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    Genesis Rodriguez is an actress known for films and TV shows The Last Stand, Identity Thief, Hours, Big Hero 6, Entourage, Made In Hollywood, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and The Umbrella Academy. She is also the daughter of Venezuelan singer Jose Luis Rodriguez and Cuban model Carolina Perez. With her starring in American movies and TV shows, Genesis has been emerging as an internationally recognized actress but what about her personal life? Does she have a boyfriend?

    With her increasing appearances in Hollywood, Rodriguez’s popularity has soared in volume, particularly with her off-camera life.

    A while ago, Rodriguez was appearing alongside a man on several red carpets and even in public places. Furthermore, she did seem to be in love with her man. But the actress never mentioned what sort of relationship she had with this guy. Know the truth in the writings ahead. In addition, read how many partners has she had and if she ever had a husband or not.

    Genesis Rodriguez Allegedly Has A Partner In An Actor, Brian Geraghty But Are They Really Dating?

    A while ago, some rumors were claiming that Genesis was dating one of her co-stars, Brian Geraghty. The Miami-born Rodriguez met Geraghty in 2020. The two were working together in the film The Fugitive. Geraghty once, in the winter of 2019, had also shared his and Rodriguez’s picture on his Instagram. Since knowing each other, the two were often seen enjoying vacations, walking down premieres, and whatnot. They however were private with respect to other details of their relationship.

    Genesis Rodriguez with her co star Brian Geraghty at the premiere of 1923
    Genesis Rodriguez and Brian Geraghty at the premiere of 1923. Getty

    On the other hand, since the relationship between Genesis and Brian was so low-key from the beginning, people have taken it as their fling has already sailed through. What’s more, Genesis’ Instagram feeds have long been giving off the vibe that she has been a single lady for a while. Furthermore, the Big Hero 6 actress never went Instagram official with Brian or addressed the issue publicity. Needless to say, many assume she was never in a relationship with Geraghty in the first place.

    Who Is Genesis Rodriguez Alleged Partner, Brian Geraghty?

    Genesis’ supposed boyfriend, Brian Geraghty is an actor known for films and TV shows including The Hurt Locker, The Flight, True Blood, and Chicago PD among others.

    Prior to his link with Genesis Rodriguez, Geraghty was in a relationship with the Breaking Bad and the Jessica Jones actress Krysten Ritter. Geraghty and Ritter were in a relationship from 2011 to 2013. The two broke up after which Brian didn’t date anyone until Genesis.

    Brian Geraghty in the meantime is a man who loves surfing, kayaking, and nature.

    Genesis Rodriguez Had An Older Partner When She Was Just 16

    Genesis Rodriguez doesn’t have a long list of ex-boyfriends but there have been several rumors as well as some stories of the Tusk actress dating some men.

    El Puma’s daughter’s first known relationship happened sometime in 2004. She then was reportedly dating a Mexican actor Mauricio Islas who has worked in several telenovelas and is quite famous as well.

    This relationship however has a bad reputation among the media and people. As such, Mauricio Islas, at the time, was married to Patricia Villasana, a Venezuelan singer. Rodriguez, on the other hand, was only 16 years old. The two crossed paths when working together in the show, Prisionera.

    After knowing about Islas and Rodriguez’s relationship the former had a fallout with his then-wife, Villasana with whom he also shared a daughter, Camila. The two eventually ended their marriage.

    In the meantime, Islas and Genesis continued their relationship. However, when their fling became public knowledge, people and Rodriguez’s father, El Puma accused Islas of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

    Genesis Rodriguez with her former boyfriend Mauricio Islas at the Mandarin in June 30, 2004
    Mauricio Islas and Genesis Rodriguez at the Telemundo reception in Oriental Hotel in June 2004 in Miami. Getty

    Islas consequently faced allegations of having a sexual relationship with an underage girl but he claimed that the involvements between him and Genesis were consensual.

    The matter even went to the court and after four years, the officials declared Mauricio innocent after the actor apologized to Rodriguez. In addition, he completed 100 hours of community service and donated $5000 to an organization helping sexual abuse victims.

    Genesis Rodriguez Claims This Was Her First-Ever Relationship

    After the debacle with Islas, the Run All Night actress, Rodriguez, in 2008, started dating a Peruvian actor, Christian Meier.

    Their relationship apparently started when they were both filming the telenovela, Dona Barbara. Both Rodriguez and Meier were the leads.

    Meier, at the time, was also finalizing his divorce from his then-wife, Marisol Aguirre. After the separation, he continued dating Rodriguez. When together, they were also People en Espanol’s ‘Couple Of The Year.’

    The couple’s relationship however lasted for only 15 months. It was Rodriguez who announced the news of separation in March 2010 while talking to People magazine. According to the actress, the breakup was mutual.

    Following that, Genesis kept her relationship private for years. Resultantly people assumed she remained single during those years.

    Actor and Genesis Rodriguez's ex boyfriend Christian Meier at The Edison Ballroom in May 2009 (1)
    Genesis Rodriguez’s ex boyfriend Christian Meier at The Edison Ballroom in May 2009. Getty

    The Florida-born actress, however, was once again among the dating headlines in 2022. As such when Rodriguez was filming The Umbrella Academy she was reported to be dating her co-star Tom Hopper. In reality, however, no romance was brewing between the two. Besides Hopper in real life is the husband of Laura Hopper. The couple started their relationship around 2009 and married on June 7, 2014. Hopper and his wife are also parents to two children.

    Does Genesis Rodriguez Have A Husband?

    Considering the headlines with no husband tag and zero wedding bells in addition to Genesis’ social media activities, the 36-year-old actress seems to have no husband for the time being. In fact, in consideration of the latter, Rodriguez not only seems to be unmarried but she doesn’t look to be in any sort of romantic relationship either.

    The Umbrella Academy actress Genesis Rodriguez in Oct 2023 from her Instagram
    Genesis Rodriguez in Oct 2023 via her Instagram. Instagram

    El Puma’s daughter appears to love sharing very nearly the whole lot of her life on her socials but she has yet to give so much as a hint regarding her current love matters on such fronts. All in all, Rodriguez doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to settle just yet. In fact, the former telenovela actress revealing her boyfriend first may be more within the possibility than flashing off an engagement ring on her Instagram.