I love you.”

    Over and above this, there even are lovey-dovey, snuggled-up photos with her on the Front Door rapper’s official page. While many assumed there was a spark between the two, it turned out that they are working on their new hit, Roll the Dice. So, perhaps the posts were made in order to promote their collab?

    Loaf's rumored boyfriend in 2023
    Dej and Doe pictured together for their music video for “Roll the Dice”

    Regardless of anything, we cannot deny how good Loaf and Boy look together. If there is in fact a spark, hopefully, the pair will reveal soon.

    Dej Loaf Allegedly Dated Ex-Boyfriend Lil Durk In The Past

    From 2014 to 2016, the Try Me rapper was believed to be in a relationship with Lil Durk, aka, Durk Derrick Banks. At that time, the two were spotted together multiple times and had a back-and-forth Twitter roulette, leading to fans believing they were dating.

    Unfortunately, they parted ways just two years after their first link. According to Durk, he and the lady rapper were not “ready mentally to be together”. Thus, they called it quits.

    Dej Loaf 2014-2016 love interest, Lil Durk
    The former couple, Dej and Lil Durk

    Although there are numerous sources claiming their affair, some still believe it was all a hoax. As a matter of fact, some even claim the rapper of dating a guy named OBA Rowland at that time. Furthermore, he was her actual boyfriend around 2014. And, following the rumor of her affair with Lil Durk, Rowland was pissed. However, this is still under review and yet to be claimed by Loaf.

    The Hey There Singer Was Reportedly “Pregnant” With Her Ex-Boyfriend

    After her breakup with Lil Durk, Trimble moved on with her next alleged boyfriend, Marlon. According to the sources, they dated somewhere around 2017 and broke up shortly after. Interestingly enough, the Hey There singer was speculated to be carrying her ex-boyfriend, Marlon’s baby at that time.

    Truth be told, her supervisor contradicted this rumor by stating that the rapper was not ever pregnant. Following this, the allegations quickly settled down, slowly vanishing away.

    Deja Monet & Aye Redd – Did They Date?

    Around the same time Deja was speculated to be dating Durk Derrick, Aye Redd came forward with groundbreaking news. She claimed that the hip-hop star was actually dating her and there was nothing going on between her and the Same Side rapper. In her official statement, she said,

    “They’re not together they’re not a couple. They don’t f**k around at all. I think they’re trying to make it seem like they’re together. I don’t know what it is but it’s fake.”

    Alleged Pair Redd and Loaf
    Alleged Pair Redd and Loaf

    By her claims, Dej and Aye started dating in 2014. Moreover, Redd also claimed that Dej Loaf was “the first girlfriend” she ever had. Unfortunately, Deja did not claim these allegations as well. Hence, to this date, no one is certain whether or not she dated Ate Redd.

    Dej Loaf Gay Rumors: She Has Denied The Claims

    Subsequently, with the rumors of her and Aye Redd’s link, fans started to talk about Dej Loaf’s sexuality. Due to her tomboy appearance, many have always believed that she might be a lesbian. However, during an interview with VladTV, she denied being gay. She said,

    “not a d*ke. Hoes just love me.”

    Moreover, she also addressed the said rumor by claiming that she loves to “dress comfortably”. Thus, this is the reason why she’s always seen wearing boyish, baggy clothes; that has nothing to do with her being gay. In addition to this, when asked about her sexuality at the 2015 BET Awards, she replied, “it is what it is”.

    After going through several of such interviews, it gives us the idea that Deja Monet might not actually be gay. It’s just a hoax that stemmed from her fans wanting to dig deeper into her personal life.

    Has Dej Loaf Married To A Husband Ever?

    Well, she has never married and neither does she seem to have any plans to walk down the aisle. Well, to those who are ever, you might have to wait before you get to see her husband.


    Is Dej Loaf single or taken in 2023?

    Loaf is extremely protective of her love life. So, it is hard to know if she is single or taken in 2023.

    Did she ever date Lil Durk?

    She might have dated Lil Durk from 2014 to 2016.

    Is the lady rapper a lesbian?

    The lady rapper has denied the allegations of her being a lesbian.