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    Alfonso Herrera or Poncho is a Mexican actor and singer. He is known for appearing in several Mexican and American movies and TV shows. Some notable works include The Perfect Dictatorship, Sense8, The Exorcist, and Ozark among others. Herrera has been in the acting career for over two decades. He rightfully has some stories to share and certainly has a handful of aspects to explore; for instance his career, net worth, and relationship.

    Read on to go over all of the above and more about Herrera in the writings ahead. The actor/singer’s biography reveals Alfonso’s rise to local and international fame in addition to his net worth and his dating/marital life as well.

    What Is Alfonso Herrera Net Worth? His Income Source

    Multiple sources report Alfonso Herrera’s net worth to be in the region of $10 to $20 million. The actual assessment of Herrera’s net worth however is yet to happen upon. Nevertheless considering the fact that he has been in the showbiz for over 20 years, the aforesaid numbers do not seem that farfetched. There are several factors that can attest to the claim above. For starters, Herrera isn’t a big name in Mexico only, but he has been famous at the international level for quite some years now.

    Former RBD member Alfonso Herrera in Jan 2024
    Alfonso Herrera via his Instagram in Jan 2024. Instagram

    He additionally was one of the six lead singers in the pop musical group RBD, a successful Latin pop in Latin America, the USA, and Europe. The group sold more than 10 million albums worldwide.

    Furthermore, he has had credits in over twenty television shows and ten movies. Speaking of which, he was also one of the main casts in the Netflix crime drama series, Ozark. His social media life can also be taken as a testament to his richness. While Herrera doesn’t boast his wealth on such fronts, one will still have a hard time saying that he isn’t financially comfortable. What’s more, Alfonso Herrera often graces the cover of some hit local and international magazines saying more about his stature as an actor.

    Alfonso Herrera Career

    Herrera kicked off his acting career by working in a theater. His first screen appearance was in the 2002 film, Amar te duele. He then shifted to telenovela by working in the 2002 Clase 406. Herrera’s first major telenovela role was in the 2004 Rebelde. The series was a significant hit worldwide.

    That year, he would also become one of the main members of RBD. The group was successful from its debut until their separation in 20009. The band, as mentioned, was quite popular internationally. They have toured across Mexico, South America, Serbia, Romania, the United States, and Spain. In Aug 2008, Herrera separated from the RBD.

    Alfonso Herrera in Dec 2023
    Herrera in Dec 2023 via his Instagram. Instagram

    While still a band member, the Mexico City-born actor, in 2007, appeared in the movie, Volverte a Ver.

    In 2009, Poncho acted in the drama film, Venezzia. The same year he also appeared in Televisa’s novela, Camaleones. His other works that year included Tiempo Final and Rain Man. Then in 2011, he worked in the series, El Equipo, the CSI Esque series of Mexico. That same year he played Aquiles Serdan in El Encanto de Aguila. In 2013 and 2014, Herrera starred in the films, Espectro, and El Capo respectively.

    In 2014, he was also the protagonist of the black comedy film, The Perfect Dictatorship. Then in 2015, he started appearing in the Netflix series, Sense8. That year, Poncho also starred in another series El Dandy. The following year, Herrera portrayed Ramon Mercader in the film The Chosen. In 2016, Alfonso also played Che Guevara in the series, Drunk History. Then in 2018, Herrera appeared as a recurring cast in the third season of the crime drama series, Queen Of The South. His other works include How To Survive Being Single and Dance Of The 41.

    In addition to movies and TV, Herrera has also done several voice-acting works. He has provided his voice for animated films including Igor, The Lorax, The Croods, Metegal, Minions, DC League Of Super Pets, The Boy And The Heron, and Migration.

    Alfonso Herrera Has Had Several Relationships

    The dating and marital life of Alfonso Herrera is quite adventurous. He has been in several relationships in addition to a marriage.

    His earliest recorded relationship happened in 2002, the year he was dating actress and singer Dulce Maria. The couple however ended things in 2005. Then in 2007, Herrera was reported to be dating Claudia Alvarez but it was never official. Two years later, Poncho was publicly in a relationship with Damayanti Quintanar but they broke up in 2012. Herrera then dated a volleyball player Perla Galvez but this relationship too ended after a couple of years.

    Alfonso Herrera Was Married Once

    Alfonso was married to Diana Vazquez for five years. They married in 2016 after starting a relationship near the end of 2015. During their marriage, the couple produced two children, Daniel and Nicolas. They had their first on Sep 22, 2016, and welcomed their second in 2020. Diana Vazquez reportedly is a journalist.

    Alfonso Herrera with his ex wife Diana Vazquez in June 2017 in LA, California
    Alfonso Herrera and his ex-wife Diana Vazquez at La Carmencita in June 2017 in LA, California. Getty

    Herrera and Diana separated in Dec 2021. The former took to his Twitter to announce the break-up. Speaking of the separation, Poncho said the situation occurred by mutual agreement and on friendly terms. He also said that they would continue to remain friends and allies of each other.

    Who Is Alfonso Herrera Currently Dating?

    Following his separation from Vazquez, some sources in Jan 2022 reported that Herrera was seeing an actress Ana de la Reguera, from the fame of Nacho Libre and Narcos. Reguera and Herrera worked together in the 2021 film, Que viva Mexico. Although Ana and Poncho are yet to confirm the rumors, a supposed friend of the latter reported that the actress asked Herrera to end things with his ex-wife, Vazquez. According to this source, Poncho is also in love with Reguera. Some have even accused Herrera of cheating on Vazquez with Ana de la Reguera.

    Ana de la Reguera and Alfonso Herrera at Platino Awards in April 2023 (1)
    Alfonso Herrera and Ana de la Reguera at the Platino Awards in April 2023. Getty

    Furthermore, while Herrera said the separation was amicable, Vazquez indicated that the union ended due to infidelity (presumably from Poncho’s side). As such, amidst the divorce, Diana posted some cryptic messages on her Instagram and Twitter. What’s more, there have been more and more pictures of Ana de la Reguera and Herrera enjoying each other’s company since the latter’s separation from Vazquez.